Sunday, 3 January 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where did that one go? Just before the family arrived and the festivities began, I just had time to complete these deliciously soft and snuggly 'Roger' socks, using 'tough love sock' from Sweet Georgia yarns. I love the colour and the pattern has to be up thee amongst my favourite sock patterns. There is enough detail to make them an interesting knit, but not so much that you are unable to memorise the rows. These will get top of the drawer usage, I'm sure!

In no time at all it seems, Christmas has been and gone, as has the New Year and it's celebrations. Family too have been and gone, with the last one leaving for London this morning. It's quiet here and tidy, with everything in it's place. There are no pens without lids on waiting to make their mark on the walls or furniture, no food particles lurking under tables and chairs, no screams of delight or frustration from the little people as tiredness takes its toll. It's just very quiet! There is a bit of knitting time now and a little room to reclaim my bloggy space and catch up with kitty friends; all before the dreaded S word and all that it entails invades once again. Yes, the Spring term begins tomorrow.

That said, it's been fun. We've survived, the ten of us plus two dogs, through the two week break, with plenty of outings, game playing, good food, fun and laughter. Santa brought some woolly surprises from Josiekitten and we enjoyed a lovely catch up over coffee and Christmas cake.

The younger Miss Snoops stayed for ten days. It was lovely to spend a bit longer with her than just a weekend. We took a picnic to Holkham beach a couple of times, including New Year's Day. It has to be one of the best beaches ever! Oscar thinks so anyway!

Look at my gorgeous Christmas goodies from my dear pal. Think I was just a little bit spoilt! The yarns are to die for and before she had driven to the end of the road, I had cast on!
The yarn is Twinkle Gobstopper from Easyknits. It so wonderfully soft to work with. Love it!
The second skein is from Hedgehog fibres. Another lush pair of socks will soon be flying off the needles, as it sits ready and waiting. No stash bin for this little beauty!

Believe it or believe it not there has been yet another cast-on chez Snoop's. I know 2015 was a rather a lean knitting year by Snoopydog's standards, but this year sees me raring to get back into the race.
The elder Ms Snoops requested a pair of 'plain ribbed red socks', so without any further ado, a very nice poppy red skein of Sweet Georgia's 'tough love sock' was wound and cast on. They have made a great pair of travelling socks on our beach excursions.

Did you spy that cute 'Three Bags Full' project bag, with the sweet little dogs wearing their red neckerchiefs? You did? Good! It was part of my Christmas goodie parcel from Josiekitten. Love it!

If the needles keep smoking as they have been, these little beauties will be ready to parcel up and send off very soon.


Jennyff said...

Before she'd driven to the end of the road I'd cast on - sounds like the perfect start to a great year and made me smile. Have a good one.

Anna Prasad said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! Sounds like you had a thoroughly enjoyable time! I love all your socks, I finally made myself a pair again, my first in 19 years! Yours make me want to start another one. Good luck tomorrow, we start back on Thursday. X Anna

josiekitten said...

I love those stripy socks, and would you believe, this was one of those occasions when it WASN'T 'one for Snoops, one for me'!!!!!! Big mistake! It was so good to catch up with you last week. Looking forward to our next get together! Have a good week! xx

Willow said...

I detect a constant sock production line at your house.
Mason-Dixon has a coloring book????
Happy New Year of knitting to you!

Clicky Needles said...

Love that yarn Snoopydog. Aargh back to school, oh well half term soon ;-).
Happy New Year.

busybusybeejay said...

I have made a note of all those yarns.I can a big spend approaching!Glad you had a lovely time with the family.It's great to have the family around but nice to get back to a tidy house.Special times.

Teje said...

Hi Ros and Oscar and Happy New Year! So great to hear that you had wonderful time with the family and on the beach! Gorgeus yarns in deed - what could be better present! Hugs from Teje and Nero

Lyn said...

Happy New Year to you too!
It was lovely to catch up with you and your Christmas Celebrations xxx

Mitch and Molly said...

You sure do look happy on your beach, Oscar! Such gorgeous socks♥

Tracy said...

Hi, Roz! Slowly emerging from jet lag fog and Christmas glow... Great to catch up with you here! I'm wondering where the old year went, and amazed we're turned to a new week, a new year...GORGEOUS socks! And scrumptious knit goodies your received... LOVE that knitty coloring book!! I like all the happy color books for us grown ups that are everywhere now. Looking forward to sharing another creative year with you here. I have my crochet hook ready and will begin a little cardi for a young niece--HOT PINK! ;) Wishing you & yours all the VERY best in 2016 and more! ((HUGS))

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

How vibrantly wonderful. Love the colours you're working with and all your enthusiasm...
That silly Oscar seems to have enjoyed his romp along the shore too. He'll be dropping sand particles from his webbed feet for days! Ha!
Now that Winter has set in there should be more time for creativity. Enjoy.
Susan x

claire said...

What wonderful goodies you have to start the new year with! I'm excited to see all your new creations. The socks are gorgeous, I love that sweet georgia yarn- isn't it scrumptious?! The pictures of Oscar on the beach are glorious- a wonderful way to star the year!

kathy b said...

How did i miss that COLORING BOOK? I must get myself one!
Fun blog. Found you on Ravelry blog

Your socks are beautiful