Sunday, 29 November 2015


It looks a pretty grey dawn in my grey on grey photos today, but do you know what? I like it! This little beauty took me a little longer the expected, due to school getting in the way, but it is now done and ready to send to London for little Eliot, who arrived a few days ago.

I just love this pattern and have used it many times. It's Erika Knight's 'sweater' from her 'Nursery Knits' book.  It's a quick simple knit, but also modern and stylish. I have to say I also love the gorgeous merino and silk Rowan yarn, which is perfect for special baby garments and washes beautifully. 

The cute buttons work perfectly. After much fruitless searching for something just right in our city shops, I found these little beauties at the Wonderwool show a couple of weekends ago. I bought four, so can now repeat the knit for my elder daughter who is expecting a little brother or sister for darling Evie next May! Exciting!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

FESTIWOOL 2015......

Well what a fabulous event Festiwool turned out to be! Saturday 14th November dawned rather cold, dull and damp, so what what better way to spend it than at a wool and fibre fair. My great pal Josiekitten and I set off on the hour and a half journey to the North Herts College in Hitchin, in anticipation of seeking out some wondrous woolly wonders. We were not disappointed! 

The event opened at 10 a.m. and was stress free in terms of finding a car parking space in the ample car park. Besides the lure of woolly goodness, another attraction was Britain's oldest supermodel, the elegant Daphne Selfe; now in her late eighties. She took part in a short fashion show and also signed copies of her book, 'The Way We Wore:My Life in Clothes'. What an amazing lady!

I have to say that the organisation of the event was superb, with plenty of variety. There were numerous exhibitors, with every conceivable weight, colour and construction of yarn that you possibly need. In other words, there was something to tempt everyone! If it was hand-dyed luxury you were after, then you had to look no further than the end of your nose, to feast your eyes on the many yummy offerings on offer from an array of talented dyers. On the other hand, there was plenty to tempt, if it was colourful inspiration that you were after, from the many 'yarn shop' exhibitors, including the very friendly Wool-n-Things from Biggleswade, whom I have to thank for the lovely Christmassy sock yarn.  I loved the Sue Stratford stall and managed to pick a Christmas gift or two for family members. Her kits are really lovely!!! Yes, I WILL get a 'Fluppy Puppy' kit sooner rather than later!!! He was just adorable!

If it was knitting and crochet accessories you were after, then again, there was plenty of choice to be had; needles, hooks, gauges, bags, cases, DPNs or circulars, you could find it all. I kept my beady eyes open for some of the new Knit Pro 'Zing' DPNs to make sock knitting even more colourful and inviting. Guess what? I found some!

Wendy Fowler's wonderful yarn bowls are to die for; made so skilfully and prettily. They make a great ornament when not in yarn usage. Yes, I have one! SMILE

The facilities were excellent, with cheerful Coffee Shop staff and clean loos. There plenty of helpful organisers around too, to point you in the right direction. 

Oops! Nearly forgot to 'show and tell'! A day at a wool and fibre fair couldn't possible be complete with a few 'must have' purchases. I could have bought a car load, but restrained myself. The Christmas sweater book is by Sue Stratford and features a variety of fun, but tasteful, designs for children and adults. My grandchildren will be looking super festive next year!!! I have plenty of hand dyed, but always like to pick up something different and the pretty sparkly skein of 4ply sock yarn at the front of the photo from Rosie's Moments caught my eye. The grey base will come alive with bright flashes of colour. I can't wait to cast on! The other yarns also have a reason to be, with the two WYS skeins becoming Christmas socks (the red for the heels and toes) and the gorgeous Opal adding a bit of sparkle to my own toes during the long, dark post Christmas winter days.

All in all we had a lot off fun and can't wait for next year's event. Thanks to all the organisers; you did a brilliant job! Thanks to the exhibitors for bringing your wonderful woolly goodness along!

Sunday, 1 November 2015


 Well half-term is rapidly drawing to a close and I'm wondering where on earth did all the time go.  What with a three day stay with my younger daughter at her new flat in London, a flying visit home for a haircut and then a long journey northbound to Manchester to visit our son and eldest daughters and their families, there seems to be no time left!!!!

I managed a little knitting on the road to Manchester and back, until one of my DPNs went flying who knows where, after getting caught in the yarn ball. I had no spares with me as I was using  set of KnitPro Karbonz and have no spares! Nevertheless, a good start was made on these big beauties for my son's size 10 feet. Easy mindless travel knitting and easy mindless 'braindead on school evenings' knitting. Perfect!

After  a couple of 'reccy'' trips to 'The Crafty Ewe' in Norwich to see what they had in store, I have finally managed to spend my birthday vouchers, given  by two of my children back in July. I didn't want to squander the amount on odd balls, but I'm a very fussy mare when it comes to sweater patterns for myself and it has been a long hard search to find something that I liked.

As you can see the yarn is a a gorgeous deep purple with tweedy flecks of pink, blue and violet and is a merino wool and cashmere mix. I'll show you my pattern choice once I get the yarn on the needles, which must not be until any Christmas knitting is completed.

We took strip to the lake today to give Oscar a birthday run. Yes, our beautiful boy (Solgate Misty Frosty Morning) is six years old. Where have those years gone? He's brought so much love and fun to our family, it seems hard to think that he is approaching middle age in doggy years.

There was a beautiful ethereal mist hanging over the lake as we arrived, but as you can see, it magically lifted to reveal a beautiful clear blue sky.

Oscar was on good sniffing form after several days away from his favourite daily walk space and had a extra run on the field, as we stopped for a coffee and to enjoy the sunshine.

All in all, it's been a very busy but lovely half-term, catching up with family and having fun. Right, I'd better get some school planning done before, hopefully,  making a little bit more time for a few stitches!

Monday, 26 October 2015


Hooray! Something has been accomplished at last. Mr Snoops now has a fourth pair of socks, despite 'not wanting a pair' until a couple of years ago. He has now seen the light and his three current pairs are always in use. This pair are for Christmas, so they have been secreted away. I really like this simple rib pattern, as the socks always fit well and are perfect travel knitting.

It may have been a foolish move to add two more projects to my already way too little knitting time, but they are both important and both need to be started pretty soon. First up are these three scrummy balls of Rowan baby merino and silk; so so soft! They are all ready and waiting for those shiny silver circulars to get click clacking away to conjure up a simple little sweater for Zelda's baby boy, due in a couple of weeks time. She is a very lovely work colleague of my younger daughter, who I met this weekend for the first time, but always hear lots about. 

Here we go! The next pair of travel socks to hit the needles. This pair will be made using my preferred simple rib pattern mentioned above and are indeed another Christmas gift; this time for my son. Better get knitting!

Sunday, 11 October 2015


The night's are drawing in and there has been a real autumnal nip in the air. I think it must be about time to get back on the blanket journey! This is my latest offering, which has been hibernating since the warmer weather began. It's the 'Cosy Stripe Blanket' from Lucy over at 'Attic 24'. I really love the rhythm and colour combos involved in blanket crocheting. There is nothing more relaxing!

I've made several blankets over the last few years and have another 'special' one in the pipeline, to begin once the Cosy is complete ;-)

Here we have my very first blanket, made for my eldest granddaughter, Sophie. This is another of Lucy's designs; her Neat Ripple Blanket. I love it!

Next up is my 'Sweet Baby Blanket' made for Sophie's sister Jess. Again, this one came from the Attic. It's Lucy's 'Granny Stripes'.

Sophie's Dolly was the lucky recipient of a smaller version!

The next blanket was made in time for Evie's birth. This is the 'Nezbit' (my 'All in Good Time') blanket by Lisa Richardson. This time the blanket was on the needles rather than the hook! I used the suggested yarn; Rowan's Baby Merino Silk DK. The colours are gorgeous and it's great to knit with.

I just HAD to get hooked up with 'Seaside Ripples' (from Lucy once again), and luxuriate in all those gorgeous seaside colours. How lovely to be able  to conjure up the happiest of family seaside memories with every little hook! This was completed for Evie's first birthday and is single bed size, as were Sophie and Jess's blankets.

Just gorgeous! Well, there's still one very special little blankie who has spent most of his life in semi-permanent hibernation. One day, when I retire, he will burst back into life and who knows, he may even grace one of my sofas..... one day! My very own little Sock Yarn Blankie!

Do you know, after all this snuggly squishiness, I might just have to go and wake up my little 'Cosy' friend right now. See you next week.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Okay, so lets get these little beauties sorted with their twins! Both have been languishing in their snuggly sleeping bags for way too long and the colder weather is getting ever closer.

The gorgeous 'Roger Sock' above is desperate to cuddle up with his real life identical twin, perfectly made from Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in colour way Mulberry. As you can see, all hope is not lost; the very early stages of the twin's development has already begun. Don't despair little sock!

Then we have our darling Tiddlywinks Sock, who has only just entered the world as a new born sock.   It's a rather lonely life for a newbie and I promise, little one, that I will do all that I can to speed along the developmental progress of your sibling.

Sleep tight in your snuggly sleeping bags and before you know it your perfect partners will be born!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

AT LAST..........

At last, this little beauty is home and dry! It's been on the needles way too long and waited much longer than it should for its moment of glory. But well worth the wait! 

 It's a very easy plain knit, as you can see, but just right for a busy one and three quarters year old!

I really wanted plain buttons but had no success finding any that were both the right size and the right colour. These little wooden ones were languishing amongst several hundred other buttons in my button tin. Good to use up stocks, but I'm not sure whether I like them on the garment or not.

As you can see we are in fuschia heaven again at the moment. They all seem to have burst into full bloom this week, as the temperatures have warmed up again. They make a beautiful show of colour as the autumn 'nips' begin to rear to rear their little heads. 

Such delicate, pretty flowers!

Right, now I can get down to some sock finishing, as well as rescue my Cosy blanket that has spent a peaceful summer in solitary hibernation. I won't rouse him just yet, as he may be rather grumpy. Maybe next Sunday!