Sunday, 25 July 2010


Well hello! All happy and relaxed today as school has finally wound up for the year. HOORAY! Five and a half weeks of relaxation; now that sounds really good, even though I know it will quickly fly by. I don't have too much planned for the summer, except for a family holiday in Yorkshire during August and lots of pottering around at home and catching up with friends. My ideal holiday!

Oh..... but there is one more little exciting outing planned too. My great friend Josiekitten and I are off to 'Knit Nation' in London. We are leaving early on Friday morning and returning late on Saturday evening. I love train journeys! It's being held at Imperial College, in South Kensington, an area of London we already know well from our Promming expeditions. It's so exciting! Knitters and spinners from  far flung corners of the world are attending. We have booked into two courses; one on finishing techniques with Ann Hanson and the second on advanced sock techniques, with Marjan Hammink.

Needless to say, I had paid very little attention to what had to be prepared prior to attending the classes, so came in for quite a shock on Friday evening. For the sock class, participants have to be used to knitting using the Magic Loop method. I've never used it!!!! So, armed with an 80cm 2.5mm circular, a simple 'Magic Loop Socks' pattern , a ball of Trkking XXL from my stash and a 'You Tube' tutorial, I sat down to make sense of what seemed like like a pretty senseless way of sock knitting.

 I LOVE using my DPNs! However, after knitting about a centimetre of the first sock, I had the hang of it and it is pretty simple. The  cable gets in the way a little and it's quite hard to avoid ladders, but so far so good. I really like the yarn patterning. I'm going to continue with the loop to complete this pair and will probably be taking them with me to work on whilst in London.

For the finishing class we have to make quite a few squares (I still have these to do) and take a garment, ready for finishing. I've decided to start a very simple baby cardi for Sophie, that hopefully won't take too long to knit up. Again, I'm using some Trekking XXL from stash. Yes, I'm now feeling very smug..... two balls used up from stash in one week! There'll be some remnants for my 'Sock Yarn Blankie' too and some for Josiekitten.

Again, the patterning is really pretty. I do love using these 4ply self-patterning yarns for plain socks and baby clothes.Hopefully, all will be completed in time and we'll enjoy a fab knitty weekend. I'll show you what we got up to next Sunday.

I'll just leave you with a photo of the boys, Oscar and Scott, taken last week whilst our daughter-in-law was staying for a few days.

'My hero! Do you love me Scott?' I think he does!

Have a great week!


kate said...

The last picture is priceless!

I agree that self-striping is lovely on baby's clothes.

I envy your 5 1/2 weeks summer holidays. Ours is 9 1/2 weeks and is much too long for the kids, as they often fall back a lot in reading and math in that time off. There is talk of restructuring the school year, but I'll believe it when I see it!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Am I jealous that you're going to Knit Nation?! Never!!! I shall have to satisfy myself with a full report on your next blog. (No pressure!!)

I have knit socks and wrist warmers with a magic loop, and absolutely love this technic. I also use it for knitting berets in the round, as my smallest interchangable cable is a bit too long.

Have a great time at Knit Nation!

josiekitten said...

Oh no! You're much further ahead than me! Love the cardigan - that yarn is just perfect! I need to get my needles smoking this week! See you Friday! Can't wait! xxx

Sarah said...

I have actually used one of those loops-not to make any socks you understand-just wrist warmers! I got the hang of it, and then, the next time I tried, couldn't do it at all! I am just not destined to be a knitter! I hope you enjoy your knitting adventures this weekend-and show us the results!
I just saw your first commenter-9 and a half weeks!! If only!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your cardi is just beautiful! Love the yarn!

melissa said...

congratulations on reaching the end of the school year! enjoy your summer holiday!!

have fun as well with ms. josiekitten at knit nation! i can't wait to hear about all the fun you two will have!

Country Girl said...

Love that expression in the last photo!
Never heard of KnitNation - sounds like a great event.
Funnily enough I am off to Yorkshire this August too - must be the place to go this year!

Northern Monkey said...

Have fun at knit nation, I'm quite jealous! I hope to go next year but this year we're visiting my husband's grandfather for a family thing as it's his 70th birthday. I look forward to your blog about the event.

Jenny said...

Why am I getting excited, I'm not going to Knit Nation though I do expect you and JK to shop for Britain. Have a great time, love that little cardy, love those doggies.

Tracy said...

Knit Nation...*SWOON*... I wish we were closer, I would love to go! We have nothing like that here. You are a knitting wonder, Ros... I just love seeing what you have going with each post. Enjoy your summer holiday. A little here & there, a little pottering at home--sounds like the best holiday! LOVE that last photo of Oscar & Scott...such sweet expression! Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Helsie said...

Sorry I haven't left a comment for a while but I have been dropping in . Just love the stripey cardigan and if I understand correctly the stripes just happen with the wool? Amazing! That can't be right, can it?
Anyhow the cardy looks lovely ... and so does Sophie !

bellaboo said...

Altogether now...ahhhhh! love that doggy pic! Hope you have a fabulous holiday.I'm sure a lot of time is going to be spent with your needles.You do knit some fab things!

Bellaboo ;o)

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Hope you're enjoying the knit nation...
Are they not the most handsome lads lying side by side.
Susan x

sophie said...

My guys are knitters since I'm a doggie(Labradoodle) I figured they'd like your blog!!!

Mrs Twins said...

Good Morning Ros,
I'm sure you have been looking forward to your holidays from school. A nice long break for you.
I've loved this post but I've also enjoyed looking at Norwich. My Husband goes there quite a lot because his head office is there. I've just loved looking at the photos you have on your blog.
Plenty of time now to do your favourite thing!
Enjoy yourself and I look forward to seeing your work.
Hugs suex
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a very kind comment thank you!

The Garden Bell said...

Oh how I wish I had the nerve to go to one of these yarn festivals. Knit Nation in LON sound devine. You have to take lots and lots of picture, please, pretty, please...

Play with Picasa, you will love it. But, seriously with all those wonderful stripes you don't need to touch them at all. Stunning.

Kate - The Garden Bell

Sarah said...

Thanks Ros! I hope there are not too many rainy days either, but even rainy days can be used for knitting etc?! Hope you enjoy your trip down here tomorrow!