Sunday, 9 January 2011


I'm very late this evening. It's been one of those days when I had lots of things to get done, but I couldn't settle to any of them. To make matters worse (or better...!) the sun was shining and the sky was blue. It was just too lovely to stay indoors, doing boring chores. So Mr Snoops and I took a trip to our local, favourite dog-walking lake. I took the photos this morning. It really is the very same lake as the frozen white-out, that I showed you from Christmas Day.

I have decided upon a new challenge for 2011, that is photography related. I love using my camera, but feel I have plenty of room for improvement.

You may have noticed the new button in my sidebar, SNOOPYDOG365. This link will take you to a new Snoopydog blog. I've joined 'Project 365', which involves taking and uploading a photo every day. I'm trying to a photo that is a reflection of some part of my day. Why not pop over and have a look!

The knitting job that was most pressing today was 'Gayle'. I was so close to finishing and I did promise to show you  the finished product!!! I've beavered away for most of the afternoon and have just finished..... at 8.25p.m. precisely. It's not been blocked properly, just steamed! What do you think?

Sorry the light is so poor in the evening!

The younger Miss Snoops ( the new owner of 'Gayle') acts as model.

I love the crochet covered buttons! The pattern was so easy to follow and the Rowan 'british sheep breeds', pure wool chunky yarn, so, so soft to work with. I've already bought some more to make myself, 'Gunnerside Ladies' from the same pattern book.

I've had my eye on this colourway for over a year now and have finally found a pattern that I like. I can't wait to get started. Yes, I know, I did plan to finish other things first, but you know how it is! I have cast on the second 'Raspberry Coulis' mystery KAL sock. I may even have finished it by next Sunday ;-).

During the post Christmas clean-up I gave this little crocheted mat a wash and spruce up. It sits on our bedroom window sill and is covered by a large bowl. It's been there for so long, that I seldom give it a second thought. I made it over forty years ago, when I was in my early teens. The cotton is quite fragile now, so it needed a very gentle soak.

Time is pressing on this evening and I really should gone. I still have school work to do, but oh, speaking to you all is much more fun. How about I just stay a little while longer and show you a shot of Oscar, taken earlier in the week. He was on the top stair and had dropped his cardboard toilet roll tube that he had been chewing, down the stairs!

I think he thougth that if he looked long and hard enough, it would magically  jump back up to him. So sweet!

Right, must go. Lovely to talk to you all. I wish I could stay longer. Have a great week..........

(sundown at about 4.15p.m. today).


josiekitten said...

Gayle looks fabulous! I must investigate this yarn sometime when I'm not on a yarn diet! Have a good week! xx

Teje said...

Hello Ros! Congratulations for your great project with photos!
That new jacket is the most beautiful! I love the pattern and the buttons are just so lovely!
I think your pullover is going to be fantastic, again wonderful colour!
Kisses for beautiful sweet Oscar!
xxx Teje and Nero

Sarah said...

What a wonder Gayle is! I am most admiring! I was looking at those lovely pattern books the other day-they have so many lovely things in! I am soon going to attempt to follow a 'simple' sock pattern-after I have tried to make some leg warmers to my own pattern!
I like your new blog look and enjoyed visiting your 365 project. Hope you have a good week!

Sarah said...

PS I love the crochet buttons too!

Lyn said...

I think I might do a link to the project like you have, saves doubling up on the photos! love the crochet-so neat!

Fiona said...

I am in awe of your knitting prowess.

Maria said...

The jacket is glorious and the crochet buttons just set it off. You are a wonder with the needles. Lucky daughter
The water in the first 2 photos is so very blue - beautiful

kate said...

The sweater coat is fabulous!! And really, you knit it very quickly. Amazing.

Love your photos, looks like our day here - cold and clear!

going now to check out the 365. Have a wonderful week!

Merchy said...

Wow how beautiful cardigan!
I love it, it is such a nice piece of work.
Beautiful post and beautiful photos too.
Have a good day! ^^

bellaboo said...

Aaw! Love that pic of Oscar!..but then you really have a talent for taking great pics.
I'm so impressed you made that lovely crochet's beautiful. :0)

Northern Monkey said...

Gayle looks absolutely fabulous, great work.

Have a good week,

Laura x

Anna said...

I absolutely adore Gayle. What a massive undertaking, and what a great finished product. It looks fantastic.

melissa said...

gayle is absolutely gorgeous!

i'm off to check out your 365project blog.
have a good week!

Country Girl said...

I'm very jealous of your daughter - that cardigan is gorgeous!
Good luck with Project 365. I have read about that but decided to do the Photo Scavenger Hunt instead.
Have a good week!

Tracy said...

VERY exciting about your photo project, Ros! I love your photos. And I LOVE that Gayle cardigan--WOW, what a finish! That is one of the pretties cardis I've ever seen--truly! Oh, sweet Oscar... thanks for some doggie love too. ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I see your snow is all gone and the snowdrops will be soon to follow. Not here the snow is deep and the wind is bitter.
The sweater is gorgeous.
Silly Oscar, I'll bet his photos will be a big part of your new site. He's a perfect subject.
Susan x

Willow said...

I do like that cabled cardigan! And yes, the crocheted buttons are perfect for the project.

Hurray for your Project365. I'll pop over and check it out.

Jenny said...

I love the chunky cables on Gayle, you've made such a good job of it. I'm also envious of your next cable project mainly I'm currently struggling with fair isle. I seem to have forgotten that I don't actually enjoy colourwork. I should just finish it Amelia could be a teenager before it's done and its only 2-3 years size.

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

i am taking that challenge too but shhhhhh... haven't actually started yet! apart from a couple of snaps on friday, which didn't come out so great.
the jacket/cardigan is really really lovely, you are such a clever sausage.
and Oscar (the scene stealer) is charming as ever, boy does that lab know how to pose! such a cute photo :o) and everything else on your post is totally beautiful too.

wishing you a very lovely week and thank you for sharing xxx

hugs to you and oscar too

with love from me and lily xxx

Karin said...

Ooohhh, the Gayle is WONDERFUL!
Love the buttons.

Aksharaa said...

Mummy Just LOVES Gayle!! SO SO LOVELY! SIGH!
How she wishes she lived close by...she would have pestered u to make one for her too...!!!!!!

Oscar, maybe u SHOULD concentrate harder. It might just roll backwards, You know!

Thanks for the beautiful lake pictures. They look so bright and Happy n full of life.
wags, Buddy, Ginger n Shadow

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

many thanks for you lovely comments :o)
Lily sends licks right back to Oscar and holds her paw out for you as a thank you xxx
hope you are having a good thursday

warmest hugs

millie and lily xxx

your WV has just called me a waffler. lol.

cmv said...

oooh your Gayle is absolutely wonderful! super impressive work!
congrats on starting a 365 project too- my goodness you are just the queen of big undertakings, aren't you! wishing you joy and inspiration in all the pursuits ahead!