Saturday, 28 June 2008

Not long now until the big day!

Not long now until the big day! I have been busy making the wedding stationery. The invites went out weeks ago and I'm now cracking on with the Orders of Service and Place Names for the tables. They are not finished off yet, but all the motifs have been drawn (onto silk), outlined with gutta, painted, set, ironed onto backing to stop them fraying and then sewn onto the parchment cards with silver thread. Have just got them all this morning to get on with threading through and tying off all the thread ends. A nice relaxing Saturday morning methinks! The sun is shining and the kitchen doors are open onto the garden. It's a bit too breezy to do the job outside though. I might get a 'little' cross if they start blowing all over the garden. Then I'll have the printing left to do and then........ job done! Oh, I also need to make a large Table Plan, still using the same heart motifs, but stitched onto mulberry paper. Yummy I think!!!

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