Saturday, 21 March 2009


What a beautiful day it's been! Our Forsythia has come into full bloom during the last six days. Only green shoots were visible last Sunday! I've spent most of the afternoon sitting in the garden for the very first time this year. It was so warm. I cast on my Spring Forwards (rather early, as they are my April 'stash-bust' socks). The yarn is so beautiful....perfect Spring colours; violets, primroses and fresh green grass. It was a Sock Club yarn from the Natural Dye Studio and I have had it earmarked for the Spring Forward pattern for a while now. It's a very easy to memorise pattern and so far I think they look great!

Birdsong was noticeably loud this afternoon , with several common British birds passing through. We have a magpie 'living' close by ( NOT a pleasant birdsong, but a beautiful looking bird). I didn't spot it, but regularly heard it's rather harsh call. Amongst visitors to our bird feeder, were a pair of robins and these goldfinches; such colourful little birds with a very sweet voice!

Oh and before I forget, here are my finished Mad March Ribbed Feather socks. I love the pattern and the colours.

The pattern is from 'Sensational Knitted Socks' by Charlene Schurch and is very easy to follow and memorise. The heel version is called an 'In-place Afterthought or Forethought'. It seemed rather strange as I was knitting, but it does give a rather nice bullseye effect with the self-striping and a neat finish. The yarn is ordinary old Regia, but rather lovely I think!

I've made a little more headway with my Mardi Gras Jitterbugs too! Such fabulous yarn, but the pattern is plain (the Yarn Harlot's 'Plain Sock Recipe') and I get bored with it very quickly.

The last time I picked these up was whilst waiting for a teacher's conference to begin on the last day before the February half-term holiday began. No, I didn't knit through the proceedings....that would have been rude! I think I'll leave that one there....aren't the colours fab though!!!


josiekitten said...

The socks look great - the yarn for Spring Forward is just perfect! And your bird photos are stunning. It's so nice when birds come visiting the garden.

Jenny said...

Beautiful spring socks, they are as uplifting as the sunny days we are enjoying. I particularly like the blue ones that match nicely with the bird feeder photograph.