Tuesday, 2 September 2008


These lovely Autumn Monkeys have been adopted by Katy. I'm sure her Ugg boots will keep them lovely and warm over the winter, as they in turn keep her feet toasty and loved. She's off to Bratislava on 28th September to work as an intern for UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), so the socks wil be put to good use during the cold winter days. The yarn is Opal hand-dyed. I bought it for half price in Hay-on-Wye over the summer. The pattern is really simple but gives such a clever effect.

Well the summer has been and gone and sadly it's back to school. which means struggling to cope with my new and very quickly established addiction! Where will I find the time to knit and search out gorgeous yarns? Muse for hours over Ravelry patterns? Make virtual shopping lists of scrummy 'I need badly!' yarns? A new regime is called for. It's all about becoming much more efficient with my time...ha ha....fat chance! Anyway, have cast on two new projects to lessen the blow of work.

Lucy's Red Monkeys

The Monkeys are for Lucy. She wanted a red pair! The Araucania yarn is hand-dyed in Chile and although a solid colour, it has lovely light and dark zones that add interest. This yarn is always lovely to knit with and the 'Monkeys' pattern is, of course, one of my favourites. The socks always look good and fit well. The Feather and Fan scarf is driving me nuts!!!! The pattern is easy enough and I love the yarn, but if I make a mistake it is a 'beggar' to correct. I hate to admit it but it's been frogged three times. Fourth time lucky hopefully

Feather and Fan scarf

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