Sunday, 13 September 2015


The seventh stage of the Tour of Britain passed through Norwich yesterday and Old Snoops and I went along to cheer them on. There were well over one hundred riders and almost as many (or so it seemed)  police motor cyclists leading the way and checking the toads were clear.

Although they had all passed by within a couple of minutes, it was all very exciting. I have to say I was amazed at the speed they were able to travel at, especially as they were cycling uphill and having to negotiate speed calming humps along the way.

Along with a 'Food and Drink' festival, there was also a wonderful exhibition of early cycles from the 1800s. They had all been beautifully maintained and were in working order. Amongst the collection, was a Penny Farthing, a front pedalling bike and a racing bike used in the  first cycling race back in 1868. It had wooden wheels with iron tyres.

It was interesting to see two early front cycle lights. The earliest used a candle, followed by gas power.  As you can see from the above photos, saddles were being experimented with! The brown leather model above had an 'air passage' to allow ladies' bottoms to be kept cool under their layers of petticoats. The white mesh saddle is reputed to be the most comfortable bike seat ever made. The springs allowed the seat to tilt as the rider cycled around corners. Fascinating!

Needless to say.......... it's been a knitting less week! This week is likely to prove similar, as we are expecting an OFSTED visit any day. The inspection will certainly have taken place by half-term and then, hopefully, normal knitting service will be resumed. Throw into the mix the fact that the younger Miss Snoops has finally completed on her first home; a two-bed flat in London and will require Mummy's services to transport some of her 'clutter' .... sorry, I mean belongings, that have been hibernating here for  quite a while, my next few weekends could become even busier!  Roll on half-term! ;-)


josiekitten said...

I watched the Tour too as they whizzed past the end of the road! Hope OFSTED hurry up so your life can get back to normal! xxx

busybusybeejay said...

The Tour of Britain went past our house last Sunday here in North Wales.I,also,couldn't get over how many police motor cycles there were.It seem a bit OTT!Hope OFSTED goes well.

Sarah said...

We watched the Tour de France go through Greenwich a number of years ago. As you say they all go by so fast! The bike exhibition looks good. I feel for you with Ofsted looming. The school I am working at this half term are also expecting them any time and have been for the last year. I am not as worried as I was in my previous school as I am only there for six weeks more, but at the same time I don't want to let the side down! Oh well, such is school life! Have a great week. X

Mitch and Molly said...

Love the antique bikes☺

Willow said...

My hubby and I agree--we love to bike but don't want to race--too fast and too scary.
But the old bicycles are fun to see.

kate said...

Cool bikes, both old and modern!
Good luck on the inspections and the moving :)