Sunday, 20 December 2009

LET IT SNOW..........

Hello there! Don't you just love this winter wonderland.

Whoohoo! I just love it; the snow, that is! It made a 'very tired' end of term turn into a much more interesting and exciting one. Many schools in the county were closed on Friday, but as mine is bang in the centre of the city, it always manages to open. The children loved it and the day was filled with festive music, christmas decoration making and watching 'Polar Express'. It's the most beautiful children's Christmas film ever!

We had already made reindeer cards, seasons calendars, sparkly angels and dried fruit circles, besides all the other bits and bobs. The birds and the sequinned circles were made amidst the snow of last Friday and suspended on our 6 ft branch!!!

The snow has continued to fall on and off throughout the weekend and I just love it. I haven't ventured anywhere. I've turned up the heat, turned on the twinkly lights, marzipaned the cake, started to wrap the pressies and knitted!!!! HEAVEN!

I've managed a small amount of progress on my now overdue November socks and some on my December pair, but to tell you the truth, I am feeling rather 'socked' out at the moment. I did however, spend yesterday evening and this afternoon making very cute little Christmas stockings; one each for us all on Christmas day. Even Scott has one! Well, there's no reason at all why he should be left out, now is there! Here they are. What do you think? I made each one slightly different and now just need to fill them with chocolate (doggy sweets for Scott, as chocolate can make dogs very ill). There are seven here....... I've now completed number 8, so all done. Yippee!

Oh, before I forget, let me tell me about something that made me very, very happy this week. I really love watching out for garden wildlife and as I drew open the curtains on Friday, to our new white winter wonderland, two beautiful foxes were scampering and playing in the newly fallen snow. It was magical. I watched for some time, even though I couldn't spare the time as my 'getting up' on a school day time is cut fine to the very last minute! But it was the last day of term, so there wasn't too much to get ready and wanted to get some photos. Needless to say, they didn't come out too well. The foxes were too far away for little snappy camera. You can just see them though and I really do want to share them with you.

They had even been up to our front door. Maybe they wanted to come in and warm up!

During the night on Friday,around 2.30pm we were awoken by the most awful wailing sound. I have never heard a foxes cry before, but somehow we knew it was them. As we looked out of the window, sure enough there they were, only now there were three. It was obvious that a courting ritual was taking place, as the third fox was rapidly dispatched whilst the other two got on with the business........... for nearly an hour. Next morning, needless to say, no-one else in the Snoopydog household shared my enthusiasm for these beautiful creatures.

Even earlier in the week, a lovely squishy parcel arrived. I have no need for stash enhancement of any kind, but when an e-mail drops into my mailbox advertising Regia sock yarn at £1.20 a ball and Rowan kits for £4.99, how could one resist! The bargains are to be had at Kemps. Here's what I bought.....

Some of the sock yarn I shall give away as a Christmas gift. The Rowan matinee jacket kit, including three balls of 'cashsoft', was £5.99 and as I have a first grandchild due next May, it will be put to very good use.

Just before I go, I wanted to show you Frosty. He appeared on our snow laden lawn this morning, after several hours of labouring by Mr S and Miss S2. I think he has a very appealing, fun-loving personality that shines through his frozen exterior.

As the sun went down, he was still smiling!

I raise my, now nearly empty red wine glass, to the eagerly anticipated convivial Christmas fun, family homecoming, friends visiting, good food and wine, snow and TIME TO KNIT!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful 2010!


Sarah said...

Lovely little stockings. I like your fox photos. We used to have a family of foxes have young every year where we lived in Forest Hill and the cubs used to play in the back garden. So sweet! Love the snowy pictures-especially the snowman-he is a very elegant shape. I am hoping for more snow but am not sure we will get it. I love it!

melissa said...

oh hooray for snow! love seeing all your pictures - the snowman is just adorable!

but not as adorable as the foxes!!! i am so excited that you were able to get some pictures! thank you for sharing!

josiekitten said...

I love the snowman! He has such a cheery look on his face! Your stockings are great too - love the photo on the snow! More sock yarn??!!!! I shall say nothing, as I am probably just as guilty of unnecessary stash enhancement recently! it all adds to the house insulation, excellent in this cold snap!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a wonderful snowman!
And what cute Christmas stockings! We hope they get filled to the brim on Christmas Eve!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Willow said...

My dd was looking at the foxes with me. We think that foxes in UK are like coyotes in California.

Love those little stockings! I feel a need to knit little mittens or socks all of a sudden!

The snow looks quite inviting! Mr. Snowman seems happy and content in your garden. I hope he stays around to enjoy Christmas at your house.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Willow and The Professor at Willow's Cottage

Sarah said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family!

桃色 said...


knitting said...

oh my goodness- how did i miss this post? it has so many absolutely fabulous things in it-- snow, fantastic school crafts, teeny stockings, snowmen and foxes?! doesn't get any better than that!