Sunday, 29 January 2012


The weather here in the UK has been quite cold over the weekend. No snow, I'm sorry to say, but definitely a bit on the chilly side! Thank goodness for woolly socks, I say. There is nothing quite like the like the toasty feel of toes wrapped in woolly wonderousness. Nothing like looking down to see happy, colourful feet either for that matter. Thought I'd give you a sneaky look at the gorgeous yummy goodnesses that embraced my feet this last week. Here they all are hanging around, hoping to dry, after a very gentle 30 degrees wool wash, using handwash liquid and a little fabric softener. Not that they need softening, of course!

The bright orange pair at the top of the shot belong to the younger Miss Snoops. They were a gift from Josiekitten. At present they are working hard at keeping her toes toasty whilst she is at home revising for her LPC law exams in a couple of weeks time. They are an adventurous little pair of socks, having been on several United Nations missions around the world, spent time living with their keeper in Bratislava and braved the ski slopes of the Alps. They are of on their winter hols in three weeks time for another week of skiing in Courchevel. See, they get around!

I've been busy trying to get a move on with Sophie's little bolero for the wedding. I now just have the last sleeve to complete and the tricky job of sorting out the border. You have to be very careful when picking up all the stitiches, to make sure that they are very evenly spaced, otherwise you end up with a border that refuses to lie flat.

I've also cast on a stole for myself. You may remember I told you last week that I thought a stole to cover my shoulders during the evening of the wedding wouled be a good idea. It will also act as a lovely memory object.

The yarn is 'Old Maiden Aunt' hand-dyed laceweight, in a 50% alpacca 50% merino mix. It is so beautifully soft and lightweight; just perfect for the project. I think the grey is rather more blue that the phot shows. I'm making Anne Hanson's Nightingale Wing . It's a beautiful pattern that I have had my eye on for a while. The only problem will be getting it finished on time. Each row is a pattern row, so there are no purl coasters on this one! The pattern is a twenty-four row repeat that requires repeating twenty-seven times. So, as there are sixty-two days until the end of March, I really have to keep up a knitting regime of twelve rows a day. Hmm! We'll give it a go anyway. Here it is so far....

I thought I'd leave you with a couple of Oscar pics this evening. He just adores carrying his soft toys around the house, throwing them in the air and charging full pelt back and forth through the house or around the garden with them.

 Well, these two pheasants have been out of action for a couple of months due to war wounds that I had not had time to repair. Today, they got repaired! Not only did Oscar have one pheasant to play with, but a second one too. I think he thought Christmas had come again. He had an absolutely mad half an hour as he tried to carry both, run with both and throw both in the air.

By the time I had stopped laughing and grabbed my camera, he was worn out! All this after an hour and a half of running and swimming at our local water park. I think he's pretty fit! Dear Oscar!

Well that's about it for tonight. Mr Snoops has just gone for a run at the gym and then we are off to a quiz night at our local real ale pub. A lovely end to the weekend, as we catch up friends over a pint.


Kathy said...

Inca has exactly the same toys. She won't move from room to room unless she's got something to bring in with her, so our house is full of half dead toys! She won't chase them though, that would be far too energetic!
have a good week ... it's nearly half term!!!

josiekitten said...

I haven't even started knitting my stole yet!! I'm hoping it will be done at half term!! Oscar looks like he was having loads of fun! Have a good week! xx

Teje said...

Hi Ros! Sound so wonderful to meet friends at the pub! I'm happy to see Oscar and especially so much enjoying his playing!
Your knitting looks amazing light and soft! Blue is my favourite colour and I can feel that lovely soft yarn!
Have a great week! x Teje

Lynne said...

I couldn't agree more re the cosiness of socks! And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who puts them in their pairs on the clothes horse. :) Good luck with the shawl, it looks gorgeous.

bellaboo said...

Lovely to see Oscar enjoying himself.Bella's in disgrace tonight as she got hold of my CK felt house and has chewed off the chimney!
You can't beat an evening at a real ale pub.
Have a lovely week! :0)

Country Girl said...

Lovely Oscar! My dogs had the same pheasant toy - its stuffing escaped so it had to go.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The socks are great especially the ones that have traveled the world over.
I think your wrap will be spectacular.
Oscar has definitely stolen the show though he is one silly character.
Enjoy the week.
Susan x
PS - I giggle at what others find cold... it will be -18C with the windchill here tonight.

Sarah said...

Oscar looks like he is having such a good time-I can feel the happiness coming out of the photo!
Love all the socks-and fun to hear about the orange pair's adventures!

meadowsweet hare said...

such a joy to be among happy feet and wonderful wooly friends :) oscar gets more handsome every time i see him (lily thinks so too :)
am yet again taking a break from blogging but will still be dropping by to catch up with your news. i love your world❤

hugs xxx


Anna said...

Love the yarn for the stole...looks promising. Have a great week! Anna

melissa said...

oh that oscar... he steals my heart every time!

love all your socks hanging up to dry and that yarn for your stole looks completely amazing!

have yourself a good week!

kate said...

HA ha, Oscar is so cute!!

Love the socks photos. I've been wearing mine every day all winter for sure.

Have a great week.

Just BE Farm said...

Oh wow the wool socks look so warm and toasty! Love the pictures of Oscar too!! Our dear friend Vicki over at 2 Bags Full is teaching us to knit. You should visit her blog....however we suspect there is a connection there somewhere. Thanks for the warm welcome to the blogging world. Your post are so warm and inviting we will definitely be following.

~Bobby & Eric~

Just BE Farm said...

Oh and by the way....there was an additional comment from you that we accidentally deleted. It's a long story but has to do with big thumbs and little tiny IPhone screens. We did read it and sincerely appreciate it.

~Bobby & Eric~

Doodlywhatsits said...

I am always in awe of your fantastic socks! I do hope you manage to finish the shawl for the wedding, it looks beautiful so far. And thank you for posting those lovely pictures of Oscar, I miss having a dog. Soft toys covered in dog spit eh! Only a dog lover will understand :-)

Helsie said...

It seems Oscar is completely better which is great. He certainly is a funny fellow- full of personality.
Love the socks. Bet they're warm!

Jenny said...

So satisfying to have a drawer full of handknit socks, though having a huge stash of sock yarn is good too. Kemps Wool Shop have some nice Regia on offer, I'm just saying.

Tracy said...

Oooo... so many socks!! And love all that soft blue you've got on the needles now... Just love coming here for a good dose of fiber goodness...YUM! And Oscar... be still my heart, he is such a sweet lad. So much puppy in him still! Happy Days, Ros :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Sugar Hippo said...

Wonderful socks! There is nothing so gorgeous as hand knitted socks. I am currently knitting a stash of them for son no.1 to take to uni. Apparently his feet will get cold as they only have single beds and he's 6' 3"!

Lyn said...

Lovely Oscar and his pink nose!

Willow said...

Even here in warmer weather, I am knitting wool socks :)