Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hello there! I seem to have spent most of this month 'baby' knitting, but at last I have finished and am very pleased with the results, especially the cute little Mabel dress from Erika Knight's book 'Simple Knits for Cherished Babies'. I bought the book a few weeks ago and have already made the garter stitch cardigan, shown in my last post, from the book and a pair of sweet little shoes. So, it's already nearly paid for itself!!

The pattern is very simple and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous. It's called 'Splish Splosh' by Elle and I must admit I preferred using it to the Rowan Cotton Milk that I used to make the other items.

The hat was adapted from a pattern used for the hat in my previous post. This time I omitted the ribbon, because I couldn't find any to match, added a little garter stitch detail and then a crotcheted flower to finish it off.

The little bootees were made from a Paton's pattern that I picked up in John Lewis a few weeks ago.

Oh and another gorgeous Mousie Mousie.....a little plumper this time I think! The pattern works so well and just uses up small oddments of yarn.

My June socks have had to take a back seat whilst all the 'little person' knitting was going on. I picked them up again today and decided that the pattern I showed you last time was knitting up rather baggy. I tried out a couple of other patterns this afternoon, but the yarn pooled really badly. So, in desperation, as June is already drawing to a close, I have decided to make another pair of Circle Socks. 'Oh no!' I hear you cry, 'Not another pair of Circles!' I'm afraid so. After all, it is my current favourite sock pattern. I promise next month I will make it up to you and tackle something really challenging, as a penance for breaking the rules............that is, the rules according to my good pal josiekitten! Hopefully, I will be able to choose from Cookie's new sock book, as I have a birthday looming and a 'Cookie Sock Book' shaped gift is already sitting on the rocking chair waiting to be opened, along with a small parcel of squishiness!!!!! These were left ready for me by my youngest daughter before she returned to her work abroad.

Stash-busting is not really going too well. I find it almost impossible not to be taken in by the pleading of gorgeously coloured, scrummy yarn begging to be taken home with me. These little orphans have joined us during the last couple of weeks.

This yarn is simply wonderful. I already have several other colourways, but had this one on order since February. Don't you agree, it was well worth waiting for?
The yarns below are all Trekking XXL. It always produces a fab pair of socks that wash well.

Well, that's all for the time being. Hopefully, I'll have a finished pair of socks to show you next time and whatever else has taken my fancy over the next week or so. Have a good week!


josiekitten said...

The baby clothes are lovely! I'm sure that they will be appreciated. And what can I say about the socks?! I do seem to remember the 'rules' stating a different pair of socks each month! Perhaps you've got a twist on those Circle socks that you're going to amaze us with?!! LOL! I'm very touched that you offer such a welcoming home to abandoned yarn! You are kind!! The Mini Mochi yarn is gorgeous - I have plans for mine this summer. And the Trekking yarn is beautiful too.

*Goes off repeating 'I don't need more sock yarn!'*

Tracy said...

LOVE the baby clothes--those colors and shapes are pretty! More socks...You are a sock knitting wonder, Roz! Happy Summer Days :o)

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I used to knit and some of those photos look very tempting but I think that it is blogging or knitting. I don't have time for both.

Jenny said...

I just love that little dress, in fact the whole ensemble, there's going to be one well turned out little girl. Always nice to have a pair of socks on the go and to stock up on yarn, just in case we ever get a world shortage of either.

vanessa said...

Wow! What a bumper post! Loads to look at, and all rather fantastic. Lucky, lucky baby who gets to wear those beautiful clothes, and that wonderful hat! And I love mousie mouse! So sweet! I'm the same as you when it comes to yarn, i find it's call virtually impossible to resist!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)