Sunday, 6 September 2009


Hello again! What a relaxing weekend I've had, just pottering about and recovering from the shock of the first two days back at school .... minus children, may I add! How worring is that! I was well and truly shattered by the time Friday evening arrived. I think it's all that having to 'think on your feet' and 'multi-tasking' business. It wears you out after a very laid back and leisurely meander through the summer holidays. Anyway, I'm all planned and ready to have fun with my new class of seven year olds tomorrow and I even have a little bit of time left to come and say 'hello' to you.

I guess I was probably extra tired, because I made the most of my last day of holiday last Wednesday and accompanied my youngest daughter on a visit to London, to attend her MSc Graduation ceremony at UCL. It began at 6.45pm, so by the time we had celebrated with a glass of Pimms, jumped in a taxi to the railway station and arrived back home, it was midnight. It was well worth every little, last bit of tiredness though, because we had a really great day, mooching through the streets of London and being typical tourists as we snapped away at the sights. Anyone might have mistakenly thought we had never been to London before! Here's a quick little taster of some of our day ........ it was a lovely mother and daughter day!

So, not much knitting done this week I'm afraid. I did take my 'Yorkshire Wavy Socks' to get on with, but put me on a train and I just gaze at whatever passes by. Combine that with a very talkative daughter and the result is not much knitting. In fact the sock regressed rather than progressed; I made several errors, before giving up and banishing my sock to the 'naughty bag'!

This morning, Mr Snoopydog and I sauntered down into the city centre for an al fresco coffee. I love sitting outside with the sun shining (as it was) and watching the world go by. On the way home, I picked up some more of my favourite Amy Butler fabrics from John Lewis and as soon as we had lunched, I set to work on these little sock project bags. I've no idea why!!! I certainly hadn't planned to spend my afternoon sewing, but that's how I like my weekends to be ...... pootling about and creating and enjoying whatever comes my way! These were very easy to make and I guess I may be making a few more for Christmas pressies. Hmmm! I don't know THAT many sock knitters to give one to; just one or two!!! SMILE! Never mind, I'm sure others will find a different and nearly as useful a purpose for their little baggy gift. Maybe Mr Snoopydog could keep his seeds in one. Now I need to stop, because the ideas popping into my head are getting far too silly for a Sunday evening, when I should be practising feeling like a teacher again. What do you think? What would you use one of my little bags for?

Oh, I must just mention ..... I received a lovely holiday gift yesterday, from my great friend Josiekitten. It was something soft and squishy that I had desired for quite a while, but my searching for it in the UK had proved fruitless. I don't have time to show you tonight, but I'll make sure I remember next time. I feel very fortunate to have such a kind and thoughtful friend. Thank you Josiekitten!

Well, wish me luck! I always get nervous and worry about my first week back. I don't know why, because everything's always fine. It's just that little niggle that says, 'what if .......' Here I go, off on a worry track again. I'm going to say 'goodnight' and enjoy my glass of red Rioja before a reasonably early night. Have a good week everyone!


Sarah said...

It looks like you had a great time with your daughter! I love all your London Tourist photos. I bought some of that Amy Butler fabric the other day-but in orange and pink-for a fabric swap-but I have kept half of it! I love your little sock bags-they could be put to all sorts of uses I am sure-keeping a little sketch book and pen in in your bag say.
I know what you mean about the change from holiday to school-it seems so sudden once it arrives and requires such a different mindset. I have had the same kind of pottery weekend as you as I think I am still in holiday mode! Good luck next week. Oh-and if you do shadow puppets-let me know! I would love to see how they turn out. You can do wonders with an old sheet and a bright lamp!

knitting said...

so glad that you were able to have such a wonderful time in london before facing the kids next week! your pictures are lovely. as are your bags! i bet there are a million things you can use them for in the classroom- alphabet letters, finger puppets, legos...
good luck tomorrow! (i know exactly how you are feeling, i feel exactly the same way- although i have a few extra days because our kids don't arrive until wednesday) i hope the year gets off to a wonderful start and you have a lovely group of kids!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun time you had with your daughter!
What cute bags!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Jenny said...

You will by now be back into work so I hope that is going well. I'm sure your class would love the little bags, the fabrics are gorgeous and kids (and adults) always have special things to keep in special places. Maybe a competition with one as a prize for the best suggestion. You do seem to pack so many great activities into your 'spare' time I am really impressed (and thinking I need to get myself back into gear). Have a good week.

josiekitten said...

I was admiring the same fabric in John Lewis on Saturday, wishing that it were a better match to become the lining of my crochet bag!! I don't think that you can ever have too many little project bags, do you?!!! Am looking forward to our adventure to I Knit next weekend!

Willow said...

I think those bags would be perfect for so many different storing cosmetics in your suitcase, knitting accessories, game pieces, classroom alphabet tiles and number tiles.

I have to say that Mr. Sock Blankie is fantastic! I would be addicted too. And your socks? Two pairs: wonderful!

Tracy said...

London...oh, I miss London! Thank you for this super post, Ros! Glad you had such a good time with your daughter... And those fabrics are lovely....have fun with that class! :o)