Sunday, 8 May 2011

DEADLINE.............. JULY14th 2011!!!!!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Where on earth have all these unfinished projects come from? I nearly started another this afternoon, but just managed to contain myself, by tying my hands and feet together. Okay, so some of these are fairly new and I know I knit quite quickly, but I'm not superhuman, that's for sure. However, they do have be finished. I HATE having anything left in the 'forgotten' corner for too long.

Now normally, this amount of unfinished 'goodness' would be almost acceptable. Not this time though! Oh no, definitely not this time. You see, there are two very exciting knitty happenings on the horizon, both of which make me squeal inside my head, every time I so much as picture them in my little old brain. Both of these exciting happenings, by their very nature, just so happen to involve further yarny gathering and project knitting. Want to know what's happening?

Well, first rush of excitement comes with the up and coming, fabulous 'Knit Nation 2011' in July. Here are some memories from last year.

There's bound to be some serious yarn purchasing, although going for more solids and semi-solids I think. Maybe a few laceweights too. Josiekitten  and I have already booked our tickets and our beds for the weeekend. Such excitement!

Next up in the 'very exciting news' category, is Anne Hanson's new 'Fall in Colour' project club. Her patterns and yarn choices are always fabulous and I just knew I couldn't resisit. A new pattern and specially dyed, exclusive yarn, arrive each month from August through to January. There's even a Ravelry clubhouse. These 'Cinder Block' socks that I'm working on at present, are one of Anne's lovely patterns.

So...... where does that leave all these unfinished squishy goodies? Well, the plan is pretty simple. Nothing else can be cast on before July 14th, the day before 'Knit Nation', when I may need to cast on some easy socks for the train journey.

Let's see what we've got then, working across the photo from left to right.....
  • 'Cinder Block Socks' - using a skein of Wolmeisse, bought at Knit Nation last year. Great pattern. Can't wait to finish them!
  • 'Margot' - jumper for little Sophie. Only cast on a week or so ago, so no worries there!
  • 'Spriteling' - shawl. This is a Soctopus KAL project, which is moving along nicely. I am up to date, having finished Clue 3 yesterday. So, ongoing for this little lovely!
  • 'Sock Yarn Blankie' - ......... my baby!!!! I don't want him ever to be finished. So Blankie is EXEMPT from the finishing deadline.
  • 'Hooded Kaftan' - again for little Sophie. This is my easy peasy 'car journey' or 'blot out when I'm brain-dead', knitting. Likely to be finished very soon then, as there's plenty of need for this kind of stuff at present to relieve the boredom of report writing, but without requiring too much work from the frazzled brain cells.
  • 'Cotton Chevron Cushion' - Hmmm, well, don't know what to say about this one. The colours match our sitting room curtains very nicely and I know it will look lovely onn the navy blue sofas, but...... I've somehow lost the mojo for this one. However, on the positive side, half is already complete. That should be enough motivation in itself! I need to think of it just as I would my favouritest knitting of all.... socks. When one is complete, I have to cast the next one on because I'm already halfway there!!! It works every time. No orphan socks in this caring household! Right, so that's one to tackle next weekend ( if I can find the crochet hook!).
  • 'Lilac Pool Socks' - I just love evrything about these socks. The pattern works wonderfully and the yarn is just gorgeous. Can't wait to find time to finish them.
  • 'Granny in the Middle Blanket' - I love the colours and the yarn was left over (yes, I know, there was quite a lot!) from Sophie's 'Ripple Blanket'. The problem is, I'm not such a huge fan of crocheting AND you have to attach them. It may be that this gets 'frogged' and I use the yarn for another 'Ripple' instead. This one will have to stay on the back burner for now. There's no way it will be done by July 14th. EXEMPT, but a decision as to what is to become of it has to have been made. That's fair, don't you think?
  • 'Gunnerside Ladies' - I lusted after this yarn and pattern for months. I adore it! I love knitting it! It's just that the weather changed and somehow I didn't have the same impetus to get on with it, when in all probability, it wouldn't be worn until October, as the Autumn leaves begin to fall. So, what's the decision about this one then? As it's my only 'big' project (except for blankets, which are exempt), I will allow this beauty to rest and restore it's strength, ready for a big, fresh burst of activity during the Summer Holidays. ALLOWED TO REST
  • 'Pomatamus' by Cookie A. These socks have to be complete before 14th July, at all cost. That's all I ve to say on this one :-)
  • 'Swallowtail Shawl' by Evelyn A. Clark. I've lost my cool with this one and 'frogged' it at least four times. However, I have new found confidence in my shawl making ability since beginning 'Spriteling' and learning about 'lifelines'. So, I look forward to this one, but possibly not until August, when I can concentrate and have time to think properly about what I'm doing.
So, where does that leave the situation? Looking not too horrendous. At least I have some kind of plan to at least get most of the smaller items finished. Who knows, I may amaze everyone and complete them all with time to spare. Somehow, I think that possibility would only succeed in the realms of magic and wizardry.

This weekend I have made some headway with my plan. 'Spriteling' is as far as it can be, until the next clue is released.

I've completed the back and started the front of the little 'Hooded Kaftan',

 and turned the heel on the first 'Cinder Block' sock.

 The weather has been glorious this weekend, which meant my school report writing didn't really get off the mark. I try to save them to do when it's cold, wet or a school evening. At present there is time to spare, so it all feels in control. I'll need plenty of sun and warmth at weekends though, to get on with those WIPs. I enjoy knitting in the garden more than anywhere else. How lovely to knit in the warm sunshine, under a blue sky, whilst llistening to birdsong and smelling the blooms. Heaven!

Long may it continue. Have a good week everyone and thanks for calling in. It's always so good to seee you!


Teje said...

Hello Ros and Oscar!
That 'Knit Nation 2011' is going to be something unbelievable - I think I would loose my mind there ... how can your ever choose just few things ...
All your projects are so wonderful and especially the light shawlette!
What an amazing mosaic with flowers!
Have a lovely week full of knitting!
xxx Teje & Nero

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, you're putting yourself under so much pressure .... but everything seems easier when you've got a 'plan'. I need a 'plan' to get me started on my reports .... and I've got a class assembly to do in two weeks time too!
Have a good week ... the first 5 day week in ages!

Maria said...

That is a HUGE work load to achieve, lots of luck and good wishes for an easy completion.
Love the yarn in your Spritling
Your stitches always looks so smooth and even

Wyatt said...

Love your projects, Love your flowers too! Have fun at Knit Nation, can't wait to see your pictures and goodies.

Wyatt's Mom

josiekitten said...

Oh what fun we've got ahead of ourselves! Like your plan to get things done - I started a few projects this weekend to make you feel better about your WIPs!! Have a good week! xx

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love seeing what you're working on! Such beautiful projects!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Tracy said...

That is quite a list to accomplish, Ros...LOL! LOVE seeing that new pair of socks on the needles--super color of teal wool--and love the floral "decoration" :o) FUN to see these glimpses of Knit Nation from last time. I would go out of my mind will bliss there...think of all the fiber... *SWOON*... LOL! Happy Days knitting, my friend ((HUGS))

melissa said...

what a lot of work you've got laid out for yourself! but each project is so beautiful... i look forward to seeing your progress.

and oh - your knit nation photos made my head spin - i am soooo looking forward to getting to live vicariously when you go again this year. what fun!!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Wow, that are a lot of projects! I am sure they will all be beautiful when you finish them. And then you will have so much to show!
Have a nice Sunday!
Yours, Julia