Thursday, 29 May 2008


Having only begun knitting again recently I thought I would post a pic of my very first ever pair of socks.
I'm very proud of them, even though they are not quite perfect. I managed to break one of my new Brittany sock needles. It's OK though, they are guaranteed for 5 years and I can get a new one. I know what did it. It was trying to do that funny S2K2tog malarky. If you've tried it, you'll know what I mean. It's quite tricky on your tiny needles. Anyway, the socks look good and are sooooooooo comfy and I can't wait to start the next pair. I'm determined not to start lots of different things though, however great the temptation, so projects are queing up at the moment. Not a bad thing though, 'cos it's quite comforting being able to think about the lovely yarn and patterns that are hidden up, waiting to be started. I say (very quietly) hidden up, because Mr snoopydog really doesn't understand the need or the passion that snoopydog has for making sure that there are plenty of lovely, scrummy new projects ready and waiting to be brought out into the limelight. Maybe over time he will come to realise the importance.........hmmm, somehow I don't think so!

I really think I do need to get myself in check though. I bought some scrummy Jane Ellison yarn a couple of days ago, to knit a really gorgeous 'must have' short-sleeved cardi (yes, i bought the pattern book too!). Well, on closer inspection I found an equally fab 'must have' long-sleeved cardi in the same booklet. Yeeess! So the booklet was worth the small fortune I paid, 'cos there are now two 'definites'. Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up going back to buy two more skeins, just so I had the option of knitting 'either/or'. If I still decide to go for the short-sleeved, then I can use the extra two skeins to knit a hat or short scarf (yes, you'll be pleased to hear the patterns are in the booklet too....self-righteous smile crossing my face! Oh what a bargain!) to use as a Christmas present.

So many decisions to make.....and so little time, 'cos school starts again on Monday. Actually, I'm not really sure I've bought the best colourway. I may have to stash and go back for the more blueish tones. Never mind, it will all get used up one day. By the way, I am NOT going to build up a huge stash..............................well, not deliberately anyway.

Tomorrow I will show you pictures of my first finished BIG project, I promise ................always good to end on a cliffhanger!!! Smile.

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