Thursday, 28 August 2008


Not much has been happening here for a while. Yes, OK, I know I've just had nearly six weeks holiday, but time flies when you're enjoying yourself. We've had our eldest's wedding in Wales;a really beautiful and love filled occasion, catching up with friends old and new. Then we've had a fortnight dogsitting our grandog, Scott. He obviously shared in my fascination for woolly fibres, as every time the ball of hand-dyed laceweight came down to dog-eye level, his nose was in the bag and the ball was ever so gently in his mouth. He did so love that yarn! I'm sure he wasn't mistaking it for his tennis ball....... after all he is a retriever!

Anyway, some knitting has been done and a fair amount of stashing. It's always a shame to go away and not make the most of new yarn-seller experiences. I got some yummy hand-dyed fine kid mohair from a lovely co-operative in Hay-on-Wye. I could have spent a small fortune, but restrained myself as DH was with me trying to show interest! He particularly liked the washed fleeces and wool ready for hand-dyeing (we were staying in Wales and spending much of our time on a sheep farm!). I bought more needles (as if I don't have enough size 5's!), but I needed to begin the scarf there and then, so that it could hold a memory of the wedding and our time in Wales.

Here it is in all it's splendour! It's gorgeous. I'm soooo plased with it.

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josiekitten said...

This looks really beautiful! Enjoy wearing it.