Monday, 21 April 2014


We've been spending the second week of the Easter holidays with two of our children and their families, in Chorlton. It's been lots of fun! Mr Snoops and I took Sophie on a tram ride into central Manchester, to visit theManchester Art Gallery. Our elder daughter joined us with little Evie. She slept most of the time!

We enjoyed Joana Vasconcelos's exhibition, 'Time Machine'. She is an internationally renowned  Portuguese artist. Many of the exhibits to be seen hanging here there and everywhere had a 'woolly' origin. 

 Sophie loved looking at the large-scale exhibits............ especially the 'pink feather helicopter'. She took photos! It's the artist's vision of how Marie Antoinette might have travelled, had she been alive today. Sophie thought a princess would like to travel in it.

The inside of the car is stuffed full of soft toys; many dangling from the roof. They periodically move and squeak.

These flower-like structures are made from............ steam irons!!!!! The irons open, close and steam, creating the illusion of a humid flower garden. Sophie was mesmerised and decided to tell the flowers a story, to encourage them to open their petals and steeeaaaammmmmm!

 The knitted, crocheted and embellished pieces were a feast of colour for the senses and different pieces popped up all ove the gallery, often when you least expected them.

LOVE this!!!


Here's Sophie's exhibit, created in the children's area. Pretty good, I'd say. Maybe an installation artist of the future!


Sarah said...

Weird and wonderful! Looks like a great exhibition. Especially the pink helicopter. Have a good week back at work!

Mitch and Molly said...

Sophie's exhibit is wonderful! We love the pink feathered helicopter!

josiekitten said...

That looks like such a fun exhibition! I love how seriously Sophie is taking her photographs!

melissa said...

wow! what an amazing exhibit!