Sunday, 23 November 2008


We've had our first snow of the Autumn.....yes, it it is still Autumn, just! Some fell yesterday and loads more this morning. I love waking up to a snow covered world. Mr Snoopydog and I took a quick trip out before it got too blizzard like, but since returning home I have done nothing but knit!

These scarves are all made using a free pattern http://http// . I used Rowan's 'Little Big Wool' for the pink and lilac scarves. Using 9mm needles, I cast on 108 stitches, which halve and halve again to form the ruffle. The scarf is then knit on the remainng 27 stitches. A very quick and easy knit; each one completed in a weekend of doing other things too!!!! The lilac one was first to be completed and was suposed to be a Christmas present for my Teaching Assistant. I loved it so much........ the 'little geen monster' rose up in me and knew I had to keep it for myself! So, back to John Lewis to purchase more yarn and to assuage my guilt. They had PINK, her favourite colour. There was definitely no pink when I chose the lilac, MY favourite.....or did I just miss it 'cos I loved the lilac? Anyway it's all OK because I've made them both. And, because it snowed I had time to start another one for my friend Jools. This time the yarn is Patons 'Shadow Tweed'. She loves autumnal shades, so I'm sure she'll be pleased.

Oh, and before I forget, here's another pair of socks!

These were great relaxation. The pattern is the Yarn Harlot's 'Plain Socks Recipe' and the yarn Zwerger Garn Opal Rendez-vous. I loved watching the colours change. So much so that it seemed to spur me on to complete them in a week. Socks usually take me much longer; summoning up the enthusiasm to begin the second of a pair is aways a bit of an effort!

Just needed to share some fab 'latest stash'. These beauties were actually bought as a gift for my good friend, josiekitten. Good job I 'snooped' at her Ravelry stash last weekend and saw that she'd already stashed some!!!! Oh no! What was I to do? It didn't take much brain power to come up with the only possible solution. It had to be quickly stashed away in my own 'little' stash. Hmm, not so sure it is 'little' any longer, but it maks me feel better if I think of it as being 'small, in relation to others'!

Last of all these little gems, brought back from Ally Pally by my pal. They were a bargain at £10 for two skeins. They are KOIGU Painter's Palette Premium Merino. Sooo soft and nuzzly!

Let's hope we get snowed in. Now there's a thought. So, in the land of fairies and dreams coming true and all that,what would it mean. Well, no school tomorrow, so no having to get my APP assessments completed tonight, so no having to prepare a staff meeting for tomorrow, so no having to plan, so no having to write up a colleague's Performance Management tonight.... SO, a lovely snuggly day at home, in the cosy warm........knitting. Ok, the bubble's burst. I'd just have to do it all on Monday evening. Besides which, Mr Snoopydog has just informed me that it will all be gone by tomorrow. The worrying thing is, I've spent so long musing that I've now got very little chance of getting it all done this evening anyway. Ho hum!


josiekitten said...

The scarves are lovely Snoopydog. They look so warm and snuggly. And as for your stash snooping, you must snoop more thoroughly next time! LOL

Viknits said...

Oooh I'm majorly jealous of your snow!! It's beautiful! Your scarves look really snuggly, I love your new stash too :)