Saturday, 8 November 2008


My 'Haven' scarf is finished and it is absolutely snuggly gorgeous. It is long enough to wrap around twice with some to spare. It looks fab and the Rowan 'cocoon' yarn is sooooo soft. The pattern is a Rowan design, from the Kim Hargreaves book 'Heartfelt'.

I first came across susancrowe's beautiful 'Haven' and got taken in by the adorable Thug and Mewsley, who bullied me into going out straight away to buy the yarn for my own one. I blame you boys! It's bulky yarn and is knit on 8mm needles, so it grows quickly; which is just as well as both my daughters want one too!

Thank goodness for half-terms....lots of time to knit; especially when travelling for several hours in a car. Mr Snoopydog and I went to Manchester (a five hour drive from our home), to visit our son and his wife and one of our daughters and her boyfriend. The weather was bitterly cold and my Haven was well and truly christened as we walked for hours at Tatton Park.

Even Scott was cold and wished he had a Haven scarf too!
(Oh no! That's THREE more to knit.)

"Am I looking pleading enough, I wonder!"

"Perhaps I'll try and wrap my tongue
around my neck instead."
"What a laugh! That's the funniest trick
I've tried in ages."

Well ,I made the most of the car journey there and back and knit one Jaywalker. I finished it's twin this week. The yarn is a Fyberspates sock yarn, bought for me at the I-Knit Day 2008 by my good friend josiekitten. The label was missing so I can't post any other yarn details, save to say the colours are just gorgeous. The pattern is free on Ravelry and one of my favourite sock patterns.

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josiekitten said...

Love the scarf Snoopydog! And the Jaywalkers look fab too! Only a friend with impeccable taste could have chosen such a gorgeous colourway! LOL