Monday, 28 July 2014


Come feast your eyes on these little beauties. Aren't they just perfectly delicious? Well, read on as they are just a taster for the wonders of Fibre East that are to come. Josiekitten and I had a fabulous day there yesterday. We always have a fun day out when we get together and plenty of yarn, sunshine and catching up to be done made sure the day was just perfect. 

The five 50g skeins are from the Natural Dye Studio, one of my favourite UK dyers. Amanda's yarns are all dyed using historical natural dyes, with wonderful colours being produced. I bought the kit to crochet the very pretty Plankton Scarf that you can see illustrated in the two photos below. Sorry, the 'fab five'  are looking way too dark in the shady photo below!

The making of this little beauty will be a massive challenge, as my crocheting skills are not as 'brilliant' as my knitting ones! It's good to broaden your skills and the summer holidays seemed like the perfect time to get grips with a new, tricky project.

Here you can see the complete spoils for the day. I made very discerning purchases, I have to say, as the choice of vendors was vast. I have total love for everything I bought!

The skeins below caught my eye; gorgeous yarn, fabulous colours and expert dyeing. The top yarn is 'Dandy' from the boys at Easyknits; another of my favourites. It's 100% Blue Faced Leicester and the colour way is Grape Crush. It will become a lightweight scarf or socks!

Second down from the top is a skein of yummy 60% merino, 20% yak, 20% silk in 'deep violet' SOCK 4ply by Debonnaire; not a dyer I have used before, but the yarn looks and feels just gorgeous.

Next down is the very pretty skein of Twisted MN in colour way Lavender Fields. It's an 80%, merino, 20% nylon mix which is definitely destined to become socks, as the nylon does make them very hardwearing. Sometimes though, yarn love overrides sense, as in the case of the beautiful Easyknits skein that I just know will become socks 'from the heart'! The Twiste MN is from 'Whimzy', home of the fabulous Sokkusu yarns (another favourite).

Last, but definitely not least, is the wonderful skein of Natural Dye Studio (again) Dazzling 4 ply. It's the most dazzling yarn you could ever wish to meet; a mix of 55% Blue Faced Leicester and 45% silk, so incredibly soft. The Haddan River colour way is to 'dye' for! This was almost certainly become a small scarf.

GREAT YARN LOVE!!!!!! Then there's a little bit of doggy love thrown in too. See that cute little sausage dog kit. The kit is by Sue Stratford and contains everything you need to make the 'mini sausage dog in a box' keyring. Cute eh? I could see great potential for grandkid stocking fillers, minus the keychain.

I fell in love with pretty little buttons too, which will liven up a solid colour Evie jumper. I just couldn't resist the gorgeously crafted crochet hook in a perfect size 3, all ready to begin the Plankton Scarf project. The other plainer, but still pretty hook is a back-up! ;-)

So, not a bad haul. We did make two complete circuits in order to sniff out the most desirable and purchase-worthy goodies. I think I succeeded admirably!

Think I'll leave you with a photographic wander around Fibre East 2014 ........ ENJOY!


melissa said...

oh wow! what a feast for the eyes!!
so glad you and the kitten had such a fabulous time!

Anna Prasad said...

What absolutely scruptious yarns...some gorgeous colours. Anna

josiekitten said...

What a great day we had! Cannot wait to start knitting some of the beautiful yarns! xx

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Ros! Thank you for these beautiful photos! I wish I could have been there ... or then not (how you can ever choose to what to buy)! Hugs! x Teje

Mitch and Molly said...

What fun! Love the fancy crochet hook and beautiful little buttons!

Tracy said...

*BIG SWOON*... If it's possible to expire in a great way over fiber, then I think that's happening to me right now... LOL! What FIBER-LICIOUSNESS!! Such gorgeous colors and variety... *sigh*... We simply don't have events like that here. Although, maybe that's not a bad thing, as I'd go completely overboard on too many purchases... LOL! Thanks for taking us along, Ros--this was a HUGE treat to see! :o) ((HUGS))

Wyatt said...

Oh, the possibilities!
Color Color Color!