Saturday, 31 October 2009


Hello again! It's hard to believe that the half-term holiday is almost at an end and it's back to school on Monday. We've had some fun time this week with all of our children home to visit at the same time; quite unusual, now that they are all pursuing their careers in different parts of the country and in the case of Miss Snoopydog 2, the World! It's always good to share some quality time together and catch up on ourselves.

We've been out and about lots. Nowhere very sensational, but when you are all together everywhere feels special! First of all I thought I'd share my 'pumpkin walk' photos with you. They were taken yesterday. We had all gone to our local water park to give Scott a walk and ball chase. Evening was beginning to close in as we arrived and Scott was desperate to get chasing that tennis ball!! It's a very pretty water park; a fantastic local amenity and a favourite spot for dog walkers, dinghy sailors and water birds. Yesterday, it was also the chosen spot for these spooky pumpkins. Don't know how they got there, but we enjoyed them and they added a certain unexpected something to our late afternoon October stroll.

I had to go and visit them again on our way back to the car, just to see them glowing in the eerie blue darkness that was swiftly descending upon them.

Scott loves the water park......... tennis ball to chase, dogs to meet and water to swim in. That eerie early evening light cast it's magic over these views.

Seemed a bit like a blue world! Nevertheless, it was Scotty heaven! Needless to say, he spent the evening fast asleep.............. aahhh!

Earlier in the week we drove into Suffolk, to visit our favourite local coastal 'spot', Aldeburgh. It's a very pretty and unspoilt coastal town. Here's a little taster of our day .....

It's been a lovey half-term, spent with our family; good food, long walks and talks and Scott! :D

I promised you I would show my special little something that arrived from across the sea. It was a 'Pink Ribbon' mini-skein from one of my blogging pals melissa over at the Knitting Sandwich. She is doing a 60 mile walk over 3 days, to raise funds for a cancer fighting charity in the US. I supported her fund raising effort and received this pretty little mini-skein ...... soo exciting to find a little squishy envelope from over the sea! Such a lovely thought Melissa.... hope the walk goes well and you raise lots.

Melissa, here it is already knitted up (well, one square!). Thought you might like to see it. So special to think about the origin of that little square and how it came to be in my blankie.

Thanks Melissa. That little square has a special place in my blankie.

Needless to say, with a houseful for the last week, not too much knitting has been done. I have finished the back and left front of my 'October Afternoon' cardigan, that has sat in the bag for far too long. I won't show you yet, but hopefully it will be finished soon and I'll be able to show you in all its finished glory.

I have already chosen my November Sock Challenge pattern to go with my pre-selected November yarn. The pattern is 'Wildflower Socks' and the yarn is by 'Claudia Hand-painted Yarns'. It was a gift from my best pal josiekitten.

I just love the colours and the feel of this gorgeous yarn. Lets hope I find time to finish them before November is out, as I have rather a lot on the go at the moment. The photo is of a very special place in my memory. Over a pint of ale, we reminisced this week and talked about 'good times' had there when our three children were small. Do you know where the photo was taken? I'll tell you more next time.

Time to go, as the bread has finished cooking and the drying has finished drying and it's nearly time for bed!

Hope you all have a fun filled week ahead. See you soon X


melissa said...

where to start... love the pumpkin walk pictures, and scotty is adorable all tuckered out snoozing away.

the pictures of aldeburgh are gorgeous! i love the pattern on that building.

your blankie looks amazing!!! i'm so happy that the pink yarn has already found a home.

i'm also in love with your november yarn. can't wait to see how it knits up!

josiekitten said...

Your week looks like it was action-packed! Looking forward to seeing how the November yarn knits up too! Have a good week.

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a great post! We just love that blankie!

Jenny said...

What nice autumnal activities you've had this week, plus some lovely yarn, couldn't be better. Hope you do find time for some knitting, I need to see how that yarn turns out.

The Garden Bell said...

Love the pumps, great nose, eyes and teeth. Wow. That is spectacular yarn and your blanket is coming along nicely.

Sarah said...

Hi Ros,
Your half term sounds like fun, with all those family visits and knitting projects on the go. I liked the little hats-I bought a couple of those last year I think-I didn't realise what it was about. Maybe you knitted them?! I kept them to use on a doll one day.
I loved the pumpkin park pictures and also those of Aldeburgh. I really must go there-it looks lovely. Have a good week too-back at work, how tired I feel already and it is only Monday!

Mrs Twins said...

Hi there!
I'm Sue (Mrs Twins)
Just popping in to say many thanks for visiting my blog. Also your very kind comments. I do hope you'll pop in again to chat. I notice you have Garden Bell as a follower, is that how you found me? I'm much the same as you. Devoted my life to my twin daughters now at the age of 23 I find I have loads of time to do what I want for a change. Crocheting, crocheting, crocheting! You have older children too. That's nice. We are the same age too! Hope we can chat soon, Hugs Sue x

Carrie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to see how other people are getting on with their blankets. Yours is looking lovely!
Looking forward to seeing your november socks coming together too! xx

Willow said...

What a visual feast here! Obviously, I am starved for brightly painted fiber photos! On Sunday I saw a blankie worked in that same mitered square pattern with all sorts of colors of yarn. I'm thinking I'd like to make one, now!

Isn't it wonderful when the kids are all home??!