Saturday, 25 April 2009


How about this for a good day's knitting!

I frogged the '2x2 ribbed' pair of socks that I showed you last time, before they got too far. The pattern just wasn't showing up, so third time lucky with this yarn! I must have been brain dead from a very busy week at school, because I have sat in the garden knitting in the sunshine, for the best part of the day; from about 11am, when I frogged the '2x2 ribs' and began the Broadripple, until an hour or so ago. I did take a break and make Mr Snoopydog some lunch, as he had been busy doing the Sainsbury's shopping and mowing the lawn etc! But hey, I think that's rather impressive speed knitting. A sock in less than a day. Perhaps I'll make the 2012 Olympic team!

I am much happier with the pattern. You can actually see it as well as appreciating the stunning colours of the Mardi Gras Jitterbug. The pattern is Broadripple, a free Knitty download. The pattern is very simple and I am using 3mm DPN's. The first sock fits perfectly and as you can see, was a very quick knit.

I haven't been totally idle today. I did complete one subject area of report writing for my class of 25, before I ventured outside. My aim is to complete them before the May half-term holiday, as Scott (our granddog) is coming to stay and I would prefer to spend time walking him than writing reports. His 'mum' and 'dad' are at a friend's wedding in Italy, and then flying back to run the Edinburgh Marathon on the 31st May, whilst Scott has a mini-break with us. BIG SMILE! Here he is......

Such a handsome boy!

Lastly, just a couple of pics of what's going on in the garden at the moment (besides Mr Snoopydog's veg, veg and more veg. I'll show you those another time.) I am a great fan of the old traditionally wild blooms, so here are a few.......fresh from 'le jardin de Snoopydog'!

Oh..... and as promised, here is the first glimpse of May Magic Circle Socks; so magic that they've begun themselves in April!

What do you think?


Jenny said...

That's a great days work, enjoyable too so not really work at all. I started those circle socks myself, or something very similar, but the yarn wasn't right, a mohair mix with no give. Yours look really pretty, wait to hear how they turn out - that'll be about lunch time tomorrow will it?

josiekitten said...

Wow! Speedy knitting! The Broadripple socks look great! Well worth frogging the others for. The Circle socks are going to look stunning too! LOVE the new look blog - very summery! And well done for starting your school reports - I shall have to get going on mine too.

Tracy said...

Happy socks make happy feet! :o) Scott is a sweetie-pie...a hug to him and you ((HUGS))