Sunday, 10 April 2011


Good evening! What a really lovely week it's been here on the eastern side of the UK. We've had lots of warm, Spring sunshine, with temperatures bringing out the bare arms and legs!  I captured the sunsets at Whitlingham Lake, where we take Oscar for his early morning or evening walks. The sun sets over western end of the lake, so we aim to be at the eastern end just as it sinks. Beautiful!

Knitting has been a rather 'mixed bag' this week; some success mixed with indecision and impatience. First the success....

The Juno Fibre Arts yarn that I had originally chosen for my 'Spriteling' has become a pair of 'Lilac Pool Socks'. The pattern is 'Rib Fantastic' from one of my favourite books, 'Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn', by Carol J. Sulcoski. I've used the pattern before and it works beautifully with this kind of yarn. The colouring is working out really nicely. I'm not too keen on colour pooling. The pattern produces a stretchy, comfy fit.

I've also begun a little Spring jacket for Sophie, using the yarn that I'd started a cabled coat with for her, way back last Autumn. Needless to say, I lost the cabling mojo and when I finally pulled it from the bottom of my basket last week, I realised I no longer had enough yarn to finish it in the size now required. Babies grow way too quickly! So, I'm now making the 'Daisy Cardigan' from Debbie Bliss's book, 'Simply Baby'. 

I'm using the gorgeously soft 'Baby Cashmerino', in this very delicate pale lilac. The daisies are blanket stitched on, around the eylet holes. 

I've wound this cake of Wollmeise, ready for the long car journey up to Pickering on Friday. 

 I'm using it to make Anne Hanson's 'Cinder Block Socks'. I had already begun to knit this pattern, using the Juno Fibre Arts yarn shown above. Prior to that, the Juno yarn had been used to swatch for 'Spriteling'. Indecision, indecision, indecision!!!!!!! The lovely sock pattern was lost, as was the 'Spriteling' pattern. It's a hard lesson to learn, that sometimes you just HAVE to use a solid, or at least a semi-solid colour, to give the pattern it's full glory. I'll show you more of these later in the week.

Last, but not least, I have finally got going on 'Spriteling', the Soctopus mystery shawl KAL, for the runup to Knit Nation 2011! I had been very indecisive last week, when trying to select just the right yarn. I finally began knitting using the Old Maiden Aunt yarn that I showed you last time. It was way too hairy! It just didn't look right.

 Sooooooo, yesterday afternoon, I sat out in the sun and tried again. This time I used the yarn that I had first intended to use, but felt it might be a litttle too dark. It's a Malabrigo light sock yarn, in the colourway, Cote d'Azur. I am really happy with my final choice and felt that I'd made great progress. This afternoon I planned to repeat yesterday's success and hopefully make plenty of headway in completing the 58 rows released so far.

But......... oh no! ERROR spotted! I knew I should have added a lifeline! Can you see it?

Out it all came...... not once, but twice! It's okay though, I wasn't stressed, I wasn't bothered..... I'm on holiday, so it's all okay! 

Third time lucky and with a lifeline in place on every tenth row, I can now show you the progress so far, to Row 30.

It's been a well written and easy to follow pattern, so far. I'm no great lace knitter, so this one is quite an adventure for me! I'm loving it so far! The yarn's true colour is very much more as the colour in the top photo. The above shot was taken in full sunlight this afternoon, but it gives you a little taster.

Well, I think that's quite enough to keep me going for the next two weeks. I always like to have some new projects lined up for the holidays.

I'll leave you with a couple of shots of young Oscar, taken today as he played 'hide and seek' in the garden and investigating the first rhubarb harvest of the year, that Mr Snoops brought back from his allotment this afternoon. By the way, the rhubarb crumble has already been made and eaten.

Hoping to see you during the week sometime! Have a great week!


Kathy said...

Beautiful sunsets!
Have a great holiday! Two whole weeks of knitting fun!

Teje said...

Hi Ros and Oscar! Everything looks so wonderful! I love your yarns and colours and the beautiful pattrns you make! I miss rhubarb so much, we don't find it here!
Hugs from Teje & Nero

josiekitten said...

Thanks for the reminder about lifelines - I shall make sure that I use them when I start my Spriteling. I do like that sock pattern too. Your Cinder Block socks will look great in the Wollmeise. See you very soon! xx

Sarah said...

So many projects! I love the lacey knitting-and admire your patience in having to keep starting again. Lovely sunsets too. Let's hope the weather continues to be good for our holidays. Have fun!

kate said...

Oh, you're ahead of us in spring and I'm really very jealous!!

The knits are all lovely. I like that you showed us the journey of the yarn decisions, as I think many of us are like that.

Enjoy that lovely spring weather this week!

Maria said...

Spritling is looking very lovely, can't wait to see its progress

melissa said...

love the sunset pictures!

and yay for you for sticking with it on the shawl - it's going to be so wonderful when you're done

enjoy your holiday!

Tracy said...

Whitlingham Lake... Those sunsets are dazzling! So much knitting, Ros... my eyes have fuzzed over... so many BEAUTIFUL projects you have on the to. Lace knitting has somewhat intimidated me. I have lately found an "easy" pattern to try and hope to make a a shawl/scarf for autumn later. Hello, Oscar--sweet boy you are! Rhubarb...mmm... can't wait for our--the rosy crowns are just showing. Crumbles & jam soon... :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a lovely blog post. Oohh I love that daisy cardi, must try and talk one of my Nan's into knitting it as I am not good enough at knitting for that sort of project.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Love the lace shawl! It's just beautiful, as are all of your projects!
You're making me hungry for rhubarb pie - one of my favorites! yummmm


Jenny said...

The rib socks are indeed fantastic. I am still dithering about making a shawl, the idea of going wrong with lace and not knowing how to correct is daunting. Hope the spring weather continues for your trip to good old Pickering - enjoy.

bellaboo said...

What wonderful pics! I love rhubarb
crumble...with custard and ice greedy! I marvel at your knitting skills...amazing.
Glad you have the sunshine where you are too..long may it last. :0)

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Hey Ros, I really like the yarn you chose for the Spriteling. It will be so pretty! Oscar is cute in the pics.
Have a wonderful week!
Yours, Julia

Carrie said...

Hi Ros! Beautiful sunset pics, I'm so happy spring is here again at last. I can't believe how big Oscar is now! And you've got me looking forward to my first harvest from my new rhubarb plant - it's getting there!
Good to see you again (and seeing all the beautiful work you've been doing is making me feel quite guilty, I haven't made enough time for crafty stuff lately!).
Carrie xxxx

Country Girl said...

I can't believe how many knitting projects you have on the go at once!
Beautiful sunsets, we have been lucky with the weather although there is very chilly wind today. Enjoy your break in Pickering.

Kathy said...

I just bought that knitting with handpainted yarn book and am very excited. all your knitting looks lovely. Enjoy your holiday!