Thursday, 14 January 2010


Good evening! Hope you've had a good day. I don't usually see you on a Thursday evening, but this week I've popped back to share my 'playtime' games with you, from the now, seemingly distant 'snow days' of only a week ago. It's not often possible to spend an hour, or two, or three.... tinkering and playing and trying out new things over on 'Big Huge Labs'. The site links directly to  'Flickr' and there are all sorts of fun and original things you can do with your photos. Easy too! It was great!  All the photo effects used in this post have been made there.

  Josiekitten showed us the beautiful new buttons she had bought from 'Knitting 4Fun'. I knew there and then that I had to get some and after a few quick and easy 'clicks', three lovely little packets were soon winging their way to my front door. I have always had a small (but steadily growing) obsession for pretty buttons, going right back to my early childhood, when I would pick up a pretty button from the pavement and keep it in  my pocket for weeks or put it in my 'treasures tin'. I seem to have always loved 'tins for things' too. Now, I can buy myself pretty buttons! These have been bought with my 2010 crochet projects in mind.  Have a look, I think you'll like them.

Bright Buttons!

Christmas Buttons!

Square Buttons!

I played about with some of the effects and came up with these!

Oh, I guess I ought to show you the rest of my buttons while I'm at it. A large number of them, especially the older and less colourful ones, live a quiet life in large Kilner jar. I like them being in there because I see in and get that lovely warm feeling inside when I espy a favourite, or a button left behind when it's friends were used on a little cardigan or jumper when my children were small. Many of the buttons in this jar belonged to my 'dad'. Yes, my dad! He was a naval officer and well used to darning his own socks and sewing on his own buttons. He kept them in a little round tin covered with animals. I still have it and it still contains his threads and darning needles and the little lump of beeswax that he used to run the thread through to strengthen it, before using to sew on a button.


Here are a few of my favourites....


This one's my 'Hockney'!

Phew! There are rather a lot of buttons. Just must show you a few more. These are my 'baby' buttons. I won't need a trip to the shops for my 'special baby' buttons, now will I!

So, here they all are! Not SO many you when you see them packed away.


There is just one last little special 'treasure'. I've been very naughty and treated myself to a lovely spotty Kath Kidston button tin. I've had my eye on it for ages and ages and ages in our local John Lewis. I hoped it might appear in the sale, just for me at a 'just for me' sale price of 10p. But no, I guess those kind of dreams don't come true. The little green 'envy' goblin finally got the better of me. It's for my nice, new, bright crochet buttons.


Now I just need to get on with the knitting and the crochet, so that I can use the buttons.

Have a good weekend!


The Garden Bell said...

That's it.. I'm coming right over with my crayons to play with you and your buttons. Great pictures. Love all the colors, as you should know by now. But, you are so organized. As you know me by now... mine are all mixed up in one big bin to dive in with both hands....chuckle-chuckle.

What time is recess?

Helsie said...

There seems some sort of button mania going on over there in the UK. You are not the only blogger who loves to collect buttons! I have to say the colours are lovely . Guess we'll all have to wait till they make an appearance on some project or other.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Beautiful buttons in every shade and hue...
I have accumulated a few over the years and being an antique textile hoarder they are from garments of another century.
I find yours so captivating and the projects you'll be able to use them for are endless.
Have a great weekend.

josiekitten said...

Well, what can I say?! Great buttons, great taste!!! LOL They look lovely. I like the container that your baby buttons are in too. Good for keeping things separate. I shall have to investigate some of the other features on Big Huge Labs too. Now you just need to get on with some projects so you can put them to good use!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a great collection of buttons! I can't help but smile at all of the pretty colors!

Jenny said...

Not just a great collection but so well organised. I keep my buttons in a glass jar too all mixed up and whenever I need 4 I only have 3etc. Those square ones are gorgeous, almost too good to use.

melissa said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful!!
i think i could play with buttons all day long - i am jealous of you and all your beauties!!
you're going to make some fabulous projects this year!!

Shropshire Suz said...

wow!! fabulous button collections and great collages of photographs
Thanks for the lovely 'home' commment
we've crossed everything for a smooth move here..something is on our side so far!! lol
Hugs Suz xx

Anonymous said...

My eyes are popping out at this Gorgeous and very desirable treasure trove. I have gone green and every other colour of the rainbow with envy ;o)
I have got a pretty collection too, but not quite as fantastical as Yours.

Hope You are having a Lovely weekend (playing with buttons no doubt) xxx


Pearlesyarn said...

ooo I so love your pretty buttons, they are so cute,they brightened up my day:-)
Fab pics of them too.
Thanks for sharing your beauties.

cmv said...

HOW MUCH FUN is this post!!!
i LOVE buttons and i LOVE your pictures! wonderful- thanks for sharing them with us!

Willow said...

I do love buttons! I have my grandmother's collection and they are kept in a special black tin reel box (as in reel to reel movies). When I was little, I would play in that box, stringing beads for button necklaces.