Saturday, 19 September 2009


Wow! What an absolutely beautiful September day it's been here in Norfolk. It's been a busy week at school and I had a very hectic Thursday and Friday evening, getting the house clean and tidy, washing, ironing etc. in complete anticipation of the weather forecast getting it right and giving us some sunshine.

Hooray! That little weather satellite way up high DID get it right and I have just come in from spending nearly the whole day knitting and pottering in the garden. Just in case the sun never shines again this year, you understand! It has been blissful and so, so peaceful as I have sat and reminisced about the fun I had last Saturday, up in London for the 'I-Knit Weekender', with Josiekitten. What fun we had! Today has been much more restful, but still fun ...... in a different kind of way. I've taken time to be stunned by the beauty of the flowers still hanging on in there in the garden and to smile at these beautiful Autumn crocuses. Every year, they catch me unawares and I don't seem to notice them until they are almost shouting at me! Aren't they pretty!

There were still a few luscious strawberries awaiting me too!

Whilst I sat, I managed to finish my 'Yorkshire Wavy Socks' at long last. I had nothing against them, I just seemed to be suffering from a little bit of second sock syndrome; it took a turn for the worse a couple of weeks ago, when the socks accompanied misssnoopydog2 and myself to London on the train. Rather than improving the situation, I made matters worse, with several silly errors (too much nattering whilst 'on the job'!), which resulted in sock number two being shorter than it was before the journey began. So, it was quickly banished to the 'bad sock bag' (I know, I'm a mean woman!) until this afternoon, when the sun came out to play and I knew it was time ........ ta da!

They fit really well and I just love the pattern because it's so easy to memorise. I gave you details in a previous post here.

As late afternoon drew to a close, Mr Snoopydog returned from his allotment with fresh beetroot to cook and carrots for lunch tomorrow ......

They may not win 'Best in Show', but they sure do taste good!

With dusk fast approaching, I came indoors to meet you! What a beautiful early evening sky it was! Now there's just time to get on with a bit more 'September Sunday Swing' sock knitting and a sneaky bit of 'Strictly.....' watching, whilst I await Mr Snoopydog's return from the gym. Then it's over to our local for a swift pint of Real Ale.

What a perfect way to spend a September Saturday ........... according to SNOOPYDOG! :D

Catch up again soon!


melissa said...

the socks look great, as do the carrots!

glad you're enjoying the september weather!

josiekitten said...

Your weekend looks far more productive than mine! I shall be very pleased when the 2009 Sock challenge is over! Hope you enjoyed the carrots!

Jenny said...

I really like those wavy socks. I've looked at that type of pattern before and thought they weren't for me, now you've convinced me to give them a go. Thanks, enjoy your week.