Sunday, 31 January 2016


These lovelies are hot of the needles. My sock mojo is well and truly back and the fire rekindled! I just love the cheeriness of this gorgeous red yarn and am trying really hard not to let the little green envy monster rear his head. Let's just say, these are for my beautiful elder daughter and..... when I have a little more spare time....... I will find another gorgeous 'cherry red' ........... and knit myself a pair. Think my target will be to complete a pair for me by Christmas 2016. That's sounds perfectly do-able to me: don't you think so too?

Before these pretty little red needles had even had time to draw breath, never mind had time for a quick snooze, they found themselves casting on a delicious skein of Anne Hanson's Breakfast Blend 4ply. The pattern is 'Helen Sock' also by Anne Hanson. I'm loving them already!!!

Must's quiz and beer night! Wish us luck!

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Hello! Sorry I missed you last week, but I was on a London jaunt; staying with my youngest daughter for the weekend. Whilst Old Snoops fixed up curtain tracks etc. in her new flat, she and I enjoyed the 'War Horse' experience at the New London Theatre. It was fabulous! I think it has to be the best thing I've ever seen on stage...... and I've seen a lot in my time!

I didn't get much knitting done whilst we were away, but have managed to maintain a steady few rows each night this week, in order to get the first sock off the needles. Pretty good going, seeing as it's still January and this will be my second pair completed since the beginning of 2016!

If you haven't seen 'War Horse' and you get the chance, get a ticket quick! The show is closing in March! Oh, and don't forget to take a box of tissues!

 This was the view from London Bridge on our way home after the show. I love London by night!

This was the view from the Woolwich Ferry, as Mr Snoops and I drove home on Sunday evening. I have to say, we did not expect to be onboard a ferry, crossing the Thames. It was the first time we had driven home from our daughter's new flat and as the route there on Saturday morning had been straight forward, we guessed the satnav would ensure the homeward journey was equally so. Oh no! By the time we had listened properly and ascertained that the 'lovely lady' directing us didn't say 'fairy' but 'ferry' we rounded the bend and found ourselves well and truly in the ferry queue. Nice view though!

This weekend Josiekitten and I welcomed a very special visitor, Katharine (guapakw)! She is one of our Ravelry pals and is over in the UK from the States. Although Josiekitten has met up with her several times before, this was my first meet up. I have to say, it felt like we had known each other  for ages. We nattered, laughed and shared yarny goodness, before enjoying a yummy meal together at the Baby Buddha Chinese Teahouse. It was delicious! Such a fun few hours!

Needless to say, we exchanged yarn gifts. Look at these beauties! First is a skein of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in colourway Alexandria. It's much more purply that it appears. I just could not get a better colour match. Then there are those gorgeous Miss Babs 2ply 'Toes'! Just look at the beautiful gradient of colours. Just perfect! Neither of these yummies will be in my stash for very long, I do know! Lastly, there were those super cute doggy tissues. I could have done with them last weekend, rather than the toilet roll that I had shoved up my sleeve, in readiness. ;-)

Dear Oscar wasn't forgotten either. He has a new 'favourite' toy; a tree trunk with three little squirrels hiding inside. It didn't take him too long to work out how to get them out and he has spent a pretty long time on and off today charging around with it and then nuzzling his nose deep inside to rescue the little ones. Needless to say, when I wanted a pic of him playing with it, he decided he was way to tired to move an inch from his bed.

Maybe next time! Have a good week!

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Now there's a turn up for the books. A project finished already and we are only just into double figures! Admittedly, I cast these little beauties on a couple of days before the new year began because I just couldn't keep my hands off the scrummy yarn. The pattern in 'Dave' by Rachel Coopey and the yarn is 'Twinkle Gobstopper' by Easyknits in colour way 'winter warmer'.

There's no doubt about it, stripes make the job so much quicker! There's always 'just one more' stripe to knit before........ love it!

Here we go then, on with the plain red ribs for me eldest daughter. No stripes to encourage me now, so I'm on my own. Need to press on with these and complete by the end of the month. That's the 'carrot' so that I keep a little more up to speed this , rather than letting schoolwork dominate my every waking moment. So far, so good!

We've just been out for a bite of lunch and look what I spotted in the front garden. Quite a few of these little pretties are in bloom, oh dear! Not sure what will happen in the Spring!

Sunday, 3 January 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where did that one go? Just before the family arrived and the festivities began, I just had time to complete these deliciously soft and snuggly 'Roger' socks, using 'tough love sock' from Sweet Georgia yarns. I love the colour and the pattern has to be up thee amongst my favourite sock patterns. There is enough detail to make them an interesting knit, but not so much that you are unable to memorise the rows. These will get top of the drawer usage, I'm sure!

In no time at all it seems, Christmas has been and gone, as has the New Year and it's celebrations. Family too have been and gone, with the last one leaving for London this morning. It's quiet here and tidy, with everything in it's place. There are no pens without lids on waiting to make their mark on the walls or furniture, no food particles lurking under tables and chairs, no screams of delight or frustration from the little people as tiredness takes its toll. It's just very quiet! There is a bit of knitting time now and a little room to reclaim my bloggy space and catch up with kitty friends; all before the dreaded S word and all that it entails invades once again. Yes, the Spring term begins tomorrow.

That said, it's been fun. We've survived, the ten of us plus two dogs, through the two week break, with plenty of outings, game playing, good food, fun and laughter. Santa brought some woolly surprises from Josiekitten and we enjoyed a lovely catch up over coffee and Christmas cake.

The younger Miss Snoops stayed for ten days. It was lovely to spend a bit longer with her than just a weekend. We took a picnic to Holkham beach a couple of times, including New Year's Day. It has to be one of the best beaches ever! Oscar thinks so anyway!

Look at my gorgeous Christmas goodies from my dear pal. Think I was just a little bit spoilt! The yarns are to die for and before she had driven to the end of the road, I had cast on!
The yarn is Twinkle Gobstopper from Easyknits. It so wonderfully soft to work with. Love it!
The second skein is from Hedgehog fibres. Another lush pair of socks will soon be flying off the needles, as it sits ready and waiting. No stash bin for this little beauty!

Believe it or believe it not there has been yet another cast-on chez Snoop's. I know 2015 was a rather a lean knitting year by Snoopydog's standards, but this year sees me raring to get back into the race.
The elder Ms Snoops requested a pair of 'plain ribbed red socks', so without any further ado, a very nice poppy red skein of Sweet Georgia's 'tough love sock' was wound and cast on. They have made a great pair of travelling socks on our beach excursions.

Did you spy that cute 'Three Bags Full' project bag, with the sweet little dogs wearing their red neckerchiefs? You did? Good! It was part of my Christmas goodie parcel from Josiekitten. Love it!

If the needles keep smoking as they have been, these little beauties will be ready to parcel up and send off very soon.

Monday, 21 December 2015


Well, they're done! I don't how, but somehow I managed to squeeze in just enough 'odd rounds here and odd rounds there' to complete the job before Christmas. They are a gift for my son and he and his family arrive tomorrow, so pretty good timing, considering how hectic the past few weeks have been. The first pair I made him several years ago are still going strong.

Now I just need to concentrate on these little beauties. I love this yarn! It's a beautiful shade and has a gorgeous springy feel to it; just perfect for snuggly feet. My hope is that the second sock might be completed in time time for Christmas Day. Yay, new socks for me!!!!

Sunday, 6 December 2015


 Well, I have absolutely no idea how I came through that week at school, but I did. Around the imminent threat of OFSTED arriving, we (Year 3) made sixty headdresses for the school Christmas show next week, rehearsed our part of the show each day, made four hundred truffles for the Christmas Fair last Friday, made and decorated one hundred red decorated boxes to put them in, decorated one hundred ginger star biscuits and packaged them, as well as teaching!!!

As you can imagine there was no time for knitting until Friday evening, when I made those needles smoke!!!!

Looks like another monochrome post today, but it's not! Just light grey and dark grey loveliness in the form of a cute little hat rustled up over the last couple of evenings for baby Eliot. I used dome of the spare Rowan 'baby merino silk' left over from the little sweater I showed you last week and the dark grey left over from something else. It's a free super quick and easy pattern - Rialto Baby Beanie! I've used several times before and it never fails to produce a perfect little hat!

Hopefully, these little beauties will be winging their way to London in the morning!

We braved the stormy winds for a trip to Aldeburgh yesterday. It certainly blew away any cobwebs that have been lurking!!! The dogs enjoyed the trip and as there were fish and chips for lunch, so did we!