Sunday, 29 April 2012


Hey, don't go away, there's a giveaway!!!

What's in the bag?

So, what IS in the bag and what do YOU keep in yours? Read on to find out how you can win youself a lovely 'giveaway' prize. Well, this is my gorgeous knitting notions bag. You know, where I keep all those totally indispensible little odds and ends that are every knitting girl's 'must have' items. The bag itself is another of Michele's from 'Three Bags Full', that I've had for a while now. It's one of her 'tall mia' bags and is just the perfect shape and size. Do you want to see what's kept inside?

 Well here you have it!!!!

 The seaside tin is home to my stitch markers and wool needles for seaming. The little green and purple rubber rings are the perfect markers, especially for socks, as they stay smartly on the needle and don't get in the way. They aren't too expensive, which is just as well, as I regularly find them in all sorts of odd places. I have some dangly, beaded ones in the tin also, but use them much less frequently. You can also spot a lilac page marker; useful for stopping the pattern page that you are working on from turning unexpectedly.

The little white tape lives inside the tin.

I also have some special favourites that live in their own  little tins, inside the bag ;-)

The little metal ringed stitch markers are beautiful and also do their job perfectly. Don't you just love those cute little metal 'made with love 'plates' to sew inside special projects. I'll make sure I stitch one inside the wedding memories shawl that I'm making for my daughter!

Then there's this pretty litttle zip purse that always contains a couple of reels of thread and some fine needles, useful for attaching buttons or labels.

It's surprising how many different bits and bobs you need for a successful knitting experience!!!! There are cable needles, and stitch holders of different sizes, a plentiful supply of Brittany sock needles. I've lost countless of theses on car journeys. You've only got to loosen your grip on one ever so slightly and the little begger jumps away and disappears down into the bowels of the car-seat mechanicals i.e. down the side and into the metalwork, never to be seen or heard of again. There's nothing worse than not having a spare sock needle when you need one!

I always have a couple of pairs of scissors in the bag, some highlighter tape, for marking those complicated rows on a lace pattern as you work, a spare pen (just in case) and those little 'handmade by snoopydog' labels that I seldom use, but love to have.

A knitting session never goes smoothly if you have a rough nail or two. The yarn gets snagged; so irritating! So, I always carry a nail file and some handcream from 'TheWoolen Rabbit'. Rough hands ruin any fine yarn, creating a nasty halo of fuzz which shouldn't be there!

As you can see, I'm a girl who likes to make sure that every eventuality is suitably catered for ;-)  

I wonder what's inside your notion's bag? Or any other special bag!


Follow me (see sidebar) AND leave me a message telling me what you keep in your bag before 9pm GMT on Saturday, 5th May and you could be the lucky winner of two skeins of gorgeously coloured  Mini Mochi by Crystal Place yarns. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. Each comment will be assigned a number. Pop back next Sunday to see if you are the lucky recipient! 



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neilsnana said...

I have a bag from Bass Pro Shop, I think it is made for fishing lures and equipment. It is has ziplock containers for my circulars. Little pockets for scissors, rulers stitch markers,crochet hooks, magnetic pattern markers, counters, etc, etc,etc.

K-Koira said...

My notions bag right now is mostly full of collar hardware, including buckles, D-rings, sliders, and more. I do more sewing than any other craft, though I do crochet and felting as well, of course. Which means that, dangerously, my bag also has spare felting needles, which have barbs on them, so I try really hard to make sure they are in their case before reaching my hand in there!

josiekitten said...

In my knitting bag (not nearly as stylish as yours, my dear!!) there are scissors, stitch markers, row counters, cable needles, big eyed needles, tape measures, needle sizer, lots of dpns, odds and ends of some favourite yarns I can't bear to throw away and a couple of crochet hooks! Have a good week! xxx

Jo said...

What a lovely giveaway. You're much more organised than I. I don't even have a notions bag, more a tiny little purse with stitch markers, tape measure, sewing needles and scissors. I can't think of much else, I'm definitely not organised, am I?

Pixie said...

Oh a bag of wonderous delights.....thats my kinda bag.....and mine is full of ...scrummy yarn, bobbins, notebook, dpn's, circular needles, and odd crocheted flowers.
Pixie x

Sarah said...

Well, if crochet notions count I will tell you those! I have all sorts of organisational containers-a basket for current felting things, a bag with currently used yarn, a little box with a selection of eyes, and a beautiful old box-I think it is lacquer-but very worn, a long oval shape and hinged. It is perfect for my favourite sized hooks, darning needles, stitch markers-though I have started to use offcuts of yarn as the stitch markers fall off, scissors(the same as yours), two pebble needle containers with fine needles, a tape measure, two thimbles, little flowers and small crocheted circles for eye surrounds, a pebble and a worn piece of iron-don't know why they are in there, and the key of the box.
And yes-a hibernation weekend is always a good thing! Have a good week too!

Lynne said...

My bag is really a pencil case, and I am ashamed to say it's nowhere near as tidy as yours!! It's sitting right beside me, and in it is pencils, a pencil rubber, pens, sewing needles, cable needles, scissors, one crochet hook (that should be in the crochet hook bag!), a tape measure, odds of yarn to use as life-lines, stitch holders and random stitch markers. I think I need to organise it a bit more like yours!! :)

Pearly Queen said...

If only I could get all my current needs into one bag!
I'm currently working on a design: I have two settees, covered with balls of yarn, plus a couple of plastic buckets too. On the floor around me I have 3 plastic boxes containing sewing notions, brooch backs, buttons, cottons, perlé cotton etc. On the second settee I also have a plastic 'tackle' box of beads plus a wooden box on the windowsill, containing the same!

Can you tell I live on my own???

lorraine said...

i have a tackle box which i use for all my notions..inside is various buttons, labels with my name on them..a small calculator..stitch markers, stitch holders, various pins that i use for blocking, tapestry needles, my knit gauge, pom pom makers, tiny care instrution cards,and a set of crochet hooks.i think thats its :)

Kathy said...

Goodness, that all sounds very organised.

I have a craft bag full of pens, tools, glue, brushes, watercolours etc, etc, etc that I take with me when we go away in our caravan.
Have a lovely week ... if the rain ever stops ... we've had a week of wet playtimes, have you?
Love Kathy xxx
P.S. Don't put me into your draw, that lovely wool would be wasted on me!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

You are so organized Ros.
My bags are just little brown paper ones with paper handles that the yarn came in. Totally recyclable and unorganized. I leave the skein right in the bag and knit from there. Comes in very handy when one has two up to no good Siamese cats looking for trouble lurking about.
Have a great week.
Susan x

Linda said...


Kat Jorgensen said...

Ros, I thought I had a lot of stuff in my bag, but you beat me, I think.

I have a batik bag in blue and black that I keep all of my markers, tape measure, scissors, 6"
ruler, pen, needles (plastic and metal)cable needles (I can never have enough and I'm always losing them) and other little odd bits that end up in there from time to time. You know how that goes. : )

Kim Sonksen said...

I am so loving whats inside your bag, I feel quite inferior now - LOL
I only have my recent projects in my bag (I have two project bags), which feature the pattern, the yarn, stitch markers, one pencil, needles and a pair of scissors.

Teje said...

Thank you Ros for a lovely post! Your knitting bag is beautiful and full of cute things! I know each of them is important. If I happen to go a trip with knitting, it's usually just the wool and needles in a paper bag, but I think next time I'll take care more.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful yarns - I love those colours! x Teje

Sarah Knits said...

Your post got me thinking about project bags - I have rather a lot! Some are hand made lovelies and others are just nice paper carrier bags I have saved. Each one contains the notions I need for that project so nothing is 'all together' in one place but each project has what I will need with it. Any markers or tools that are awaiting use are usually found in my needle bag!

Hannonle said...

I don't have a separate bag as such, but when I have a project in a bag I make sure to have a couple of stitch markers including a clip on one and I keep a darning needle in there too. A pen/pancil and a little note book is a must too! And depending on the project, you might find a little tape measure hanging about as well.

Puglette said...

I am using a fabric store shopping bag, the reusable kind. It's nice and large, but has no interior pockets. However, inside I have the yarn for my current project, the Granny Stripe afghan from Attic 24 along with the in progress afghan. I also have my beautiful crochet hook holder. It's a roll up version that was sewn by a dear friend. The fabrics are bright and cheery. Like most of the other folks, I too have various bags with miscellaneous items scattered about.

I love the piggie bag you have in the post with all of the blue yarn and projects, it is very cute!
Nice to make your aquaintance,

melissa said...

your bag contents are very impressive!
i have a similar (if not smaller) collection in my notions bag. but i've started to collect a lot of mini-mini skeins of sock yarn from working on blankie. after i'm done with a square i've taken to just tossing the rest in my little bag. it's quite the rainbow!!

Wyatt said...

Even though we don't knit, we always love your work and your pictures. Happy Happy :D

Wyatt and Stanzie

Anonymous said...

The notions bag that I have with me often does not have the things I need NOW in it! That's because I don't always put things back!!! I must be more organised!

spinthrift said...

PS (that's my post up above) I didn't mean to be anonomous! I'm spinthrift.

Jenny said...

Thought I was the only one who kept a nail file in my accoutrement bag. Otherwise mine is much the same as yours plus always a standard sock pattern in case I forget and minus the pretty hand made tags.

Tracy said...

Such a LOVELY generous giveaway, Ros--so sweet of you! And very fun to have a peek inside your notions bag--so many pretty accessories you have handy. My notions bag is actually a zippered make-up bag with a sturdy plastic-y/nylon lining which keeps sharp things like scissors and things in check. I keep a small ruler, tape measure, small selection of crochet hooks and other things in this main bag. Then I have smaller matching bag for stitch markers and cable needles. Just the basics. ;o) A delight to be back after some travels and visit here. Happy Weekend ahead. ((HUGS))

Gill said...

My bag contents are broadly similar!needles, scissors,chewing gum etc etc!!
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Chicco said...

Oh gosh! I think i'm late but i don't know if i could partecipate because i live in Italy.
Well, have a nice sunday :)
Woof, woof,