Sunday, 31 July 2011

KNIT NATION ..... STASH!!!!!!!

Hello there! Good to see you again. I seem to be busier on holiday that when I'm at school! Maybe that's because quite a lot of my time gets taken up with my second 'job'...... knitting! Anyway, here I am again. I promised to show you my Knit Nation purchases and here they are in all their glory. Judging by Ravelry pics, my haul is relatively meagre!!!!! Bearing in mind that there will be no 'Knit Nation' next year, due to the London 2012 Olympics, this little lot will have to see me through until 2013. Once I had arranged the skeins in my rather OCD need for colour orderliness, it became distinctly apparent that there has been a definite shift in my favoured colour choices. I had gone with the plan to buy solids and semi-solids, which could be used for patterned socks or shawls and scarves etc. I still love my bright colourways, but they don't work so well with some of my more recent pattern choices; in particular, the fabulous work of Anne Hanson, whose patterns I am becoming addicted to.

There are some really gorgeous yarns there, both 4ply and 2ply laceweight, from some of favourite dyers, such as Old Maiden Aunt, Juno Fibre Arts, Madelinetosh, Skein Queen and Sokkusu. 

I also bought a few pots of Helen Deighan's acid dyes to have a play with and some pretty little stitch markers, which always come in useful. Oh, and some highlighting tape to keep your place when chart or tricky pattern reading.

 Most of our purchasing and browsing in the Marketplace took place on Saturday. We had so much fun! Even the Saturday Bingo evening, the mention of which produced some rather rude guffaws from Mr Snoops, was so enjoyable. We met up and shared a table with two other Norfolk knitters and Anne Hanson came to join us. There were lots of amazingly generous knitty prizes!

 To aid our sock design skills, josiekitten and I had booked in to Cookie A's 'Sock Design' class on the Sunday. It was a lot of fun, very informative and well delivered, at just the right pace. After some detailed theory around sock design and stitch patterns, what works best and what to avoid, we were ready to have a go.

 I chose a fairly straightforward 6 stitch and 6 row pattern repeat and after plotting the rib and the pattern on some squared paper, I was ready for the off.

Cookie was on hand to advise and help out with any problems. After a relaxing knit to get our socks started, we finished with a 'show and tell' session. Everyone had made a good start, with some people choosing to go for some really advebturous pattern ideas.

Sadly my sock has got no further, but I a do plan to get on and finish them this holiday and then I will have a go at writing up the pattern. The phot below shows the true colour. The yarn really is puple and not navy blue!

I have been bursting to show you my fabulous birthday present from josiekitten. We always buy each other yarn related pressies and this year my pal decided to treat me to some of the scrummiest yarn I have ever had the good fortune to get my greedy little mitts on. Want to see!

 You really do need a fondle, but sadly I can't allow that. Just believe me, when I tell you that it is truly beautiful. It's 'Essence' 100% superwash merino in colouway Pussywillow, dyed by Kim Kaslow of  'The Woolen Rabbit' in Conway New Hampshire, all the way across the pond.  It was bought with a very special project in mind; one that I've had my eye on for well over a year. I have the pattern and have made a great start, but you'll have to wait until next time to find out what it is.

For today, let me leave you with a very peaceful shot taken the other evening at our local waterpark. 

So peaceful! Have a good week everyone. I may pop in again during the week, to show you a new toy that should be arriving.


Anna said...

What great colours...I'd love to have been at Knit Nation, and was meant to go, but was actually in Edinburgh that weekend. What a shame, would have been nice to meet you face to face.

busybusybeejay said...

What a haul.I wish there was something like KnitNation up here in N Wales.I can't wait to see what you are going to make.Must go and look those patterns up.

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What great purchases! The colours are beautiful. The beginning of your sock pattern looks great, and I shall look forward to seeing what you're making with your birthday pressie.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Well I'd say all that lovely yarn shall keep you busy and filled with temptation for a few months to come... two years I doubt it.
Such peaceful shades... like the beauty of the sky.
And speaking of beauty, the swans in the lake are pure perfection.
I'll send some of our heat and humidity as soon as I can figure out how to put it in an envelope...
Till then happy knitting, a special pat to Oscar and enjoy August...
Susan x

Teje said...

Hi Ros! You must have had really good time there with all the yarn, lessons and friends! Your new yarns look adorable and it will be a great enoy to begin new projects!
Thank you for your comment! Nero just wrote his post. Hugs to Oscar!
xxx Teje

Sarah said...

Your new yarns look beautiful! I love those sorts of colours. It will be interesting to see your dye experiments too. That pattern designing class looked good-but mind boggling to me! That sample book on the table-those patterns look amazing-it is incredible what you can do with a single thread!

Helsie said...

By the looks of things you have plenty to keep you busy for quite a while !!
Happy knitting.

melissa said...

ahhhhh.... i feel i'm drowning in loveliness!!! :)

what a great haul! i'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!!

Tracy said...

YUM... LOVING those colors, Ros! That is a quite a yarn stash you brought home. ;o) Can't wait to see more of what you'll make with it all. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

josiekitten said...

Your yarn haul looks lovely, all those beautiful shades of blue and grey! Can't wait to see how the Woolen Rabbit yarn knits up!

Jennyff said...

I knew you wouldn't disappoint with your yarn purchases. I like the sock pattern too, an avid yarn stasher and now a designer, good work.

Wyatt said...

So many beautiful yarns. It must be really hard to pick just a few....
Can't wait to see your new projects.

Wyatt's Mom

Willow said...

So what are you knitting with that loveliness? Can't you give us just a hint? More socks? A sweater? A cardi for Mr. Snoops?

How nice that you have more time right now to enjoy your second job!