Sunday, 21 October 2012


You'll find out just what's in the bag a little later! But first of all I must show you the cute little hat for Sophie that I finished off yesterday. 

I need her sweet little head to model it really, don't I!

I love the little tassels!

 The tails and noses are stitched on afterwards.

So, now she has two items from the set, guess what's in the bag!

Yep, you got it! I had to cast on the scarf straightaway, or else it won't be done in time for Christmas, or in time to keep her warm and snuggly when those winter winds begin to blow.

In the 'piggy bag' is a quick and easy knit for Sophie's little unborn brother or sister. The yarn is a new Rowan baby DK, 66% merino superwash wool and 34% tussah silk. It's gorgeously soft and comes in a range of great colours.

 I really like these very simple designs for little ones. The design has a little added interest in the shaping, as you can see towards the top of the back. I have 150g of a lovely sea-green colourway too, to knit the cover design you can see here.

It's been another manic week at school, with a county team in looking at teaching and learning, doing book trawls and talking to children about their learning. Stressful to say the least! Thank goodness for knitting, blogging, Oscardog and family and for moments like the one below.

This photo was taken on my iPhone and is exactly as it was as we walked Oscar around the lake, close to our home. The sun seems to sink remarkably quickly at this time of year. Only fifteen minutes or so earlier, Oscar had been playing in the lake.

Needless to say, he was a tired puppy last night.


Sarah said...

The hat is great. At first I thought it was a bag though. This pattern would also make a lovely bag! I have been sewing doll dresses this morning and trying not to think about work. Every year teaching just gets harder. We had our meeting about the new performance management structure recently. It just makes me feel that whatever I do is not good enough without constantly having to prove it. The kids are great but sometimes I dream of not doing it anymore! As you say, thank goodness for the other things! Hope this week is better than the last one!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Ros! I thought first also that you have knitted a bag - but is most beautiful hat! Great pattern! Sophie is going to be so sweet wearing that set!
Wow what colours on the sky! Oscar seems to enjoy his life! x Teje & Nero

josiekitten said...

Love the hat!! The scarf will complete the set perfectly! Only a week until half term thank goodness. Your term sounds like it has been tough so far. xx

busybusybeejay said...

I love the hat.I hope she doesn't lose it!Thank goodness I have retired from teaching.My daughter teaches Year 6 and I hear all about the latest things that are thought up.I was still teaching when National Curriculum came in and it has only got worse since then.Nearly half term!odureil

Lynne said...

Sophie's hat is gorgeous! Of course she needs a scarf to match! Good luck with it. :)

Mitch and Molly said...

The hat is adorable! We can't wait to see Sophie modeling it and we can't wait to see the finished scarf!

Dominique said...

The sweat and the hat are perfect for your little girl.
And what a gorgeous sunset ! I had almost the same last year in january. See at :
Good evening.

AnnaPrasad said...

Oh gorgeous. I love the hat, it looks amazing!

Lyn said...

oh so cute, yes you must get her to model it!
I wish I could knit so well.

kate said...

What a stunning sunset sky!!

The hat is so cute - she'll look adorable in it.

Hope your week is better than the last.

Tracy said...

WOW...that purple & pink sky is STUNNING, Rose... those colors...*SWOON*!! LOVELY knitting--sweet with matching Dougie scarf. And a baby hat is one of the most soothing, happy things to knit, it's it? Hope the stressful days at work will soon be passed. Happy to see Oscar, sweet lad! Happy Days ((HUGS))

melissa said...

oh my goodness i love the dougie hat!! so so adorble!!

and man, that sunset photo is breathtaking!
all your works in progress are so sweet...
what a lovely post this is!!