Monday, 4 May 2009


It's been a very mixed Bank Holiday weekend weatherwise. The early part of the weekend was glorious and in between getting jobs done, enjoying a coffee whilst watching the 'world go by', writing school reports and meeting friends for a quiz at our local pub, I finished these two pairs of socks.

This pair are my May Magic Circles (Sock Challenge socks). I have told you about the pattern and the yarn in a previous post. I think they are gorgeous. I just adore the colours. The pattern is so easy, but interesting too and so they grow very quickly. What do you think?

These are 'Broadripple', using Jitterbug in colourway Mardi Gras. They were knitted on 3.25 DPN's and as you may remember from my last post.......they were whizzed up in no time!

Well today the weather has taken a distinct change for the worse, but we did venture out for a walk this morning whilst the sun was making the occasional appearance still. We went to a water park close to our home, which a really excellent amenity only a stone's throw from the centre of our busy city. It's a haven for wild life, dog-walkers and watesports enthusiasts.

There were many families of young ducklings and these sweet little geese. Not long after these shots were taken we had some light rain; Mr Snoopydog hoped it would be a heavy downpour so that his vegetables would get a good soaking, but it was not to be.

We made our way home for lunch and then I settled down to start another pair of 'Circle Socks', this time for one of my daughters.

I'll tell you more about them next time!


Golden Years Gal said...

Cotton yarn? What size needles did you use? I like the patterns, nice, very nice.

Jenny said...

Fantastic socks, brilliant colours, I think I'll give the circle ones another try. Sorry the weather isn't so good, its horrid here too, but look on the bright side you need to wear socks.