Sunday, 11 October 2009

SUCH IS LIFE.........

Hello there! Got to rush tonight! Spent sooo long immersed in Michael Rosen poems, preparing for teaching poetry this week at school, that it's now rather late. If you haven't read his poems , you should, whatever age you are. He's just brilliant! I had my week planned ...... got more excited than I have done for a long time, when I found the man himself performing his poems 'LIVE' on YouTube. We are going to perform our poems LIVE to parents next week, so who better to act as role model but Michael Rosen himself. Then, before I could finish laughing at his rendition of 'Down Among the Dustbins', doom, gloom and despondency descend when I remember that the 'safe site' filter at school, safely filters out YouTube!!! AAARRRGGGHHH! Such a shame, as it would have been the next best thing to having the man himself in the classroom. Such is life!

Yes, such is life! Let me direct you back to the picture above, showing some really lush yarn (although slightly out of focus) and then I'll tell you a story... inspired by Michael Rosen! I shall entitle my poem .....


Down in our cool John Lewis store
I bought Rowan Colourscape .... cherry!

Got the last two skeins,
though unbeknown....
Was feeling rather merry!

Heard from great pal josiekitten,

Off to buy....Rowan Colourscape...cherry!!!!!!!!


Found cherries all gone

Felt rather glum...

I felt guilty.....................................verrrrrry!

SORRY JOSIEKITTEN! Our great minds thought alike... :D SUCH IS LIFE!

Hmm! I have begun a scarf using the Autumn colourway of the same, aforementioned, Rowan Colourscape. It's a free Rowan pattern, Cora. The yarn is gorgeous, easy to work with and beautifully coloured. It feels much softer after steam blocking. Here it is so far..

The pattern is easy to remember and just amounts to a simple cable. On 7mm needles it grows very quickly.

I've finished my Seascape scarf, at long last. Don't get me wrong, I loved the pattern and LOVED the Manos del Uruguay, 'Silk Blend' yarn, but other projects got in the way, because it wasn't time for wearing scarves. You can find details of the pattern and yarn here.

I don't think much knitting will be get done this week as it's Parent's Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday and I have sooo much work to do!

So, enjoy!

Have a fun week! :D


AnnaPrasad said...

I'm loving those colours!

Jennyff said...

The dog called Sid from Down Among the Dustbins was the first poem my niece learnt and repeated constantly, I'd forgotten all about it. Now I can't stop making up my own versions to fit the names of friends. Still its stopped me being yarn envious for a while, love the chunky scarf. Have a great week.

knittingsandwich said...

ooh- your scarves are lovely. i especially love the warm autumness of the first one. gorgeous! funny story/poem about the yarn! i hope they get more in soon for your friend!

josiekitten said...

Great poem Snoopydog! I am still yearning for a cherry scarf, so I may just have to give in to temptation and order some yarn!! Your Seascape scarf is beautiful. I'll have to make one! There's no such thing as 'too many scarves' in my view! LOL

Tracy said...

Terrific poem... I just love poetry! :o) And must say LOVE that scarf--that colorway is GORGEOUS!! Happy week :o)

Sarah said...

Your knitting is just great! I am so jealous of proper knitters such as yourself. I buy the books, get the fancy bamboo needles but can still only muster up a scarf(NOT like yours!) and some wrist warmers(though that was an achievement belive me!)
My school has filtered out facebook (not sure if it is for the adults or the kids) but so far we can still get youtube. I use it all the time-it has some great stuff on for children. Hope you are enjoying your poetry week!