Sunday, 14 December 2014


In that case it's time for a little Christmas pressie for moi, don't you! So here we are, all ready for the Christmas holidays and a little spot of Christmas sock knitting. I've been wanting a lovely pair of bright red socks for a long time, so now is the time.

The yarn is one of my favourites for socks, Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in colourway 'poppy'. I think I'm going to knit a second pair of Anne Hanson's Fishbone Gansey Socks. I love the design and the fit of these.

The second skein, also for socks, is Sweet Georgia's 'tough love sock', in colour way 'mulberry'. Looks like there'll be some cosy toes this winter!

The fantabulous 'Unruly Reindeer' Christmas project bag is another of Michele's wonders from Three Bags Full. An irresistible design, especially as it has a red and white spotty interior!

I made a little more knitting time last week, at the expense of school data collecting, but never mind, there'll be time enough to get it all done this week. So, I steamed ahead to complete the second of the pair of Kim Swingle's Roxy Socks . Love this pattern! Loved the pretty yarn too, but this pair are for the elder Ms Snoop's Chrissie parcel.

Hope she likes them!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

AT LAST!...........

At last! I guess that was exactly what Oscar was thinking as he immediately settled down on the completed Seaside Ripples Blanket. I'm sure he thinks it was finished just for him! He has spent many an evening sitting with his head resting on its snuggly ripples, as I worked away.

Well sorry boy, but it's for little Evie!

It's been a total pleasure to make. I have loved every moment spent with the ripply goodness. The rhythm of the stitches and the luscious colour striping have made it's making pass most contentedly.

The colours in the photos really do not do this beauty justice, but I fear there won't be any better light for the next few days, so I've gone with it. I used the pack of yarns put together by Lucy at Attic 24 and used the included colour order. I love it!

Now I just need to get on and complete these little beauties for the elder Miss Snoops. Such happy yarn!

It's another busy week at school with Christmas activities and lots of work completion. I'm definitely ready for a break!

Monday, 1 December 2014


Well, there's not been n awful lot of knitting or crocheting going on chez Snoops' this last week or two. It's been mega busy, both at school and at home. But, I must drop by to show you some scrummy new yarns that have come my way. 

First up is the November instalment of Knitspot's 'Purple Passion Club'. It's a gorgeous 4ply sock yarn; a 75% Corriedale and 25% nylon mix. Such gorgeous colours!

 Much of the home busy....ness of the last couple of weeks, has been down to the younger `Miss Snoops arriving back home after working and travelling abroad for the last nine months. It's really good to have back in the UK. After a week at home, she has now relocated back to London, where she is based.

She brought me two lovely skeins of New Zealand reared and dyed yarn. Above and below are photos of the gorgeous 4ply merino. I love the colour mix!

Then there is this little beauty; a mix of merino and possum. This yarn never looks amazing until it has been worked and then washed. A magical transformation then takes place as it just blooms! I can't wait to use it. It will probably become a warm and cosy cowl!

I have had a few quite moments when I've picked up my needles or hook, so hopefully there will be a finished and edged Seaside Blanket to show you next time and maybe a pair of completed 'Mind the Gap' socks for the elder Miss Snoops. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 16 November 2014


There has been a small degree of successful knitting completed this week; mainly taking place yesterday during journeys to and from the coast. Suffice it to say, there was just enough time to complete Mr Snoops' Christmas socks. I really like this simple sock pattern, as the three by one ribbing gives a lovely secure fit. They are a good length too! The younger Miss Snoops has just returned from nine months abroad, full of work stories, wonderful travel tales and hundreds of photos.  She's only back home for one week, before she moves back to London. First on her list of 'to do's' was a walk on the beach! '

Good progress is being made with Evie's Seaside Blanket, although the light is now too poor to get a decent photo. I still haven't got used to remembering that decent shots at this time of year need to be taken during the morning. I really hope that by next weekend it will be complete.

That will just leave a partner for Lucy's 'Mind the Gap' sock...

.... and maybe a quick plain knit sweater for Sophie, if time allows!

Oscar enjoyed his time on the beach yesterday, just as much as I enjoyed captive knitting time in the car!

Sunday, 9 November 2014


We took Oscar for a late afternoon run this afternoon. Believe it or believe it not these two photos were taken ten minutes apart. The top photo looking towards the west and, from where we stood throwing the ball for Oscar, the lake looking in an easterly direction. Amazing!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


So, these little beauties have paired up! Maybe they're lonely. I need to get a move on and get their mates completed so that they have some company. The top sock has been waiting a while now. The larger  bottom sock not so long. In fact I've completed Mr Snoops' size 9 'stripy' during two day trips to the coast recently. It's such an easy knit, but gives a very satisfying fit.

Both of these beauties are destined to be Christmas gifts and I'm pretty confident their partners will join them in good time for the big day. Mind you, I also have Evie's Seaside Blanket on the go, which is taking priority right now. I've completed over two thirds of the stripes and am loving the easy going ripply relaxation that comes with each yummy colour change. I'll show you my progress next time, as the light is too poor now to photograph.

I'm off to visit the grandchildren and their adults :-) tomorrow for a few days. I'll take my singleton socks along for the ride and see how we go. At least they'll be keep each other company!

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Seeing as Mr Snoops keeps asking me if his one and only pair of hand knit socks have been washed, it seems fitting to make him another pair. This time HE chose the yarn himself!!!! Think you're going to have nice bright tootsies Mr Snoops!!!

I'm using Kate Atherley's Basic Ribbed Pattern; one I've used many times before. It always fits beautifully and easy enough for travel knitting, but not so easy to be totally boring. He's asked me to rustle up a couple of pairs for his Christmas present. Hmm, blanket to complete, twin to knit for my dear, elder Miss Snoops pair (also for Christmas). Better get my skates on!

October has brought some weather surprises to our little corner of the world. Yesterday we went to Holkham, up on the North Norfolk coast. Although the sky looked rather stormy, the sun did make an intermittent appearance and we didn't need a coat! In fact the temperature was up to 20 degrees!

Today, I noticed roses blooming in our front garden. Yes, it is mid October!