Monday, 15 August 2016

SHOW DAY......

Well, we've just returned from a really lovely couple of weeks up in North Yorkshire, with lots of family time and fun with the grandchildren. There really wasn't that much knitting time to be had, but I did spend a frantic couple of days finishing off an entry for one of the local country shows. 

We've had a great day out at the Thornton-le-Dale Show for the last two years and I've loved seeing all the entries in the craft tent, so this year it was time to support the cause with Bunny Girl (Knitted Toy),   Little Flower Coat (Knitted Matinee Jacket)  and Rainbow Marley Hat (Any Other Baby Item).

 As you can see from the photo below, the Marley Hat looked just a little out of place amongst the other traditional baby items :-) :-)! Needless to say, it wasn't placed, but baby Isaac has been a very grateful recipient of it.

 My Matinee Jacket was not placed either, although I thought it looked pretty good amongst the entries. It was a fun knit though and will make a useful gift for someone's newborn at some point, although I have to say, I'd not knitted a matinee jacket since my own three were babies. In fact, the pattern I used was the first one I completed when expecting my son ( my first born).

 Then, of course, there was Bunny Girl! I LOVE her! She looked a little lost and alone as I left her sitting on the white tablecloth, beside the many much grander and larger toys.

On our return during the afternoon, I have to admit to being very excited to see that Bunny Girl was proudly sitting on a blue Second Place card! WooHoo! All credit must be given to the winner, which was the lovely large brown bear sitting next but one to her in the photo above.

Yes, I'll take that! Well done Bunny Girl!

I'm off to Provence next weekend, so may or may not see you for a week or two, although I still haven't shown you my small, carefully chosen, purchases from Fibre, so I'll try to pop in again before I go.


Molly and Mackie said...

We love every single one of your beautiful knitted items! They are all just gorgeous! Congratulations to BunnyGirl for placing second! She is so adorable☺

busybusybeejay said...

I think the hat was a winner.Loved it!Enjoy Provence (says she sighing with envy)

Kathy said...

I LOVE the rainbow hat ..... so much more fun than boring pastels! And the bunny is adorable.
Have a wonderful time in France. Is Oscar going along?
We're heading off to Provence ourselves on Monday. Inca has her pet passport ready x

Lynne said...

Well done! The little bunny is gorgeous!

Lyn said...

congratulations, and she is a cutie! xxx

Dani Campoy said...

Very nice! HEre is our blog, hope you like and follow it :D :D

josiekitten said...

Glad that Bunny Girl did so well!! She is so cute!