Sunday, 19 February 2012


 That's how it feels at the moment. Half-term gone in a flash! As you can though, I have been a little more productive with my yarn and needles than of late. I have finally managed to complete Sophie's little Flower Girl bolero. I've made the pattern before and it works really well. The edging is knit separately, on nine stitches and is then sewn on. As long as the border is stretched to fit as you sew, all is well. The wedding flowers are in lilacs and blues, so hopefully the colour will be right.

 At long last I've cast on a pair of socks. Hooray!! They are Anne Hanson's Roger Socks and I'm using a skein of Alice Yu's Sokkusu Original. It's a lovely high twist yarn, just perfect for socks as it gives excellent stitch definition.

The pattern is easy to memorise and gives a very pleasing effect. Maybe these will be my wedding weekend socks. I guess not to be worn during the ceremony though!  

The wedding shawl that I began a couple of weeks ago has now been frogged, another cast on in its place and frogged, the original cast on and frogged for a second time whilst a fourth attempt now sits ready to begin, with some yarn also on its way from a Ravelry stash sale, just in case or maybe as well as!!!!!!
So, as you can see, it has not been an easy ride. I didn't feel I had time to order my preferred US yarns as there is at least one week to wait for delivery. However, I've messed around so much , chopping and changing that I may as well have gone for it in the first place. Never mind, I'm sure one or other ...... or other, or other....... will materialise in time for the big day. My latest choice sits here beside me. The pattern is the Elegance Scarf Wrap by Sharon Miller from the Rowan Lace book.  

Busy, busy, busy I must be! 

I had a really lovely weekend in Manchester last week, visiting Sophie ( and her mummy and daddy, of course!) and sharing in the elder Miss Snoops' Hen activities. These little beauties had appeared in the front garden whilst I'd been away. Such a wonderful sign!

We saw more this afternoon, as we took Oscar for a stroll around the water park. It was crisp and clear, but so good to see the sun.

The week has been spent relaxing, enjoying days out and catch-ups with special friends. Josiekitten came to visit on Thursday, bringing edible goodies........ yummy!

We could knit and natter for hours........ well actually, we did! We also save each other small amounts of sock yarn; food for our Sock Yarn Blankies, both of whom have retreated back into hibernation. It was great to see you, dear friend!

Oscar has been out and about too this week visiting the water park and the beach. He obviously can't take the pace though, as he spent many a dozy hour sleeping and dreaming. Bless him!

 All in all, it's been a great half-term! Back to school tomorrow!


bellaboo said...

Glad you've had a lovely week.Oscar looks well tired out,which means you get some peace and quiet later...yes?
Sweet bolero jacket,and lovely snowdrop pic. :0)

Sarah said...

Your week sounds good Ros! I hope you get your shawl finished to your satisfaction. Sophie's bolero looks good-lovely colour.
Ah well, another holiday over, roll on the next one!

josiekitten said...

Ha! Another shawl pattern - hope this one is 'the one'!!! It was great to see you too. I love Oscar's little heart shaped biscuits!

Anna said...

I love the cardigan, it's absolutely gorgeous! And those nature picture are sooo nice!. Have a great week. Anna

Helsie said...

Just love Sophie's cardigan. The edging really dresses it up doesn't it?
That scarf/wrap looks very pretty to me but if you've pulled it out so many times will you be really happy with it on the day. As the mother of the bride you don't want to be wearing anything you are not happy with so do it the way you really want it, even if you have to put in some long knitting hours instead of cooking dinner/cleaning the house/ washing the dishes( you get my drift !!!) to get it done in time.

Wyatt said...

Such a pretty post...colorful yarn, cookies, snowdrops and Oscar! That is a little bit of heaven there!

Wyatt, Stanzie and Mom

Teje said...

Hi Ros! You have so many beautiful things here today! Sophie's bolero is beautiful and so cute! That pattern for your shawls looks lovely - sorry that had to try many times, but sometimes it's like that. I hope you have time to make it!
What a beautiful nature you have around you - I love to see your photos!
I wish you great week and give hugs to Oscar! x Teje

Tracy said...

So many goodies for us today, Ros! Sophie's bolero is a treat--sooo very pretty! And LOVE that blue Rowan lace yarn--that will be gorgeous! So sweet to see Oscar... And what fun those sheep cookies! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Doodlywhatsits said...

Gorgeous pics and I love that baby bolero, it's so pretty.

melissa said...

your finished cardigan for sophie looks fantastic!

i'm so glad you and ms.josiekitten had a wonderful time together - i love those cookies! too cute!!

Kat Jorgensen said...

Love the pattern and the yarn you've picked for your "latest" shawl. Hope this one takes. I know the feeling, Ros. Love the bolero. So sweet.

So glad you had a great half-term. Sorry it wasn't longer.

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Those cookies sure look yummy, Oscar! The flowers are making my mom smile.

Love ya lots,

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The little sweater is delightful Ros... the colour like a breath of Spring.
How lucky you are to have Snowdrops already... weeks away here.
And as always Oscar has shared his handsome face...
Susan x

Doodlywhatsits said...

Hi there, Thank you for a lovely blog. I've just awarded you the Liebster blog award. Have a look at my blog for details. Jill x

Lynne said...

Sophie's cardigan is so pretty, and I love the start of your socks. The pattern and yarn are lovely, and it all looks very pleasing! Good luck with the shawl!

Stadtwaldvogel said...

Mmmh, these cookies look delicious! I love the little cardigan. And I hope you will mange to knit the stole in time without stress.
Yours, Julia