Sunday, 18 March 2018

SWEATERS AND SOCKS .............

Goodness, I had no idea it had been so long since my last post. How time flies! I've had knitty bits and pieces on the go, but been really busy with schoolwork and this and that. But at last I have a couple of finished projects to share. Both of these pairs of socks are gifts that were promised sometime before Christmas and true to my word, once Christmas and New Year were out of the way I cast on. I just haven't been terribly speedy.

These beauties are knit using Stylecraft 'Head Over Heels Boho' yarn in colourway Neva. I love them so much and found it hard to part with them this afternoon, as they were carefully wrapped in readiness for the Post Office tomorrow. I just love the bold striping and gorgeousness of the colour combo. It's the first time I've used a Stylecraft sock yarn and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. My eldest daughter has requested a pair in the same colourway, but she may have to wait for Christmas! ;-)

Then there are these little lovelies. How cute are they? Ive had this Regia 'My First Socks' yarn in my stash for some time now and at last it's been put to good use. These are for a two year old, but I chose to make them a little on the large side, so that they will get some wear. She may have to grow into them! The colours are super sweet and by some stroke of luck I had two balls, as one would not have been sufficient.

This weekend has been a lovely pottering weekend, and with the weather so blooming cold, I've made time to just relax and catch up on yarnyness and household bits and bobs, whilst keeping snug and warm in my Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal Tweed Guernsey sweater.

Recently, I was surprised to learn that Debbie Bliss yarns are no longer going to be produced. I have made countless baby and toddler garments from the beautiful 'baby cashmerino', and this weekend decided to seek out enough of the glorious gold merino and cashmere for a second sweater. It is so so warm and washes beautifully.

Cast on starts tonight! HOORAY!


Clicky Needles said...

That gold is a beautiful colour, I can see why you got it. Easter soon and then two glorious weeks off, bet you can get some knitting finished then! CN x

josiekitten said...

Love both pairs of socks, you did a great job matching them! I want to knit a sweater too, just need to get a few other things out of the way first. Have a good week and hopefully catch up soon. xxx

busybusybeejay said...

I love the socks and the jumper.Not long until the Easter break and hopefully better weather.I am truly fed up with all this snow.Another four inches last night so havn't been out today.

Anna Prasad said...

Those socks are wonderfully bright. And the jumper is beautiful. I didn't know about the Debbie Bliss yarns either, what a shame. I am looking forward to seeing your progress with tar wonderful golden yellow. Have a wonderful week!

Jenny said...

You may have been quiet but you have been productive, lovely stuff as always. How dare Debbie Bliss stop producing yarn, I must look out for some before its all gone so thanks for the warning. Have a good week, keep warm it's baltic in Yorkshire.

Molly the AireGirl said...

Everything you knit is so beautiful! Love the socks and the sweater!

Tracy said...

Good to see you here, Ros! LOVE the socks!! Both such great yarn--fantastic colors. The purple tweedy jumper is GORGEOUS--love this! The Debbie Bliss yarn news was news to me too... I wonder why? Such lovely yarns... Glad you have enough to keep you going a little while longer. ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Lynne said...

Fabulous makes as always! I love the colours in the first socks, and the jumper is beautiful.

Kate said...

I have been craving stripey sock yarn lately - these are so lovely!

Sarah said...

Yes stock up! It is so annoying when things you love are no longer made.

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