Sunday, 25 April 2010

LOOSE ENDS................

Oh no! Just look at all those horrible ends. Not a pretty sight! I have to say, I do not relish the thought of sewing them all in. I did start off with all good intentions and for about the first twelve or so colour changes, I sewed in every couple of rows. Didn't last long though! The blanket still isn't quite ready yet. I still have yarn and think I'll carry on for a few more inches yet. Really, I cast on too many stitches and so, the blanket is going to be a downward ripple rectangle, if that makes sense. So, to compensate I'm going for a fatter rectangle :). THEN, I'll sew in the ends.

Yesterday, was glorious and after completing all my housey jobs in the morning, I sat in the garden ALL afternoon........ not feeling the least bit lazy or guilty, may I add........ and made this little 'Rainbow Bird'.

I think he's rather cute! The design is from Lucy's 'Attic24'. The tutorial is clear and very straightforward. He only took about three hours and was a very enjoyable 'make'. I took ages deciding on the best colour and size for his eyes....

I think I'll be making more!   So, 'what's with the socks?' You may ask.

Well, to be honest, it's been a pretty relaxed weekend really. This morning I put my feet up (in my London Marathon supporter, Sport Relief socks) to watch the London Marathon. Our eldest daughter's boyfriend was running his first ever distance run of any kind!!!

Yippee! He made it!! Along with his sister. A great achievement.

Oscar's had a relaxed weekend too. His favourite puppy soft toy is nearly loved to bits... well, I think it's 'loved'! Anyway, he was exhausted after the fun.

It's been pretty dull and wet most of  the day, over here on the east side of the country. Just the last hour or so though, the sun has come out and given us a wonderful, warm, April evening.

Let's hope the sun keeps shining. Have a great week!              


melissa said...

ooh i love your birdie - she's so bright and cheery!

hooray for the marathon runners - that's so amazing!!

and oh oscar is just too cute for words! that's such a great shot - him sacked out in exhaustion, surrounded by the innards of his stuffed toy! too cute!!

take care and have a good week!

Kathy said...

I love your knitting - it's always so colourful!
The little bird is cute.

Oscar looks exhausted by his trail of destruction - yes' that's a familiar sight in our house too. Inca loves her toys but always manages to kill her cuddlies - especially those stuffed ducks from Pets at Home. We have three carcasses waiting to be mended sometime!!!
Love Kathy xxx

josiekitten said...

Love the little bird. I shall be making some once I get started on more crochet projects. I wondered if you might be lead astray at Colinette! Have a good week. xx

Sarah said...

Sounds as if you have had a lovely weekend! I spent most of yesterday working which is never good. That is when I wasn't being stressed over the poor tree going. Today has been more relaxed though! I love your little bird. I am considering going to a beginner's class on crochet, though maybe not just at the moment. Have a great week!

kate said...

Those little birdies are popping up everywhere - love your cheery version.

Judging by your blossom trees I'd say you're about two weeks ahead of us in spring. We've got lousy weather still, hard for gardening and certainly no sitting on the deck all afternoon!

cmv said...

oh i feel for you-- end weaving is no fun! but your birdie is SUPER fun! plus i just love an excuse to see your lovely button collection!

is that a magnolia tree? it's huge! so beautiful!

Tracy said...

What a sweet weekend... the best kind... and with blossoms too... *swoon*! We're still waiting on blooms here... LOVE the bird, that is so cute, and what a nice way to use up leftovers of yarn & trims. That photo of Oscar says so much.. happy dog. :o) Have a great week, Ros ((HUGS))

Northern Monkey said...

Eeek I hate weaving in ends, shame they can't be some sort of decorative fringe!!

A Country Girl said...

I love the colours of your little bird - I have made one and am now making another for my daughter.
Sensible people,of course, weave in the ends as they go. I'm not one!

Jenny said...

Sewing in ends is so dull I would be putting it off too, especially with the lovely Oscar around to distract you. Have a good week with maybe just bit of blanket tidying.

Mrs Twins said...

What do you do with your ends? A friend of minekeeps them all for the birds nests, there a thought!
Your Lucys bird is fantastic. I have two I made in a Bird cage you'e probably noticed. Also a garland hanging from the Conservatory roof.
Great fun and so easy to do!
Thanks for visiting me Ros your comments are great!
hugs Suex

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your rainbow birdie is so colorful! We love it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Wyatt said...

Oscar wake up! The sun came out!

ZenaT_Pinter2284 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

bellaboo said...

I love it when Bella's flat out like me some peace and quiet! Love the crochet birdie.I always marvel at Lucy's blog...she's so inspiring.I dread sewing all the loose ends on my crochet squares.I'm just waiting for the green wool I ordered and then I can start sewing them up as I go.WELL DONE to the runners!

Bellaboo :0)

Diane said...

Thanks for poppin in madame le snoop - love your blog (and your dog!) Congrats to the amazing marathon runners - I am in awe. xxx

Kate said...

That bird is so cute!!! Now I'll have to go visit Lucy to see the pattern.

Lyn said...

I hate the 'ends' too!
I love your bird, and thankyou for your comment on my blog, we did have such a lovely day.

Lyn said...

Glad you like my school log blog. I love swapping ideas, alway need new things to do with the children don't we?

skippinginthemeadow said...

well done the marvelous marathon runners!! and well done the rippler and rainbow birdie maker and well done Oscar for being so gorgeous. lily loves her toy bunnies to bits too.
have a wonderful bank holiday weekend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I think I'm tying up loose ends today and have failed to visit those whose posts I so enjoy.
So here's for the new weekend ahead and don't forget to pass a tickle Oscar's way for me too!
Love the knitting and the socks.
Susan x