Monday, 22 September 2008


Well, life has been rather busy and my knitting is feeling rather neglected, especially Lucy's 'Red Monkeys'! I STILL haven't finished the first one! However they did accompany Mr Snoopydog and myself on a two day trip to London a couple of weeks ago (September 10th). It was the first time I'd travelled by train in the UK for over 20 years!!! Will they be supersonic trains now I wondered ......... no, but the loos were impressive! I did complete about two inches of 'red monkey' during the journey........... disgraceful, I know, but there was too much to look at!

We made the trip to attend PROM 73 at the Royal Albert Hall and listen to 4-Mality play (the percussion quartet that our son is a member of) . They had joined forces with 'O-Duo' ( a percussion duo). The 45 minute composition, called Pleiades, was written thirty years ago by the composer Xenakis. The piece was very controversial, as the first movement was played on an instrument invented by the composer especially for it, called a 'sixxen'. All six were tuned differently and at a different pitch to conventional tuning, so the sound was very strange and not to everyone's liking! Nevertheless, the players received a standing ovation from many parts of the auditorium and lots of press coverage in the Pleiades wake! A fortune to be made in knitted mallet covers! What do you think?

You can listen to '4-Mality' here

Next morning, after saying goodbye to family
and friends, we strolled from Kensington down past Buckingham Palace and sat in the warm September sunshine in St. James's Park. We had coffee and shared a slice of lemon cake and in no time this little chap came to see if any was for him!
Before we knew it, we had walked to Liverpool Street station, via Covent Garden and saved a £20 taxi fare. Oooh that's at least two pairs of socks methinks!!!!
Well, this Sunday happened to be warm and sunny so Mr Snoopydog was a lucky boy. I finished the hat that I started a week or so ago for him. It's a Chrissy pressie, so he hasn't seen it and I'm not sure it will fit! But hey, fingers crossed and all that! It was a perfect fit on Miss Snoopdog 2's head and she said, may I quote, 'It will fit him. My head is huge!'
Here it is......

The pattern is 'Claudia'... free on Ravelry. It took 65g of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran and was quick and fun to knit! Think I may need to buy another ball and knit him some gloves too. A co-ordinated Mr Snoopydog!! He doesn't know how lucky he is.

Now the hat is finished I really need to get going on the 'Central Park Hoodie' requested by Miss Snoopydog 1. Watch this space!

I don't know why there is this big space! wasn't intentional.


josiekitten said...

I think you definitely deserve some sock yarn after that long haul back to Liverpool Street! What a fabulous weekend! You must be a very proud Snoopydog!

My Name Is Not Cory Bracken said...

Your son performed Pleiades? That is truly extraordinary. Few percussionist have an opportunity to perform that piece in its entirety.

snoopydog said...

Yes, it's an incredible piece ..... both extraordinary and very strange! Interesting audience reaction!!