Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hello there! I hope you have been enjoying a fabulously sunny weekend wherever you live. It's been an absolutely glorious one here in Norfolk. I've spent my time planting out pots of summer flowers, sitting in the garden with my crocheting and anxiously awaiting news of the 'big arrival'. She is on her way as I type, but I suspect she won't make an appearance until overnight. I can't wait to say 'hello' to her! 

As you can see, Oscar has made the most of his weekend too! He spent a very long time hauling this branch out of the undergrowth, 'checking'  that he was allowed, but I suspect he would have continued anyway! It's kept him amused for most of the last three days. I just had to show you!

Last week was another busy week, with reports progressing slowly, so knitting or crocheting happened for half an hour or so quite late each evening. I have made a couple more squares for the 'Granny in the Middle' blanket and also started this cushion cover. 

The pattern is from Erika Knight's book 'Simple Crochet'.

It's a really lovely book, full of easy to make, stylish and useful items. They are all made using Rowan yarns. This particular cushion cover is made using 'Cotton Glace'.

It fits a 14" x 14" cushion pad. I chose the colours with our sitting room in mind.  The sofas are dark blue and the curtains look like this.....

...... I think I like it, but am not completely sure yet!

The garden and allotment are moving on! We have had several delicious rhubarb crumbles and are already picking salad leaves, radishes and rocket on an almost daily basis. The Wisteria is in full bloom too! It never ceases to amaze me, how such beauty can grow so quickly from those dead-looking twisted branches.

Just look at that beautiful sky too!

The Honeysuckle is also just coming into bloom as is another one of my favourites, the 'Granny Bonnets' or Aquilegias, to give them their proper name.

We don't pay very much attention to our garden, other than to keep the grass cut and the trees in order, so it is always great to see Mother Nature recreating year after year. All on our own doorstep too!

Well that's all my news this week. I had so hoped to be able to share some baby news with you, but at least I know for certain that she will have arrived by the time I post next weekend. If I have time, I may even manage to show you during the week. I've still got seven reports to write, so we'll see. Hope you have a great week!


josiekitten said...

Some lovely photos of Oscar. I love the cushion and it goes perfectly with your curtains! Looking forward to hearing that I have become an honorary 'great auntie josiekitten' very soon! xxx

Kathy said...

I'm very impressed that you've only got 7 more reports to do - I've barely started mine! I've got as far as putting the their names and photos on - fullstop!
Oscar is looking gorgeous as usual - why do they like chewing wood? Does it taste better than toys?
Look forward to hearing all about the new arrival - hope all goes well!
Love Kathy xxx

Mrs Twins said...

Wonderful photos of Oscar Ros! Superb post! Really enjoyed it.
Love your crocheting and that book looks very interesting too!
Love the yarn, I love everything! Well done
Been lovely here too!
Hugs and have a good week

Wyatt said...

That is the best stick ever! As always we love the garden photos and the knitting projects! Keep it coming!

melissa said...

oh oscar is just the most adorable dog ever!

love the new crochet project! you are good at mixing colors.

Karin said...

We were looking at the same blue sky yesterday!
Love your flowerphoto's, I can almost smell the Wisteria.
Can't wait for your next post!
~X~ Karin

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

By the time I have posted this comment I hope the blessed arrival has taken place and all is well...
Would you not love to crochet those fantastic Turkish slippers on the cover of that marvelous book and you and Oscar can join a Gypsy caravan.
He sure is handsome.
Enjoy the week.
Susan x

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Oscar looks a real dear, so glad to see you are loving the crochet !It's funny how much you want to get on with your craft when reports need writing isn't it ?

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Your garden is beautiful! Oscar looks relaxed in such an oasis!
Have a great week!

Jenny said...

Oh G in W this is going on too long, I really thought we'd have news by now. Continue to keep calm and make things, its the only way.

kate said...

Love all the photos - and I agree, wisteria is a wonderful plant.

We decidedly did not have blue skies this week-end, so it was extra nice to see yours, thanks for sharing!