Sunday, 1 February 2015


Josiekitten and I didn't have a 'quiet moment' during the Christmas break to 'oooh and ahh' over our respective Christmas offerings to each other. No, the rest of the family really wouldn't 'get it'! So, Christmas came again a couple of weekends ago!  We spent a really lovely evening with Mr and Mrs Josiekitten, enjoying Mr Snoops culinary delights and then exchanging  woolly gifts.

What better delights could a girl wish for! The gorgeous 'Opulence Sock' self-striping yarn is from the American dyer 'KnitCircus'. It's 8o% merino and10% cashmere, with 10% nylon mixed for sock strength. It is fabulously soft and and scrummy and makes for pretty addictive knitting. As you can see, I didn't wait long to cast on!

The 'Three Bags Full' Russian doll's Tall Mia bag is beautiful with it's pretty complimentary lining fabric. I LOVE it! The cute little sausage dog will have to come out of his box pretty soon too; a fun knit! Last, but definitely not least, is the sweetest little sparkly cat stitch marker EVER!!! Way too lovely to use! ;-)

I made the normally 7inch leg an extra inch long, in the hope of arriving at solid green by the time I reached the toe. Unfortunately, my feet are not big enough! :-)

I'm just loving these softly shaded, snuggly stripes!

Look at the fab Project Bag too (yes, I know it's not a good yarn match); another from Michele at 'Three Bags Full'. Believe it to believe it not, this was  Christmas gift from my son (completely unprompted too, I'll have you know!)

I have already made use of my new little Russian dolls. Having frogged the 'Gabriola' socks that I had begun with this yarn once I realised there was no strengthening nylon content, so completely unsuitable for socks, I have now cast on again. This time it's Anne Hanson's 'Crooked Little Scarf' . There's not been much progress yet, but there are only so many available knitting minutes in a day! This week, that's been very few!!!!

Loving the yarn/bag colour match though!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Beautiful yarn goodies, Ros! And your matching Project bags are so cute! Have a lovely week and good February! x Teje

josiekitten said...

Love those socks, of course I had to buy some yarn for me too!! So I will have to cast mine on. The yarn bag match is fab! xx

Lyn said...

I'm loving the colours of those yarns!

Mitch and Molly said...

We love the socks! They sure look nice and warm for snowy days!

Jenny said...

Lovely gifts as one would expect from a fellow knitter, but my those socks are just gorgeous. I imagine they were fun to to knit unless you just went so fast to see how they turned out that there were over to soon. It can happen.

Willow said...

I *heart* that purple yarn! It will make a great scarf.
I scrolled down and saw your sock yarn mitered square blankie. As I type, mine is behind me on my chair. I love mine!!

Anna Prasad said...

What lovely gifts! Those socks are fabulous! Have a great week! Anna