Sunday, 24 August 2014


I guess boys have to do what boys have to do! But come on Oscar, you're spoiling the shot!!! We've been making the most of the sunshine and the last weeks of holiday. Our north Norfolk coastline would be hard to be beat, in my humble opinion...... wide skies, endless sand and amazing nature. What more could you ask for on a late August afternoon?

When we reach the boardwalk at Holkham, Oscar knows just where to go. He adores the sea and the wide, endless stretches of sand.

There's always time back at the boardwalk for a little bit of cool down time and often some digging, but not today.

One last look before we go!

We stop off on the way back at Morston Quay for a coffee, fresh cockles and deliciously scrummy crab sandwiches. Seaside Heaven!

Then it's on to Wells - next - the - Sea for another walk along the long harbour wall; right to the very end for a stop off at the ice-cream shop. Who we do we stop for? Well, yes, I love ice -cream, but not nearly as much as Oscar.

It's a very pretty little harbour.

Such a beautiful day!

Yesterday, we set off or Whitlingham Broad. It's only about a five minute drive from home and the perfect place for Oscar to run and swim.

It was early evening and despite driving there through pouring rain, by the time we arrived and sat for just a few minutes in the car, that lucky rainbow made way for glorious sunshine!

The storm had well and truly passed!


Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! I loved visiting North Norfolk-though a long time ago now. I am glad you had such a lovely time!

Helsie said...

Haven't been to Norfolk but it is on my list for next time we visit the UK.

melissa said...

beautiful photos! what a wonderful outing - thanks for taking us along!!

josiekitten said...

Love those socks!! Your photos are making me want to take a trip to Wells and Holkham again. Enjoy the last days of 'freedom'!! xx