Sunday, 27 March 2011


Goood afternoon to you all! Nice to be back, even if it is for just a flying visit. We are off out shortly and I've not planned my time very well today, so I'm in a big rush to 'talk' to you all, feed Oscar, Magimix the leek and potato soup that's sitting in the pan still, get changed, print my school planning......... I could go on! The list is always pretty endless.

I just HAD to show you the pretty little cardigan for Sophie. I 'm really pleased with it. The bamboo and wool yarn has great stitch definition and a lovely sheen, but gets a little fluffy. Bamboo always seems to. It's such a quick and easy knit, with a clever little scalloped edge made by picking up the stitch from the third row down along with the current stitch and casting off together on every sixth stitch along the cast off row. I've not used this method before. The cardigan goes well with the little beret.

I decided to take your advice on the yarn choice for 'Spriteling' and have had to make a very necessary little purchase, in order to obtain the required yarn!!!!!! I decided a solid colour or semi-solid would, indeed, show off the stitchwork to much better effect. I've done very little lace knitting and am not really a shawl wearer, so whatever I use, has to be something I will be happy having around  my neck. I gone for this....

....... the softest mix of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. It's from one of my favourite dyers, 'Old Maiden Aunt' . I've wound  a nice fat yarn cake....

...... and swatched...... again!

The 'Juno Fibre Arts' yarn that  I had planned to use, will become a pair of 'Jaywalker' socks. Perfect car knitting for our trip up to Yorkshire over the Easter holidays. No wasted yarn there then!

I've also started the little hat that I am knitting as part of a set of baby 'bits', for a friend to give to her friend who has just had a baby girl. I'm using Rowan 'milk cotton' for the hat and bootees and Rowan 'woolcotton' for the cardign.

This book is my favourite for baby knits. There are some really lovely, simple designs.

Oscar's been up to his old tricks with the flower pots! He's begun a 'stash' on a corner of the lawn, behind the bush that you can see on the right of the photo. He's also begun collecting large pieces of wood to add interest to his ever growing collection of garden objects. You can see the latest piece to be dragged onto the lawn! He calls it 'branch on lawn'. Sure to be a most sort after piece of moddog art!

 That's all! Gotta go! I'll catch up with you all tomorrow evening! Have a good week.


josiekitten said...

Such a pretty cardigan! I like your choice of yarn for the shawl too. I think I'll be buying some Old Maiden Aunt at KnitNation this summer! Have a good week - I'm counting down the days 'til the holidays now!!

Northern Monkey said...

Ooh that Old Maiden Aunt yarn is just delicious, I love her yarns. Your swatch looks great, I can't wait to see it as it progresses. I bet Sophie will look smashing in that cardi and hat, they look lovely.

Kathy said...

Pretty yarns and lovely cardi and beret!
Inca has a thing about plant pots too, but doesn't care too much for sticks. She carries all her toys out into the garden one by one and has them all over the lawn.
Have a lovely week. We break up on Friday, do you?

Teje said...

Hello Ros! Your new yarn must be the most soft and wonderful! I love the colour and the pattern - can't imagine how you do it!
Sophie's jacket became beautiful! She is going to look so sweet with her new outfit!
Have a lovely week! Teje

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

Oohh, the wee cardigan is gorgeous. I feel like I've been rushing around all day too, I blame the clocks changing. I do like the Old Maiden Aunt yarn, the colour is beautiful. Good luck with the shawl. :)

kate said...

I always look forward to the colours in your posts! Lovely cardigan, gorgeous choice of wool, and such pretty baby knits.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

What a silly Oscar, but being so handsome we shall forgive him.
The little cardi is so sweet all sewn up.
And that new trim piece you've started is gorgeous.
Have a great week!
Susan x

Helsie said...

All the things you knit are lovely and the latest continue the trend. That baby hat is very stylish too.
Oscar certainly has plenty of personality doesn't he ?

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our mom is wishing that she had a baby to knit for. The little cardi is just adorable!
Stay busy, Oscar! You're helping your mom more than she realizes!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Hannonle said...

Your swatches/starts of the lace and baby hat look really pretty.

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS little cardi and beret for Miss Sophie... what knitted fashion plate you're making her to be! ;o) Love the stripey yarn. That little hat you have in progress is so delicate and pretty--that picot/scalloped edging is a delight! Looks like Oscar was waiting for you! ;o) Hope you had a lovely weekend, Ros ((HUGS))

Country Girl said...

Love the cardi and beret - will we get to see Sophie modelling them? I do hope so!
Have a good week.

Willow said...

LOVE that cardi! Lucky Sophie.

I am so ready for the Easter break! Just a couple more weeks. Then there may be a little more time for choosing a lace shawl pattern myself--one that I will actually wear.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

The cardigan is wonderful! Oscar is such a cheeky boy!
Have a good week!

Jenny said...

Lovely knitting and yarn as usual, the cardy is beautiful, lucky little Sophie. And who'd have thought Oscar would be so artistic, he must get his creativity from you.

melissa said...

if it's even possible, this sweater is cuter than the last! that sophie must be *the* best dressed little girl in all the land!
she's lucky to have such a talented grandma!