Sunday, 26 April 2015

North Norfolk Sunshine.......

Goodness, time seems to be racing by these days. No sooner is it Monday than we've arrived at Friday and no sooner is it the start of the weekend, than it's Monday morning again. It makes such a difference to feel and see some Spring sunshine though and to be out and about!

We left home yesterday morning amidst drizzly rain and dull grey skies, but with the promise of sunshine as the morning wore on. True to the weatherman's word, blue skies and warm sunshine greeted us as we drove through Holt on our way to the beautiful North Norfolk coast. We live in a really lovely little corner of the country; in the heart of city life with Arts in abundance and yet only a stone's throw from big, big skies and endless sands. I love it! Oscar  seems to quite like it too!

I have got a little more of my Roger Socks done, although I have to confess to finding very little knitting time once again this week. I just love how this pattern looks and feels. It produces a lovely squidgy warm fabric. The heel is turned and now it's full steam ahead to complete the foot. This little 'beaut' should be done by next weekend and it's twin on the way.

The younger Miss Snoops has just had an offer accepted on her first flat in London. She's very excited  and needless to say I have managed to convince her that she really does need a Snoopydog Blanket!
'Cosy' is taking a short period of hibernation at present, but needs to wake up pretty soon and head to the 'finish line'.

Yes, I'm watching the London Marathon on TV, which the very same Miss Snoops should have been running, but lost several weeks of training at a crucial time and has consequently deferred her place until next year. Old Snoops has just informed me that he thinks he'll put in a bid for a ballot place too.  Hmmmmmm!

Sunday, 19 April 2015


I think Anne Hanson's 'Roger Sock' has to be one of my favourite sock patterns ever. The pattern is easily memorised, yet involved enough to keep the knitter engaged and it produces a lovely thick fabric. 

Couple a great pattern with a gorgeous yarn and you've got the perfect match!

 Here I've used Sweet Georgia yarn's 'Tough Love Sock' in colour way 'mulberry'. It's a slightly more delicate colour than the photos show; absolutely gorgeous. I need another skein of this for a scarf!

The beautiful bag, again one of my favourites, compliments the yarn beautifully! It is, of course, one of Michele's creations from 'Three Bags Full'.

I just love sock knitting! It has to be the best project choice ever....... especially with yummy yarn, cool bag and great pattern!

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Well, after weeks of feeling disgruntled about the lack of knitting time, I finish this little beauty in under a week. I've made several of these little hoodies and each one has been a great success. The pattern is quick and easy (Hooded Kaftan by Debbie Bliss and the Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK is lovely to work with and washes beautifully.

So little Evie, you'll be a snuggly little grey mouse in your new hoodie. It's a little large at the moment, but will soon be a comfy fit. I made the 12 to 24 month size, using five balls of yarn.

The surprising thing about these photos, is that they were all taken during a five minute snippet of time at around 5.30p.m. on a sunny late afternoon/early evening, and yet the light has thrown up two ends of the 'grey' colour range!!!! The actual colour is the darker grey.

Never mind the success of the close-up shot to show you the sweet side styling, have a look at that great grass! ;-)

Love how the simple neck opening lays well and requires no buttons or extras.

So, little grey mouse, what colour shall I make next? Perhaps you can become a gorgeous green alligator!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Well hello my lovelies! It feels a little bit like 'long time no see', but it really has only been a couple of weeks. A couple of rather busy weeks, in a variety of different ways. The last week of term was crazy, as usual. Then last week we had our son and daughter-in-law, along with Sophie, little Jess and Scott the dog to stay for several days.

There were two celebrations during their stay, Jess's second birthday and our 37th wedding anniversary. We played in the park and took a trip to the coast and had fun on the boating lake. The wind was determined to send us home, but we are made of hardier stuff and stuck it out!

Our wedding anniversary falls on April Fool's day each year and this year you could have been forgiven for thinking that one of us had played a Fool's Day trick. We gave each other the same card!!!!! Not sure what that says about us!

This week, we are up in North Yorkshire. For most of the Easter weekend we were accompanied by our elder daughter and her husband, along with sweet little Evie; who kept us fully entertained with her great sense of fun and joie de vivre. She really is a delight!

So here we are over halfway through the holiday fortnight. We still have a few more days here in Yorkshire, leaving on Friday to travel to Manchester for a couple of nights with the grandkids again and ultimately arriving home on Sunday..... hopefully with time to spare to get schoolwork done.

I think it will be fair to say that this has been an Easter Holiday well spent!

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Well I may have been absent without leave last Sunday, but at least I do have a complete pair of socks to show you. It was my youngest daughter's 30th birthday, as well as it being Mother's Day, so I decided to jump in the car and zap down to London for the day. We spent a lovely few hours together, mooching around Islington's Upper Street (where she lives) and lunching at Balthazar Restaurant in Covent Garden, before returning to Upper Street for tea and cakes. A thoroughly lovely girly day!

Knitting progress has been very variable over the last few weeks, as school stuff has had to take priority and there has been lots of it! Nevertheless, this fine pair of socks for Old Snoops are hot off the needles this very afternoon. They enjoyed a photoshoot in the pale afternoon sunshine. I think they liked it! Old Snoops will rejoice at another pair of the very lovely handmade socks, in rather bright colours, that the dear Mrs Snoops has spent her time making for him;despite his previous resistance to any such things gracing his feet, he's now a firm convert! Well, that will need another yarn purchase then, in readiness for his next pair!

This pattern works beautifully with the self-striping yarns and produces a lovely snug fit, whilst still being a pretty mindless knit; ideal as a travelling companion, which these did indeed begin life as.

School finishes for the two-week Easter break on Friday and I can't wait to have little Sophie and Jess to stay for a few days, along with their parents and Scott the dog too, of course. Jess will be two years old on Monday 30th, so I expect we will eat cake. That makes me very happy!

After their departure, Old Snoops and I will be venturing up North to 'the cottage' for a week and hopefully we'll receive a visit from dear little Evie and her folks. She would like another hoodie, in grey and a size bigger! I have to say that grey doesn't make for the most exciting knit, but the Debbie Bliss pattern that I use for these hoodies is a quick and easy knit, so I'll just bite the bullet and rattle it out and hopefully get in done before we go. I shall deserve a really yummy skein of knitty goodness then, possibly in a lovely bright colour, to come with me 'up North'!  Socks! For me! Oh yes!

Look at these two little beauties that dropped through my letterbox this week. The Natural Dye Studio, one of favourite dyers, is sadly closing its doors in the next few weeks, so it seems only right to buy up a couple of these little beauties when they appear.

Both skeins are Godiva HT 4ply, a lovely 100% single spun merino. Above is the colour way 'Hawkridge' and below is 'Cloud Hill'. I just had to let these beauties come and live with me! You can see why, can't you?

I'll leave you with a sneaky Oscar photo that I took just now. He's snoring on the sofa, worn out after a long walk around the lake and a terrifically energetic dig in the reed beds.... twitching and letting out little tiny yelps  as he relives his funfilled day. Awww!

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Guess what! Last week was no better. It was just busy, busy, busy! The upside is that my working week flew by in record time. The downside is so did my weekend and here we are again on a Sunday evening.

On a positive note, there has been a small smidgen of progress and Mr Snoops has one sock ready. He'd really like two ready to wear a few hours after cast-on. I don't think he really thinks very carefully about the finer points of the knitting process, do you?

I think they're turning out rather nicely, don't you? I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised at the lovely striping effect that has appeared. Mr Snoops is too!

On yet another positive note, just look at this beautiful array of crocuses in our local park today. They're hardy little things, seeming to survive despite the trampling of dogs and humans. So lovely to see!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

DREAM ON.......

Sorry I missed you last weekend, but we had been away and arrived home during the late afternoon. I had a mountain of schoolwork to do and didn't dare begin to play with 'woolly stuff', for fear of being distracted for way too long. We had a really lovely half-term, catching up with family members and seeing grandchildren.

I managed to complete Evie's little wool and silk hoodie in time. It's such a simple, but lovely pattern for a little one.

The hood lays beautifully as the edging is knit as you work the main body and hood there is minimal hood attachment to sew. 

 The bottom edging and slit sides also work well and add a lovely style to the garment. In all a great pattern! A grey version is next on the list.

I don'r often buy these sock yarns, but I have to say, I have seduced by the gorgeous colour ways of the newish PLAY selection from Opal. I first noticed them when looking in my locaL yarn store for a hard wearing sock yarn to knit a third pair for Mr Snoops. You'll see the colour way he chose below.

The yarns self-stripe and I think the colour ways are lovely. 

Here's Mr Snoops choice; a lovely bright green and purple! I managed most of the knitting on the journeys to and from Manchester.

Since then not a needle has been touched, as I've had a continuous mountain of marking and lesson preparation to get on top of all week, besides planning for school training sessions and World Book Day school events, oh and two trips out with our Year 3s. There are just not enough hours in a day.  I think it would be great to have a parallel knitting and crafting life; same number of hours and no need to do anything else. This could run alongside 'life as we know it'! Dream on Snoops!

Over on Ravelry there is a thread on the Fibre East group page encourage the using up of last year's stash purchases from the event. AHEM! Cough! Cough!

I have made a pair of socks from one of my purchased skeins, but it was the fabulous 'Easyknits' skein above that I was really desperate to get working  with. I cast on a pair of socks with it on the very day of returning from the show! Then summer holidays and other fun project ideas intervened and this beauty fell into hibernation.

On waking her up from her slumber ( yes, definitely a girl!), I realised my foolishness in thinking that pure wool would be a good idea for hard-wearing socks. Definitely not! So a couple of weeks ago I frogged and have now cast-on Anne Hanson's 'Crooked Little Scarf'. The colour way is Grape Crush. I just love this yarn and the pattern! Watch this space for progress........ oh, when Mr Snoops socks are done and Evie's little grey hoodie started and finished....and.....and.... . Okay, so pigs might fly, but you have think positively about these matters! ;-) Yes I know, dream on Snoops! That parallel universe can't be so far away. Before I know it I'll be on the way to this year's Fibre East!

Have a great week.