Sunday, 4 November 2012


 Hello there! After the wonderful escapades of last weekend, with a houseful of family, the rest of the week has been more relaxed and peaceful. Mr Snoops and I have made the most of the better weather to go out and about, with Oscar  too of course,  around our beautiful Suffolk and North Norfolk coastline, both of which are right on our doorstep. We visited Aldeburgh, which is always one of our favourite away day haunts and continued around the coast a little further, to Orford Ness. There are always stunning skies to be seen here, whatever the weather.

 I just had to take this photo in Aldeburgh. It's a lovely shop, full of all kinds of interesting things that you really don't need. Just my kind of shop! However, it was the window display that caught my eye, rather than the goods on sale inside. You see, I had a doll's pram just like this one when I was a little girl. The very same make, colour and model. I lingered for some time!

Later in the week, we headed on up to Sheringham for a walk along the seafront, before heading further on around the coast.

I always love to see all the gaily painted little boats, all ready and waiting.

Here they are re-captured in the street art along the sea wall.

Then it was on to Holkham for lunch and to give Oscar a blast on the beach!

The sunshine had all but vanished for the rest of the day, but it's always good to be out in the elements at this time of year; so many sight, sounds and smells, as Autumn takes her course.

Holkham is such a lovely, wild, unspoilt beach!

I have been filling our sunflower seed bird feeder up twice a week over the past month. Not too unusual in the Spring, but rather more so at this time of year. Last Sunday morning my suspicions were found to be correct.....

...... this cheeky chappie was caught red-handed! He's been back every day since. Goodness knows where he's stashing them all, but he's certainly not going to go hungry.

It's been so lovely to have time for woolly soul nourishment this week too, as things had all got a little too frantic at school for my liking towards the end of the last half-term.  As well as the little doll cardis for Sophie's 'my baby' doll, I also managed to finish 'Snowdrop'.

The pattern and yarn details can be found here. It's a really lovely pattern to knit and very easy to follow. The addition of luscious merino and silk yarn to work with is, of course, an essential!

The cute little rolled front edges and neck border are added afterwards, by picking up the stitches.

Little pockets add extra interest, as does the unusual stitch detailing towards the neck on the front and back, as can be seen below.

I've also started another Attic 24 blanket, for my new little granddaughter, due to arrive next March. This time it's going to be the Granny Stripe. The yarn has been ready and waiting for a few weeks now, since I spotted it in an online sale.

The colours are just gorgeous and I have to say, the Stylecraft Special DK certainly doesn't feel at all nasty to work with, even though it is acrylic. It feels beautifully soft and has a certain 'body' to it as well, which gives it much more of a wool feel.

I have to say, so far, I'm delighted with it and the array of gorgeous colours just makes the heart skip!

I want the blanket to be single bed size by the time it's edged, and so I started with a chain of 219 stitches. Any number of chains will work, but needs to be a multiple of 3.

I've not got too far yet, but oh the joy of knowing this little beauty will be ready and waiting for me for a good long time to come. Hopefully, there will be more stripey goodness to show you next time. For now though, my schoolwork needs to be done!


Willow said...

Those baby doll cardis are adorable. I want to knit a larger one for a real baby, too.
Hmmm, that little white sweater may be the better choice though for a new little one friends are adopting.
LOVE the beach photos. I will never get too much beach.

K-Koira said...

Looks like a great day to go walk around town and enjoy the beach.

busybusybeejay said...

Stylecraft wool is great for crochet projects and it comes in such a range of colours.Was it an online sale?That cardi is lovely.

Lynne said...

What lovely photographs, and the little cardigan is gorgeous. I like the roled neck and the shaping at the front.

Wyatt said...

What terrific weather you had for your visit to the seaside. You always take such lovely's almost like being there.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Ros, your post is full of lovely things! Great photos with the boats and from the beach. that white cardigan is so beautiful and I love those rolled edges! How hard we used to avoid them rolling and now I really like that! And the balnket - wow, with all those colours it's going to be fantastic! Have a great week! x Teje

kate said...

I completely agree that getting out in the Autumn is such a treat, no matter the weather.

Those colours are very cheerful, perfect winter yarn!

melissa said...

tee hee i love that cheeky squirrel! :)

i'm glad you enjoyed your break! such gorgeous photos - love all those multicolored boats!

the little white sweater is absolutely precious, great job!

Tracy said...

Those sea view are DAZZLING, Ros! The snowdrop jacket is adorable... so sweet! I like the simplicity of styling for this. And the Granny Stripe blankie is going to be FAB--love those colors! Happy Hooking :o) ((HUGS))

Mitch and Molly said...

The little cardi is so cute!
My mom used to have a pram when we kids were small and I have a miniature that looks just like that one in the shop window. They're so beautiful and classy!