Saturday, 11 April 2009


The Easter hols have been one long knit so far. I seem to have got loads of bits and pieces finished. The weather has been sunny over the past week, which has led to much relaxing in the garden......and of course, knitting! Here are my completed Spring Forwards, which I made using Natural Dye Studio merino wool. It's lovely and soft and the colours are gorgeous.....remember, fresh spring grass, violets and primroses! It's a very easy to memprise pattern and they fit really well.

I took part in the dishcloth swap over on Phoenix Knitting Forums and received a really lovely parcel from rubyslippers.

I shall use the cute little tin for carrying stitch markers. I loved the colours of the washcloth and felted flower. Thank you rubyslippers!

I've made a couple of lovely jitterbug purchases too. Thought I would show you them as the colours are just fabulous!

This colourway is 154 Rose Garden; sooo pretty........

........ and this one is 152 Paintbox; SCRUMMY! They're nearly too lovely to use, but I guess they may well end up as socks or as 'little person' hats and cardis.

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josiekitten said...

The yarn you chose for your Spring Forward socks is perfect! And I love the colours of the Jitterbug too! I hope you have it earmarked for a specific project, or else the yarn police will be after you! LOL!