Monday, 27 July 2009


Hello there! It's Monday morning and a whole week of the summer holidays has flown by already. Not a great deal has been achieved so far, apart from starting my Sock Yarn Blankie and catching up with friends, the house and myself.

Last night we met up with friends for the monthly quiz at our local pub. Rounds on Rock and Pop always mean we are heading for disaster, unless they focus on the 60's and 70's and maybe a little bit of 80's too! Nevertheless, we enjoyed some good Real Ale and some great company. It had been a rather pleasant Sunday afternoon and as Mr Snoopydog gathered the ripe blackcurrants that I had been nagging about all week, I managed to finally finish the little Faye Cardi for baby Alice. I began it weeks and weeks ago and somehow lost interest, when more exciting projects were begging to be started! Anyway, the outcome is this sweet little cardi in Rowan Milk Cotton.

I particularly like the little bobble button made from the yarn. It just finishes it off so nicely.

Just remind me next year NOT to pester for the blackcurrants to be picked! Once picked, they need to be used....groan. groan. My good humour has slowly waned today, as the rain has lashed down, the sun has forgotten to shine and I have spent exactly two and a half hours 'topping and tailing' the blackcurrants and making the jam. Yes, I know, the finished product makes it all worth while and I even found a blog post extolling the merits of spending hours deep in your own thoughts as you nip and snip, with deep, luscious juice squirting all over the kitchen and leaving a sticky mess, not far short of some gruesome murder scene. Okay okay, so I'm exaggerating. Just trying to milk a little sympathy from you, dear reader! I found NO merits, save listening to some great, forgotten tunes on my i-pod as I 'snipped' ...... for, let me you remind you just once more, two and a half hours!

Next step, the cooking of the 'topped and tailed' AND the messiness that I hate.... great, gloopy splurts of it everywhere! But oh the smell. Yes, that has to be the best memory to hang on to, when next year, I once more nag Mr Snoopydog to harvest the fruit before it spoils.

Oh, and of course, the making of pretty labels and the showing off of my efforts and the giving away to family or friends and ..... the eating! Think I'll make some strawberry jam the very next rainy day!

Hope the sun shines tomorrow, because I need to catch up on my knitting :D See you soon.


josknitbits said...

Oh how beautiful are your jars of jam, surely just looking at those pretty jars must make those hours of work worth it!

The cardigan is just adorable too :D

josiekitten said...

The cardigan is lovely! I like the edging. If you don't know what to do with your jam, you could always bring a pot with you next week!! Mr Josiekitten is using ALL our blackcurrants to make blackcurrant wine! Humph!

Jenny said...

I'm on your side when it comes to black currants, this year I couldn't even sit out in the sun topping and tailing. At least you still had the enthusiasm to produce beautiful packaging I was so fed up I slapped on lop sided labels and stuffed the lot in a cupboard. The jam is delicious though and much better than anything shop bought, the bad memories will fade for us both. Pretty cardi, like the colour but wonder if the edging is crochet.

Anna said...

Oh look at that gorgeous little cardigan, it's amazing. I especially like how you've finished it off, including the little button.

I'm also impressed by your jam, there's nothing better than homemade jam!

laughingyaffle said...

ooh that cardi is gorgeous! the colour of blackcurrant ice-cream, to match your jam! you've been so busy :) thanks for comments on my blog btw :) love your blog, it's so pretty! ali xxx

snoopydog said...

Jenny, I know the jam will taste delicious and I've since made a batch of strawberry as well. It's just that dreaded topping and tailing. I'm ready for a fight as soon as I look at the blackcurrants and their wretched tops and tails. However, I'm kind of enticed by the prospect of pretty packaging!
The edging of the 'Faye' baby cardigan is knitted! It's a very easy to memorise four row pattern (even my mushy memory could handle it!). :D

Tracy said...

Love that little cardi...such a soft delicate color and love the lacy edging! Your jam is beautiful...mmm...Hope the sun has returned--happy weekend! :o)