Sunday, 6 December 2009


The past week has been packed full, what with Christmas concert singing practices, trying to get all our project work finished, updating assessments, making lesson observations, writing up lesson observations, leading a staff meeting, organising assemblies..... and that's without any mention of teaching my class of very excited seven and eight year olds. They do all still believe in Father Christmas and so the magic is still there, but only just; another year and it will be gone. So, the classroom tree is up, the Advent calendar is a work in progress and this week Christmas really begins. We have reindeer visiting the school on Wednesday. How exciting is that! I'll try to get some photos to show you.

I have found time, or rather made time, to knit because I felt under huge pressure to get my Christmas present socks completed. Hooray! I have succeeded. The yarn is Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color . The colours were perfect for my friend who will be receiving the socks for Christmas, but I have not been happy with it and would not choose to knit with it again. It feels rather rough and is not very stretchy and, well, it just doesn't set my heart a skipping when I knit with it. Anyway, they are done and dusted and I'm certain my pal will love them. As I am not too happy with the yarn, I will offer to knit her another pair for her birthday, if she would like me to.

I ventured out into the city to Christmas shop on Saturday morning. I arrived bright and early and had a very successful morning, beating the crowds and crossing everything off my list. In fact I was home before I had planned and so I dropped off my shopping and walked back down to meet Mr Snoopydog for lunch. He had gone into his office for the morning to clear a backlog of 'must be dones'. I popped into John Lewis for a couple of gifts and completely unknowingly, ended up in the wool and fabric department. I have no idea how I ended up there or how three balls of Debbie Bliss 'Baby Cashmerino' and a ball of Rowan 'Shimmer' ended up in my basket at the checkout counter. They definitely were NOT on my list, but being as it's nearly Christmas, I guess they'll be put to good use. Take a look at the lovely Christmassy colours....... yummy!

I feel an urge for Santas, angels, snowflakes, stockings and holly to be made. Will there be time? Who knows! No pressure though, because I deliberately gave myself a 'one item ' Christmas knitting list this year, after last year's flap to get everything done. So, anything extra is a bonus!!

We popped out this morning to deliver our turkey order. We have bought a bronze Christmas turkey from the same friend of ours for many years now and it never fails to please. They are reared completely happily on his small farm and allowed to roam free. So, why does that still set my heart a flutter. I am a meat eater and I love the flavour of turkey. It's just that, I am also an animal lover. I have had this debate going on in my head forever! Maybe I'm just not strong-willed enough to call it a day with meat. Or, maybe it's okay, because that's the way the animal kingdom works. Who knows the right answer, I guess no-one for sure.

On the way back we called in at a local garden centre to buy a teeny tiny tree. We have a big artificial tree in our sitting room, but I love to have a teeny, tiny, real, rooted tree sitting in our front window. I shall decorate next weekend, a little earlier than usual. Since the year that our son left for university and during the years that his two sisters followed, it has become a tradition, that the house is Christmassed up before they arrive home for the holidays. Our youngest returns home from Kosovo next Saturday, so I am taking that as the signal to say 'yes' it's okay now to let Christmas in. Here's the teeny tiny one .......

It's such a sweet little tree. It has a good shape and a lovely pine-needly smell. I fell in love immediately and it could be no other. Mr Snoopydog has put the teeny, tiny tree in the greenhouse to harden off for a week before being brought into the house next weekend. We wouldn't want the shock of our central heating to put an end to our beautiful little tree, now would we. I am feeling so happy with our little fir!

Oh, nearly forgot to show you my final sock yarn of the year. Yes, I know the November pair are still not complete, but they will be. I have got on a little further with them and have almost reached the heel on the first sock, so watch this space next weekend for some update photos. This months yarn is an Araucania multi. The colours are just gorgeous. I have very lazily decided to use a pattern called 'Primavera' tried by my my pal josiekitten last month. I just know it's right for my yarn, so why waste time looking elsewhere. Thanks josiekitten; yours look fabulous!

Well that's about all for this week my lovelies. It's nearly time for bed and I still have my lunch for tomorrow to make and a bit of tidying up to do........ before I, hopefully, wake refreshed and ready to begin another busy, 'build up' to Christmas, week in the classroom. I need to think of a good idea for a calendar tonight! I always formulate my best creative ideas in the middle of the night. Hmmm!

Have a lovely week everyone and see you again next weekend, if not before!


knitting said...

ooh, i love your teeny tiny tree! it's adorable and nothing beats that smell! your yarns are all wonderful-- bring on the knitting!

melissa said...

i agree with claire - the teeny tiny tree is adorable! what a good idea to get a tiny one so you can enjoy the smell! (i may have to look into this further....)

Viknits said...

Thanks! :) I love your little tree too! We got a huge real one, but it has no roots, so is slowly dying :( (we were naive) so next year I'll have one with roots that can be hopefully planted again afterwards. I love that pine smell too.
Love the Araucania yarn! It must be crazy but lovely being a teacher before Christmas with all those excited kids!
Good luck with the Christmas decorating - we got it all done last weekend so have a full month to appreciate our hard work!!
Vikki xx

Jenny said...

Such a Christmasy post, it even had an old bah humbug like me feeling a bit festive, I think that tiny tree turned me. Have a great week, I hope we get to see the reindeer too.

Carrie said...

This must be such a great time of year to work with kids!
My friend has a christmas tree that lives in a pot in the garden and comes indoors every year. It seems to cope fine (though her house always seems to be freezing!).
Looking forward to see what you come up with for your new yarn!
Carrie :)

Sarah said...

Lots of interesting news today! I love your teeny fir-I have two small trees this year and they were a doddle compared to the normal monster! I will put photos up soon. Love all the sock tales. The school part sounds most familiar-I have been avoiding the final push of assessments but must complete them this weekend I think. I get good ideas in the middle of the night too!
Thanks for your lovely comments about Mr Clown-I do like him-and I am not a clown person! I got the snow by googling snow on my blog(I got the idea from a blog I read who had snow last year. Have a good end of the week! I would be very excited about a reindeer visiting!

The Garden Bell said...

What a great Christmas tree. Can't wait to see what you decorate it with. Have fun.

The sock yarn is fun. You will enjoy watching it come to life.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Little trees are the best!
I've been knitting mini-stocking ornaments with those exact Christmas yarns!


Tracy said...

Your tree is sooo sweet! I think the size and shape are wonderful! Anymore I like a smaller tree. :o) And lovely yarns... After a busy week, this yarn eye candy was treats to see! Look forward to seeing what you'll make with these... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Willow said...

I too love your teeny tiny tree! We have no tree yet. Never had an artificial one and we are having rain this weekend, so we haven't gone out to buy a real tree yet. I do have a noble fir wreath and am loving the fragrance!

That yarn looks scrumpscious/scrumpcious/scrumscious (HOW do you spell that word??)!