Sunday, 7 April 2013

........ AND RELAX!

Hello there! Phew! After the whirlwind combination of the end of term and little Jessica's arrival, we are now relaxing in our regular cottage hideaway in north Yorkshire. As you can see, Spring is slowly beginning to appear up here and we have felt the sun's lukewarm rays; so life affirming after weeks of snow, ice and dull winter coldness.

We had quite an eventful trip up here on Friday, as Mr Snoops absentmindedly began to fill up the tank with unleaded rather than diesel. This led to a two hour delay in our journey, as we had to be taken by breakdown truck to  a recovery depot for the tank to be drained!!! He was not the most popular!

The lengthy journey did give me time to complete 'Potter', the cute little romper for baby Jessica. It's from the Rowan 'Just Baby' book. I realised that if I didn't get a move on, it wouldn't fit her!! I used the suggested yarn; Rowan baby merino silk DK. It's very soft and great to knit with.

Hope she likes it!

From the same book, I've cast on 'Dahl', a pretty little girly sweater for Sophie, so she's not feeling left out. She is a great fan of pink in all it's varieties and I promised her I'd knit a PINK one!

The plan is to try to finish this before we arrive home on Friday. Watch this space to see if I succeed. I may find time to post a few finished (well almost) kitchen pics too.


Kathy said...

Poor Mr Snoops. I've done that too. Apart from the embarrassment it's a very expensive mistake to make!
Enjoy the rest of your week xxx

josiekitten said...

Oops! Poor you! Sorry about the fuel disaster! Glad you are finally able to relax and enjoy some knitting time! Have a great week. xx

Jennyff said...

Liking the romper suit, gorgeous, and glad you saw the positive side of a longer journey. Lovely to have two little girls to know for isn't it, you can never have too much pink yarn.

Sarah said...

That little suit is gorgeous! I can tell how soft it is even from the photo.
I often worry about putting diesel in my car and make myself stop and check each time I fill up. At least it got sorted out and extra knitting time cannot be sniffed at.
Hope you have a relaxing rest of the holidays!

Mitch and Molly said...

The romper is just adorable and your flowers are so pretty!

Wyatt said...

Jessica will love the romper, it's adorable. Have a wonderful holiday and glad your car survived the mistake. You will laugh about it later...much later...:)

Wyatt's mom

kate said...

Love the romper.

Have a wonderful relaxing week. We've just finished our break, it was much needed, as I know yours is too!

Teje Karjalainen said...

I wish you wonderful week, Ros! I love also that pink of Sophie's! Romper is very cute and reminds me something I knitted long time ago. x Teje

Tracy said...

So easily done, the petrol thing... and it usually happens when one is on a break or holiday, doesn't it?! LOL... The romper for Jessica is LOVELY, Ros. The soft colors and color block is sweet... And color block is "in" this season. ;o) Enjoy your break. Happy Days ((HUGS))

kristieinbc said...

I just found your blog and am so glad I did! That baby romper is adorable! My first grandchild is due in July, and is a girl. I would love to knit this for her.

melissa said...

oh no! poor mr. snoops!
but, being a knitter - you seemed to have put the delay to good use!
love the romper!!