Sunday, 26 June 2016


It's been a busy week, as usual, chez Snoops' and the weekend has also vanished before I had really noticed that it had even started! Yesterday morning dawned warm and sunny, so I accompanied Mr Snoops to the Park Run. He ran, I watched!!! I love waiting in this spot, with Oscar too of course, as you can watch all the runners pass over the bridge three times in all. It's also a really great sun trap in the early morning.

I have three current projects on the go, apart from two blankets which will be ongoing for ever and a day. I am itching with startitis at present, but have so far managed to curb the compulsion until these three project bags are EMPTY! That means rather a lot of knitting needing to be done.

I'm loving this Regia sock yarn and have managed to work the heel using Magic Loop this time. For the first pair I made using this method, I switched to DPNs for the heel. Not sure why, as it's pretty easy to manage on the loop. The rest of the foot will be in the navy blue. Cute!

These Helen socks have been hanging around for way too long. I love the pattern and I love the yarn, so I just need to pay them some attention!

This little beauty is getting most of the attention at present. It's a reading, pretty straightforward knit; just perfect for school nights, when my brain is tired! As it's in 4ply, progress is quite slow, but the back is almost finished and that's enough to spur me on.

Don't expect to call back next week and find I've managed to empty those bags. That would be nothing short of miraculous, although after the awful week in British politics that has had to be endured I feel like I need to book myself in to a knitting retreat for a week!

We're not great gardeners, but with the large amounts of sunshine followed by plenty of rain last week, everything seems to be doing pretty well. All except the poor roses, that had come into magnificent bloom just as the storms arrived to decimate them. I know there'll be more!

That's about it from my little corner of Bogland. See you next week! 


Anna Prasad said...

Those socks look lovely and the other two projects do too. Your garden is gorgeous, I love all the flowers. Oh yes, a knitting retreat sounds like the perfect antidote to the terrible news from last week. Wishing you a great week! Anna

josiekitten said...

I love those stripy socks and am looking forward to seeing the jumper in person! Not too ong before you'll have more knitting time! Have a good week! xx

Wyatt said...

Love the way your yarn flows, like an extension from the garden!

♥♥ Wyatt and Family

Molly and Mackie said...

Love your socks and the beautiful flowers and the water lilies♥

Jenny said...

A few garden withdrawal symptoms going on here, yours looks lovely.