Sunday, 5 December 2010


Ahh, at last a short time to sit down. This weekend seems to have been a constant round of in and out of the house. Nothing very exciting has been going on, I can assure you. It has just reached that stage in the pre-Christmas run up, when old Snoops has realised how many jobs still have to be done and had a major PANIC! So, in order to begin to remedy the situation, little forays out and about have been necessary, so that she can at least feel back in control of the situation. It's always good to be in control! I'll show you a little sneaky peek of one of my 'port of calls' a little later.

Knitting has progressed at a moderate rate this week, a little bit here and a little bit there. Most little bits have been sandwiched between assessments and all manor of other boring paperwork tasks that take up soooo much teacher time, but just have to be done...... apparently! As you can see, I have finished Mr Snoopydog's Christmas hat. At least he has a present now! It's the Aran Watch Cap from Charlene Schurch's book 'Hats On'. The pattern worked really well, but the Rowan 'pure wool aran' has pilled a little. I'm not sure if it is the yarn or the fact that my hands have been rather rough from the cold this last week or two. Lavishing hand cream on them doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.

Spot the Oscar hairs!!!!!!!  Whoops! They get everywhere.

The six row pattern was very easy to memorise and I loved the way all the shaping took place over the last four rows, so none of the gorgeous pattern was lost. Hopefully, it will keep his head and ears toasty when he is walking Oscar. 

I've made quite good progress on the socks for my son, in as much that a second sock has been started. At least he is almost guaranteed two feet cosies now, rather than the sad only one, that it was looking likely he would receive prior to this weeekend. So, a little bit more control back on board there too! 

I must show you a new skein of sock yarn that accidentally slipped into my online shopping basket last week. Megan, over at 'The Thylacine', was having a pre-Christmas sale. Her yarns always look beautiful, but this is the first time that I've purchased from her. What do you think?

The yarn is 80% superwash merino and 20% bamboo. It's incredibly soft. The colourway is Bicheno. It's slightly more turquoisey in places than the photo shows. I just love, love, love it! Thanks Megan.

Snow has hung on all week in our eastern parts of the UK. Today has been the first day with clearish pavements, as well as roads. I snapped these shots from the car as we came back from Oscar's hydro yesterday.

Grey skies and rather misty, but helping to add atmosphere to the shots. The city centre, where we live was much clearer.

Today, by contrast, I snapped these........ them or hate them? Ha ha!

We drove out to a nearby garden centre to collect a small potted Christmas tree, to sit in the front window. We have a very much larger 'not real' tree in our sitting room. The place is massive and a huge area is given over to the most twinkly, glitzy, fun, Christmas displays imaginable. Santa's band were busy playing their instruments and the flashing reindeer and sleighs were busy burning up goodness knows how much electricity. But taken in the spirit of festive fun for little ones, I guess it worked. Mr Snoops walked rapidly away, when I told him that I really did need to take a couple of pics, to show you all this evening. I found him back in his comfort zone, looking at seeds and wellie boots! We did get our little tree though and he's now settled into the greenhouse for the week, before coming indoors next weekend. 

So, let's see! That's a knitted present finished and another 'getting there', some shopping done, some cards bought, a little tree collected, quite a few 'confirm purchase' buttons pressed online, a secret Santa gift bought for school, a ball of green yarn purchased to make some little stockings ( I have some oddments of red, white and silver left from last year)


josiekitten said...

I think my hands must be in a similar state to yours, despite smothering them with handcream each night. I reckon it's the cold air! Ha! I can just imagine Mr Snoopydog's reaction when you took the camera out! Mr JK beats a hasty retreat too! That hat looks great! I paid a visit to Megan's shop too! Just having got around to photographing my purchases! Have a good week! xxx

Lyn said...

Your getting there, Christmas is well on the way in your household.
Well done

kate said...

Sounds like you've been busy indeed! Thanks for thinking of us all and taking the pictures, what fun. Everything has its place, I figure.

My house is always full of dog hair and cat hair - and into my knitting of course!

Kathy said...

You sound like you're in control ... but there's just so much to do. I felt in control quite early on, but now it's December I realise I've still got lots to finish off. We bought one of those little potted trees last year, and it has survived beautifully all year. It's going to be coming back in to the house very soon. That's a very smart hat for walking the dog!
Hope Christmas isn't too mad in school!
Love Kathy xxx

Sarah said...

Apart from the knitting, I am having a similar experience-ie the feeling of lack of control and then gaining a bit back by doing something towards the season! I hope you get lots more done this week but have a rest too!

bellaboo said...

You've made a really good start.The snow has got in the way of my Xmas shopping.I'll be putting my tree up next week.Got a fake one for the first time..I was getting fed up with the needle drop and trying to keep it 'alive' until New Year.Great hat btw! :0)

Northern Monkey said...

I have heard that the Rowan Pure Wool Aran is pilly before so perhaps it wasn't you. The hat looks great anyway. I also love that yarny purchase, very scrummy!

Have a great week

Teje said...

Hello Ros! You have made wonderful knittings and I love you new yarn! Beautiful colour like those blue winter photos!
xxx Teje
Hugs for Oscar!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom LOVES the cap! It's just gorgeous! We sure wish it would snow at our house. We are very jealous!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Country Girl said...

All my knitting and crochet seems to have a few dog hairs woven into it - the handmade touch!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Your hat is great, the pattern is lovely, and it's a lovely colour. The sock yarn looks lovely too.

I've lulled myself into a false sense of security about Christmas, I think I have everything, but I'm scared to check incase I haven't!

monkeyfeet said...

My hands are like that too, and my lips - I'm carrying hand cream and lip balm round with me! (Non greasy of course, so I can still squish yarn!)

Love the aran watch cap - the patterns look very much like the ones in my ancient gansey knitting book - lovely! I enjoyed seeing your snowy photos too - it's still white here in Manchester, but it's icy rather than snowy now.
Vikki xx

monkeyfeet said...

PS. Visited my Mum and dogs (two labs) on Sunday then washed my Noro sweater, and was thinking that the mohair must have fluffed up, then realised it was dog hair!!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Your new sock yarn matches your lovely add a little Oscar hair while your knitting them and they'll be perfect.
Susan x

Jenny said...

Good knitting progress and a bit more yarn, what could be better. Nice to hear you are on top of things, hope the weather isn't stopping you.

melissa said...

heh heh - i knit dog and cat hair into everything i make!

the hat looks great and i love the snowy pictures!
have a good week!!

Asti said...

Lovley pictures! Glad to hear tales of vague organisation at this time of year. (I've yet to start and I am beyond stressed about it!).
Asti x