Sunday, 21 July 2013


I'm sorry I missed you last weekend. We spent the weekend with Sophie and Jess, having paddling pool and park walks fun and didn't arrive home until late on Sunday evening. But, I've found a little breathing space to drop in today. 

HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! There are only four more sleeps until school is out for the summer. I CAN NOT WAIT! It feels as though this term has gone on and on and on for sooo long. It's not that I don't enjoy being a teacher, because I do. I LOVE it! It's just that there always has to be so much extra 'stuff' to be getting done, all the time. As soon as one list is ticked off, another has already been written. It's always worse towards the end of the summer term, as there are so many ends to tie up and information to be passed on. Still, we are almost there.

There has way too little knitting going on here of late. As soon as the hols begin that will be quickly rectified, have no fear. I have been doing a very little mindless blanket knitting most evenings, but not enough to make a big impression. As you can see, the blanket for my eldest daughter's baby, due at the beginning of 2014 is well under way. It's just over half way and I'm loving the colour mix. Hopefully, it will be suitable for a baby girl or boy, as I don't think we will know before the birth. 

I'm off to Fibre East next Sunday with Josiekitten and I'm so looking forward to it. There hasn't been a friend and fibre related road trip for a while now, with no Knit Nation happening and not a great deal else happening in our little corner of the world. So, hold your breath and expect a fun-filled, fibre packed post next time ( probably not my usual Sunday, but Monday instead). 

I'll leave you with one of Mr Snoops' gems from the allotment....... a pair of Siamese marrows! They tasted just great, stuffed with tomatoes, onion, garlic and celery and topped with cheesy breadcrumbs. 

You could say we got two for the price of one :-)! 


josiekitten said...

Really looking forward to next weekend!! Love the blanket, but don't envy you all those ends!!

Jennyff said...

Bit hot here for knitting, you must be melting under that blanket lovely as it is. Have a good short week and then relax.

Wyatt said...

Tis the season for wonderful summer squash. Courgettes, Zucchini...everynight fritters, casseroles, grilled and cupcakes!
Thank goodness for all the wonderful recipes on Pintrest!

Wyatt's mom

Kathy said...

Four more sleeps .... I thought we were the only ones still working. We finish on Wednesday, but our other local authorities have already broken up. Hope it goes really fast!
Kathy x

Tracy said...

Fun to hear abour your summer fun, Ros... and see the knit blanket progressing... and not least the AMAZING Siamese Marrow! Looking forward to your take on the fiber event! Thanks for stopping by my new blog-place--great to see you! ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

That blanket is looking good. The colours have a pretty retro feel to them. We don't finish till Wednesday either! I have almost done the last bit of the last big job with two days to go-whoohoo! Hope you enjoy your fiber trip. Roll on Thursday!

melissa said...

i too am loving the color combo on your blanket! gorgeous!!

and you know, spending time with the grandkids should always trump blog posts :) especially when you show up later with such an adorable photo! she's getting so grown up!

have fun with the kitten this weekend! and hooray for the end of the term!!

bellaboo said...

Belated 'Happy Birthday' to you!
I know that end of the Summer term feeling well,having been a teacher myself.I hope you have a wonderful holiday,enjoy spending time with the family and LOTS of knitting of course!

Bellaboo XX