Sunday, 30 April 2017

BUSY, BUSY.........

Well hello there. I seem to have been absent without leave for the last couple of weeks. Easter passed  by in a happy blur of Easter egg hunts, basket making, windy beach walking and little people! Knitting didn't really get a look in, so it was a good thing that this gorgeous little cardigan had it's last end sewn in just the very evening before everybody began arriving home.

I had bought the lovely Rowan merino silk yarn last summer in the JL sale, with the plan in mind to make Evie a cardi. Time passed and I realised that if I didn't hurry up and get going on it there wouldn't be sufficient yarn to knit the size she would need. So, just in time and all yarn used, job done!

The pattern is one I've used several times before from Rowan's 'Just Baby' book. I'm a great fan of simple designs and the little rolled collar and edges on this just make my heart sing.

Needless to say, little Evie looked super cute wearing it and loved the colour. It looked great with her blue jeans. 

Last weekend I spent time with the younger Miss Snoops at her flat in London. Amidst all that has gone on over the last couple of months, she has still managed to keep her running going and proudly took up her place on the start line for the 2017 London Marathon. Although she has run several half marathons along with some 5Ks and 10Ks, this was her first full marathon. She finished on top form in a very respectable time of 4hrs 27mins. Of course, being the younger Miss Snoops she now realises she could have made even better time (although she wouldn't have had such a fun time stopping to greet friends, FaceTime her Mama and soak up the wonderful atmosphere etc.) and has already put her entry in for the next one; 'encouraged' by her Runner Bean brother! So, so proud of her!

Oscar enjoyed his walks in Telegraph Hill park and his Mamma enjoyed the stunning views of the City of London.

So, this week has required some '..... and relax' time in the evenings! 

This yummy bundle of Stylecraft Special DK arrived to begin making a blanket for Evie's little brother Isaac. In the wink of an eye he has gone from being a tiny newborn to an almost walking almost one year old and he STILL doesn't own one of Grandma's special blankets! The colour choices were his mum's and now they've arrived neither she nor I are 100% happy with the mix. I can't decide quite what needs to be taken out or added. I've already removed the bright green second along on the top row. I may just get started and see how the colours blend once the ripples start taking shape. However, I must finish his blue hoodie before I allow myself some 'ripple' time

Oscar's been enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend with some lake dipping and tennis ball hunting at our local waterpark. I think it must be his favourite place (apart from an empty beach) as his tail doesn't stop wagging, or his nose sniffing, or his legs running! It makes me so happy!

Bank Holiday weekend also means some new reads for ME! The top two books I have been eagerly awaiting and the bottom one seems to keep popping in booky places as being a great read. Now to decide which to start with.  I LOVE a little pile of newly acquired books!!! Right, a cup of coffee and make my choice!


Anna Prasad said...

Gorgeous photos..well done to your daughter on her Marathon success. I miss it, we lived at mile 1 for the last 4 years and it was always a highlight. Love the little cardigan, gorgeous colour too!

Molly the AireGirl said...

Congratulations to Miss Snoops! That is a huge accomplishment! Love the little cardi and the buttons are just perfect! Hi Oscar☺

busybusybeejay said...

Love the cardie both the pattern and the colour.It's great to have an excuse to make another blanket.Look forward to seeing the finished article.

Jenny said...

Busy, you are not kidding. I like the green colour mix, I agree taking the two bright ones out is good though you might decide to use then once you get going. I think the blanket will look great.

josiekitten said...

Love the buttons on the cardigan! I think once you start rippling away, you will get a feel for which colours are going to work. And they will probably look different depending on what colour they are next to! xxx

Willow said...

A stack of books and some lovely yarn--a perfect combination!
I agree that the color combos are just off--you'll figure it out!
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to LONDON!

Tracy said...

Hi, Ros! Glad you had a lovely Easter. :) And what a SUPER-SWEET cardi! LOVE the color too...cute buttons. I like simple styling choice too--this one has the perfect mix. NICE yarn haul for your next blanket--look forward to seeing the start--a fun mix of earth and sky. Yes, those bright green out kind of "grounds" the other colors more, I think. Your grands are growing up. And HOORAY for your Miss Snoops finishing her marathon in such great time--that is something really wonderful! Fun to see you pics of yarn and reading, and um, wine--yum! ;) ((HUGS))