Sunday, 12 July 2009


Hello there! Another busy week has just flown by and before I know it the summer hols are just around the corner!

I've not had much time during the week to knit, but have made the most of the weekend. Wow! I looooooove these. I bought the yarn especially for the pattern..... Mojo by Donyale Grant. It's a free Ravelry download. The pattern is so easy and such fun to knit ...... even more so with a fun yarn such as this Zauberball by Schoppel Wolle. The only problem though, was that it was very 'splitty' and had numerous unspun lengths. Anyway, I love them! Yet another pair to cram into the drawer ready for the winter. Flip flops rule at the moment!

Yet another couple of knitterly birthday gifts arrived this week too.

My son and his wife sent me the book and a very lovely CD. It's Cara Dillon's 'Hill of Thieves'. You should have a listen, it's good. The Cath Kidson bag (to hold my knitting) and the little pad (to tick of my rows) were from my eldest daughter and her boyfriend. I received a good book to read from them as well. I LOVE the bag!

It's the last week of term coming up. HOORAY! You hear me shout. I can't wait. Long sunny days of knitting....... and other things too, of course. Otherwise it might appear that I have a woolly addiction. Anyway, I have spent all afternoon sitting in the garden finishing these, so that I could show you this evening. It's been a lovely and warm afternoon and my attention has been caught, inbetween stitches, by a pair of blackbirds who have a nest right next to the house. It's well hidden in a white flowering climber. All afternoon the adult pair have flown tirelessly backwards and forwards to the nest, with offerings of small worms and bugs for their offspring. Hopefully the young will fledge without being found out by the two little black cat twins, Daisy and Bella, who live close by.

The photo below was taken a couple of weeks ago, when we first discoverd the nest. You can just see the mother bird's black tail right towards the back of the photo. Such clever birds; although looking quite vulnerable here, she knew that very soon a blanket of beautiful white flowers would cover her home and protect her young.

Another regular made an appearance this afternoon too. His name is Trevor Toad and he lives amongst the summer pots, where he can feed on tasty slugs and snails. For a change of scene he often takes cover in the greenhouse, feeding on bugs and grubs, no doubt. I am certain that Trevor returns annually, and has done for the last 4 years; toads have a life span of up to 50 years you know! Mr Snoopydog, however, is not so convinced and mocks my enthusiasm when Trevor and I reaccquaint for the first time each May. He's such a cutie, don't you think?

The garden is looking good........ well it always seems to in a photograph! So I'll show you ......

Mr Snoopydog has just returned from the allotment with a yummy selection for supper this evening; freshly picked black Tuscan kale, delicious white Swiss chard, new carrots, broad beans and first early potatoes. Sounds like we're growing from around Europe :-)

Oh, the chard is not in the basket............... it's still in the car! Mr Snoopydog is becoming a little forgetful methinks.

Just to finish off and to show you that our green oasis in the heart of a city does also have some colour, here are some shots of the pots, taken as I sat knitting this afternoon. Bliss!

Hope you have a good week .... and make time to knit! SMILE!


josiekitten said...

Those Mojo socks are fab! I'm going to have to get another Zauberball so I can make a pair. It's great eating veggies from the garden. Our dinner tonight was almost entirely home-produced too! The garden is looking lovely, Looking forward to seeing Trevor next week! xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your socks are just beautiful and so are all of the flowers! What a pretty blog you have!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Jenny said...

My goodness you are being productive, beautiful socks and beautiful veggies. Your garden is looking fantastic no wonder the wildlife has moved in, nothing nicer than sharing your space. Must dash, you've inspired me to knit.

Tracy said...

LOVE those socks...super pattern and fantastic color--WOW! And loving all the veggie and floral goodness here...*SWOON*...Happy Days :o)

Pearlesyarn said...

The socks are beautiful and so is your garden. Home grown veggies are fantastic, we ate our first rainbow chard last night,yummy:-)