Monday, 5 August 2013


Hello there! Sorry to have missed you at the weekend. As you can see, I was elsewhere. The younger Miss Snoops was moving from Balham to Islington, so 'Mum' came to the rescue to help transport her 'stuff' across London and  sneak in a weekend of fun!!!

Islington is just bustling with life; outdoor eating, great shopping experiences, fab restaurants and amazing bakeries. I just LOVE it! Once we had dealt with the 'moving', we set out about exploring her new surroundings. As you can see, we made the most of it!

Saturday afternoon was spent close to home around Upper Street.  Our mooching had to include a trip to Loop of course,  situated very conveniently, in Camden Passage ( as seen above). How considerate of Miss Snoops to relocate herself five minutes away from a great yarn shop!!! For some reason, my photos of the store were black!!!!

However, I did make a small purchase; a couple of skeins of Quince and Co. 'Sparrow'. It's a beautiful organic linen, which softens and drapes with repeated washing. It will make pretty dresses for my 'girl bunnies' that are all set to be cast on when I return from holiday, in a couple of weeks time.

Above is a skein of 'nannyberry' colour way and below is 'truffle'.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at Ottelenghi, in Islington. It was FANTASTIC!!! Such beautiful flavour combinations! The portions are all starter size and you order four or five to share between two. That's great for me, for whom the grass is always greener.  I always wish I'd ordered what someone else has! This way you get taste everything.

On Sunday, we strolled at a leisurely pace for hours around London, taking in the sights and enjoying each other's company.

We packed so much in. I love weekends like that!

I also need to show you the 'spoils' of my trip to Fibre-East. I was very restrained, as I knew there some yarny bits and bobs that I was already planning to buy online, ready for a couple of new, exciting projects, that I'll tell you more about another time. I don't have much fibre as yet, as I never manage anywhere near enough time at my spinning wheel and so need lots more practice, before letting myself loose on lovely stuff, so I had already decided to make just two or three fibre purchases to enthuse me! So, here's my mini-haul!

This was a cute crocheted necklace kit. The pattern is gorgeous, so hopefully I'll be making many of these as pressies!!!

 Last up, a teeny tiny small needle sizer..... just too sweet to leave ;-) and some pretty buttons for a sweet little girl's jumper or cardi. Not bad eh?

We're up in Yorkshire now for a couple of weeks, with our family dropping in and out at various times. I'll try and keep in touch with some 'out and about' pics and hopefully some finished knitting. I've brought three 'to be finished' projects with me and a new one. At least two of those needing finishing have to be completed, before I can start the new one.

See you soon!


josiekitten said...

Looks like you had a completely fabulous weekend in London. I am going to have to try Ottolenghi when I next visit Loop!! Have a great time in Pickering. xx

Pearly Queen said...

Wandered all round my house looking for the little bell ringing and found it was the wind chime on your blog!


melissa said...

all i can say is: oh wow!
what a wonderful wonderful weekend!
now i wish i lived in islington too!

Jenny said...

What a great girlie weekend with some wonderful purchases. My friend cooked us a dinner from an Ottolenghi recipe recently, it was delicious so I can imagine how your meal was. We are just back from a weekend near Malton with my family, I left everything in the area ready for you to have a great time.

kate said...

Oh that food looks amazing! We have such fond memories of London, even if it was 18 years ago!

sajuki said...

Great !
Greetings from Poland :)


Tracy said...

LONDON... oh, my heart home! :o) Nothing like a London Weekend. Hope Miss Snoop will be happy in her new location. I missed getting to Loop last time in London...must do another trip. ;o) SCRUMPTIOUS fiber purchases...*swoon*... Happy Days, Ros ((HUGS))

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Ros! I'm happy to hear your had so wonderful time in London! I would love to spend there days and days! I have great memories being there looooong time ago with my mother and then I little bit less looooong time ago just one day when returning from my sister's wedding. All your shoppings look beautiful! Come autumn so we can start to knit! x Teje

Elthan Marcotte said...

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Elthan Marcotte said...

Nice. These cuisine images are looking great.