Friday, 30 May 2008

As promised + one!

Been out for the day today so not much knitting done, but did complete and sew up (I hate doing that!!!!) my newly finished cotton top. It took one skein less than the pattern said and that's always good news 'cos it means I can legally spend a bit more on my next yarn purchase. I'm sure I'll be able to find something to make with one skein of light green Debbie Bliss Stella.Yay! Maybe a very small hat! What a productive girl I've been.

Here as promised is a pic of my first finished BIG object and it's fab!...........even if I say so myself. I loved knitting it and have worn it lots over long sleeved t-shirts.

Need to try another pair of plain socks next, as I got a little muddled on the heel of my first pair and I am already champing at the bit to do something more complicated sockwise. I KNOW it will only end in tears if a don't practise a little more with the basic ones first. Watch this space!

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